Bugs Euronova washing machines( Eurosoba)

Error code Problem description Possible causes of breakdowns CM
Euronova( Eurosoba) - for models 1100 Sprint, 1100 Sprint +
F1 The machine is on, but does not erase. If the F1 error is lit, there can be three reasons for this:
  • A door lock is broken. An item replacement is required.
  • Broken microswitch. You need to check its contacts, isolate or replace damaged areas. If the problem persists, replace the blocker( UBL).
  • Breakdown of the control unit. Requires replacement of burnt and broken parts of the board or complete replacement of the unit.
F2 Disruption of the AGR discharge system. There is either no drain or the water is too slow. What to do if an F2 error occurs:
  1. Clean the drain pump filter.
  2. Check that the drain hose is installed correctly. It should be at a height of 50 cm from the floor. Proceed as shown in your user guide.
  3. Inspect the drain hose. It may have been twisted, clamped or clogged. Return the hose to its normal position, clean and rinse.
  4. Repair( check the contacts, clean the filter) or replace the drain pump( pump) of the CM Euronova.
F3 Failure of the filler system. Water is not poured into the tank at all or too slow.

How to fix the F2 error? If the fault is caused by low pressure in the water supply system, it is necessary to normalize the water pressure.

Other causes of failure:

  • The water supply valve is closed, or the valve of the filling device of the machine is shut off. Open them.
  • The mesh filter clogged at the attachment point of the inlet hose to the SM housing is clogged. Clean and rinse the filter.
  • The contacts at the terminals of the water inlet solenoid valve are broken. Or burned out, oxidized contacts pressostat( level sensor).
  • The water pressure( level) sensor has broken. Need to replace the sensor.
F4 Failure of the filling system: too much water is collected, after which the washing does not start. The following factors can be to blame for the F6 error in the breakdown of the filling system:
  1. The level sensor has broken. It is necessary to repair its hydraulic system or replace the sensor with a new original part.
  2. Blocked solenoid inlet valve. Need to clean the valve.
  3. Control unit failure. Requires repair or replacement.
F5 Breakage in the heating system of the washing machine brand Eurosoba. Wash goes in cold water. Only two faults can be implicated in the occurrence of the F5 error:
  • The control circuit of the thermal sensor has been broken. To verify this, you need to check his contacts and eliminate the cliffs.
  • Thermistor( temperature sensor) has broken. This can be either an open circuit or a short circuit. In this case, the need to replace the temperature sensor CM Evronova.
F6 Also says a failure in the heating system. Water does not warm up during washing. When CMA shows on the F6 display, it means:
  1. The contacts of the tubular electric heater are oxidized or burned. Need to inspect and clean contacts.
  2. TEN itself broke. You need to check it with a tester, descale it, or completely replace the element.
F7 Breakage of the drain and filler systems. The tank is full, the water pours out of it. If F7 was highlighted on the board, it means:
  • The pressure switch broke. Requires repair or replacement.
  • The water drain pump has broken. Checking the contacts, cleaning the filter or completely replacing the pump will help.
  • Control unit failure. The solution to the problem lies in the replacement of individual parts of the board or the complete reinstallation of the unit.
F8 Motor breakdown. The motor does not rotate at all or rotates at insufficiently high revs. On F8 error, you can diagnose the following failures:
  1. Tachogenerator malfunction. In this case, a spring washer could come off its seat. To eliminate the failure, you need to return the location of the tacho magnet.
  2. The communication between the TACHO unit, the control unit and the electric motor has been broken. In this case, you need to maintain the wiring and terminals( replace damaged areas) to restore communication.
  3. The engine winding has burnt out or the brushes have worn out. If the matter is only in brushes - they need to be replaced. If the engine has developed its life, need to replace the electric motor.
  4. Broke node TAHO.It is necessary to completely replace the ED-TAHO unit.
F9 Failure of the motor. The engine turns too fast, exceeding the allowable number of revolutions. With the F9 code, there are 2 possible causes of a breakdown:
  • Failure in the ED control unit. Requires replacement of a burnt triac board.
  • Broken controller. It is necessary to repair the unit or make a replacement.
F11 The machine does not start when you select any wash mode. There are at least 4 reasons that could cause the F4 error code to appear on the display:
  1. The hatch is not tightly closed. Try to close it more tightly.
  2. Breakage of the hatch lock latch. Replace the lock if it is beyond repair.
  3. Contact defects UBL.Spend their service.
  4. Violations in the electrical circuit blocker. It is necessary to examine the contacts and, finding the cliffs, eliminate them. If it did not help, replace the blocker.
FC Breakdown of the drain system. The machine stops working, while leaving water in the tank. FS lights up on the MCA screen in such cases:
  • In the event of a break in the drain pump circuit. Verification of all wiring from the pump is required. Find a cliff and fix it. If it does not help, replace the pump.
  • The pump impeller has failed. In this case, it is necessary to change the drainage pump completely.
  • Pump clogged. You need to get the pump and clean it from debris and dirt. Also clean the filter.

Modern washing machine Euronova( Eurosoba), like other machines, provides a self-diagnostic system. This system finds breakdowns and issues error codes on an electronic scoreboard.

A user, understanding what the code means, can often correct the problem himself, without resorting to the services of specialists.

If an error appears on the display, the work of Evonov's CM is blocked, and often the code does not disappear from the screen even after a reboot. To remove the error, you need to act as follows:

  1. Turn the selector wheel to the asterisk position.
  2. Turn the switch to the P2 “Cold” mark.
  3. Press two buttons at once - the second and third .Hold your fingers on the buttons until the code disappears from the board.
  4. If an error has been reset, the combination “00” will appear on the display, which means the machine is ready for use.
  5. If the machine again generates an error when starting the washing programs, it must be repaired.

Next, we will consider what to do if the Evronov machine shows an error, and how to fix the problem that caused it.

Table of errors Eurosoba washing machine: what they mean and how to eliminate

Fault codes on the screen of your Evronova washing machine will always help you understand the problem - keep yourself a label so that it is at hand.

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