The main differences between the coffee maker and coffee machine

What do you think is the difference between a coffee maker and a coffee machine? In the first place, all will put a difference in price, in addition to this there are significant differences in the possibilities. These are the opportunities we will consider now.


  • 1 Features of the coffee machine
  • 2 Variety of coffee makers
  • 3 What to choose?
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Features of the coffee machine

We can say that the coffee machine is capable of performing more functions than the coffee maker. Almost all machine actions are automated and do not require human intervention.

Coffee maker literally brews coffee. The water in it boils and passes through pre-milled beans, brewing them. The size of the coffee maker is usually smaller than a fully automated coffee machine.

A coffee machine brews coffee by passing steam through the grains it has just ground exclusively under pressure. From this it turns out stronger, more fragrant, tastier, therefore, better than coffee from the coffee maker.

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If the coffee machine is operated in a semi-automatic mode, then for making latte or cappuccino it is necessary to perform two separate operations with human intervention. You can independently determine the dosage of milk, which gives more opportunities for experiments.

The fully automatic coffee machine does all the operations, and you are unable to intervene in any way. Here is a list of actions that it can perform:

  • independently grind coffee beans;
  • adjust the size of the grind;
  • beat the milk;
  • dispense boiling water;
  • heat cups and perform other operations.

In order for the coffee machine to prepare you exactly the kind of drink you want, you need to configure it. Migration requires some knowledge. If you decide to purchase a coffee machine, then get ready for the fact that you will have to master the features of working with it.

A variety of coffee makers

There are quite a few types of coffee makers, which differ in the structure and principle of brewing. It cannot be said that any of these methods is better, since each has its own advantages.

The most common coffee maker - with drip method of brewing. In it, coffee is poured into a funnel on a paper or metal filter. Water in a separate container boils, is fed into the funnel and brews coffee, gradually passing through it. The finished drink flows down.

  • In the geyser type, water is heated in the lower tank, rises up the straw and makes coffee. Hot drink is collected at the top, that's why the name of the coffee maker is.
  • A capsule coffee maker in which compressed coffee capsules are loaded is very convenient to use.
  • Espresso coffee maker is notable for the fact that in it the water vapor is supplied under pressure, the result is a very aromatic coffee with a rich taste. You can make a cappuccino with high yummy milk froth. This species is also called rozhkovy, because coffee must be poured into a special horn.
  • Pump models are advanced espresso coffee makers in which the pressure reaches 15 bar.
  • There are small electric models that can be switched on even in a car.
  • Antique hand model - French press.
  • There is a device like a cezve, in which all the ingredients are laid and water is poured. In it, the ground grains are boiled directly in water.

A coffee machine usually costs significantly less than a coffee machine. If you are an amateur and connoisseur of coffee, then it is better to buy devices produced by well-known, well-established companies, such as Bosch, Krups or Delonghi.

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What to choose?

In some cases, it is difficult for an uninitiated person to distinguish by eye a coffee machine from a modern coffee maker. For home use, it is still better to choose the latter.

Some manufacturers call coffee makers, which are filled capsules, machines, to attract them more attention to buyers. However, the difference is that such a device cannot grind grain.

A coffee maker can make a very tasty drink, and its best models are by no means cheap. But the difference will be that the coffee machine will allow you to prepare a much larger number of various high-quality drinks. You will be able to expand your knowledge and hone the taste.

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