Error F12 in the washing machine Indesit

Why does the Indesit washing machine display F12 error? Models with electromechanical control show a malfunction code with a lit “Superwash” indicator - “Wash delay”, or the “Turns” light is flashing.

These signals indicate management problems. To accurately determine the cause of the breakdown, you need to analyze in detail what the error code means.

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  • 1 Highlighted F12 -
  • 2 code value Causes of the F12 code appearanceThis is a sign that the connection between the manager and the power unit has disappeared. Simply put - the lights do not respond to pressing the buttons, the contact is broken.

    Often F12 is displayed immediately after connecting the Indesit CMA to the network, after which the system freezes. To change the situation, you have to restart the system, and you need to do it correctly.

    Fault code F12 can manifest itself both on electronic models from the board and on electromechanical ones with indication.

    Causes of the F12

    Code The most common such problems occur:

    • Due to unstable voltage and sudden jumps of electricity. Subsequently burn contacts.
    • The increased humidity of the room where the MCA is located, which leads to corrosion of the elements.

    High humidity can affect the operation of the washing machine engine. It also corrodes, rusts and ceases to function normally.

    To fix the error with your own hands

    Reboot to reset the error:

    • Turn off the Indesit machine by pressing the "On / Off" button.
    • Remove the plug from the outlet.
    • Wait 2-3 minutes, then turn on the washer.
    • If the F12 error from the Indesit panel could not be removed, repeat the action three times.

    If the malfunction code is still displayed on the display, the contacts of the control and display module may have burnt out.

    What to do in this case? Follows:

    1. Open the front panel of the washer and remove the control unit.
    2. Inspect for oxidation or damage.
    3. Inspect and verify contact J11, which serves as the connection of these systems.
    4. If necessary, clean the connector.
    5. Then you need to check the washing machine Indesit for efficiency, if it does not work correctly, the cause of the problem lies in the board.

    How to fix the damage in the control board, we have already told. If she needs repairs, it is better to contact a professional who accurately diagnoses the breakdown and will help to organize the work.

    Often, when the machine gives an error, it is easy to solve the problem at home by yourself.

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