Error codes washing machine Hansa

Error code Error value ( will be displayed on the board) Causes of How to fix the
breakdown E01 Problems with closing the hatch door.
  • Electronic Door Lock Malfunction( UBL).
  • Defect of wiring between UBL and electronic unit.
  1. Check hatch locking device, limit switch.
  2. Check contacts. Isolate damaged areas, replace the entire train.
E02 Water recruitment error. Waiting time for water intake exceeded: 2 minutes. Options:
  • When the E02 error is lit on the display, this indicates a blockage in the filler system.
  • Likely to break the water supply valve, pressostat.
  • Failure of the control board.
What to do:
  1. Turn off the valve to full capacity.
  2. Inspect the inlet hose and strainer for clogs. Rinse under pressure from the tap.
  3. Check contacts from control board to pressure switch and inlet valve.
  4. Reinstall the pressure switch.
E03 Water drain error. Timeout exceeded: 1.5 minutes. Causes:
  • Clogged drain hose or pump.
  • Malfunction of the drain pump( pump).
  • A problem with the pressure switch or its wiring.
  1. The drain hose and the pump are checked for clogging. Clearing the system.
  2. Examines the pressure switch and its wiring. Replacing parts.
E04 The tank is full of water. What happened:
  • Breakdown of the water level sensor.
  • Set valve failure.
  • Contact failure, control module failure.
To solve the problem, do the following:
  1. Examine the level sensor. If broken, replace with a new element.
  2. Test valve contacts, visually inspect for serviceability. In case of malfunction, a serviceable part must be installed.
  3. Check the control board contacts.
E05 Tank water filling time exceeded: 10 minutes. Causes:
  • Input valve defective.
  • Insufficient pressure in the water pipe.
  • Pressure switch malfunction.
  • Failure of the electronic unit.
How to remove the error:
  1. Inspect the inlet hose at the time of bending.
  2. Turn off the tap, estimate the water pressure. Turn off the tap.
  3. Replace pressure switch.
  4. Replace board.
E06 Water drain timed out: 10 minutes. What happened:
  • Clogged in the drain system.
  • Pump malfunction.
  • Pressure switch failure, contact failure.
  1. The drain hose is checked, the branch pipe is clogged. Cleaning is in progress.
  2. Monitoring the state of the pump. Installing serviceable parts.
  3. Replacing the wiring loop from the pump to the module.
  4. Replacement of pressure switch( pressure switch).
E07 Leakage. Activate AquaStop. Air leakage. Leakage
  1. Evaluate the work of the Aquastop system.
  2. Check the CM components at the time of leakage( hoses, connections).
E08 Voltage problems. Voltage is not sufficient for the operation of the CMA, or it exceeds the allowable rate. Checking the electrical network.
E09 Excess foam during the spin cycle.
  • Incorrect powder selection.
  • Powder dosage exceeded.
  1. Open the door, remove the laundry, remove the foam.
  2. Start rinsing mode.
  3. Adjust the dose of detergent.
E11 The UBL( door lock) is defective. The UMB triac failed. Repair of an electronic payment.
E21 Engine problems. The drum rotates at different speeds, after which the engine is jammed. Likely problem tachogenerator.
  1. Engine and tachometer tested. Installation of serviceable elements.
  2. Checking the contacts of the circuit from the control unit.
E22 Uncontrolled rotation of the motor without a signal from the module. A motor triac burned on the control board. To reset the error, you need to repair the card and replace the triac.



Short-circuit of the thermal sensor. Damaged contacts. Open circuit between sensor and module. Ringing with a thermal sensor wiring tester. Replacing damaged areas.
E42 The door of the CM does not open at the end of the wash. Electronic module problems. Breakage of the door lock.
  1. Reinstalling the lock, knob, UBL.
  2. Repair triac module.
E52 Breakdown of the control unit. Replacing the unit.
Error code What does the error code mean?
  • Breakage of a lock or blocking device.
  • Contact broken.
  1. Inspection of the castle, the hatch door handles. Replace item.
  2. Verification UBL.
  3. Diagnostics wiring.
E02 No water supply( exceeded time more than 10 minutes).
  • Low pressure.
  • Lack of water.
  • Breakage of the pressure switch.
  • Intake valve malfunction.
  1. Turn off the water supply valve.
  2. Checking the filler system for clogging.
  3. Reinstallation of water inlet valve, pressure sensor.
E03 There is no water drain. Time out( 10 minutes).
  • Out of service pump. Breaking wiring.
  • The pressure switch has broken.
  1. Check and install the new pump.
  2. Reset pressure switch.
E04 The level sensor gave the command to overflow the water in the tank.
  • The pressure switch failed.
  • The drain pump is defective.
  • Problems with the electronic unit and contacts.
  1. Inspection of the pressure switch, resetting in case of malfunction.
  2. Installing a new pump.
  3. Testing unit. Repair wiring.
  1. Temperature sensor malfunction.
  2. Water heating to + 4 ° exceeded the timeout( 10 minutes).
  3. No heating. Wash in cold water.
  • Failure of the thermal sensor and its wiring in the AGR.
  • Malfunction of the heating element( heating element) or insufficient voltage in the network( less than 180 V).
How to remove the error:
  1. Inspect the temperature sensor, replace if necessary.
  2. Check TEN and its contacts. Install a new item.
  3. Set the cause of the reduced mains voltage.
E07 Tachogenerator does not work. Three-time attempt to start the engine. Disconnect.
  • Motor problems.
  • Tachometer breakdown.
  • Disturbance wiring.
  • Controller malfunction.
  1. Checking the engine and tachometer. Change of defective items.
  2. Isolation of broken contacts.
  3. Controller Check.
E08 There is no signal from the tachometer when spinning. Restarting the motor for 3 times. If it does not start, the program stops. Malfunction of circuits or such parts: motor, tachometer, control unit.
  1. Testing the motor and its Hall sensor.
  2. Installing a new part.
  3. Inspection of circuits and electronic board.
E10 Power supply error. Power Line Overvoltage. Electrical Check.
E11 Engine malfunction. Burnt motor triac. Short circuit.
  1. Engine Replacement.
  2. Repair of the electronic module.
E12 A leak has occurred. Worked Aquastop.
  • The tightness of one of the washer’s nodes has been breached.
  • Fault Aquastop.
  1. Inspection of all components and systems at the time of leakage.
  2. Repair system Aquastop.
E14 Electronic module malfunction. Stopping the program due to power problems or breakdown of the
  1. control unit. Restarting the Hans washing machine.
  2. Checking the unit and replacing it.
E15 Controller error. After launch, an error occurred, indicating a malfunction of the control board. Replacement Board.

If the Hans washing machine shows an error code on the display, do not panic. So the washing machine notifies you of a malfunction.

In the table below you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What does the DTC mean?
  • What to do when it appears?
  • How to fix the damage yourself?

You will learn how to remedy the situation and improve the performance of the Hansa washing machine.

Material Content:

  • 1 Hansa CM Series Error Table
  • 2 Hans CM Error Codes

Hansa CM Error Table PC

SM Hansa Error Codes PA

Understanding the reasons for the failure, you will understand why Hans washing machine issues an error code. Repair in most cases, you can do it yourself.

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