Which antenna is best for your TV?

A television antenna is a device capable of catching a signal from a satellite or television center, and transmit it to the TV.Few have the opportunity to connect to cable television or a collective antenna. Therefore, some users need to buy this device independently. The choice of these devices in the modern market is very large, but the consumer is always faced with the question of which one is better to buy an antenna for a TV.To answer this question is definitely very difficult.

Table of contents

  • 1 Antenna types
  • 2 Indoor antennas
  • 3 Outdoor antennas
  • 4 Satellite antennas

Antenna types

In our country, viewers live in different zones with different signal levels. One needs an antenna with high sensitivity, another with a low one, etc.

Another feature of our state in the transmission of meter bands with powerful transmitters, decimeter - with weak devices. Therefore, to ensure a comfortable viewing of your favorite programs, you must install a decimeter antenna, which has a complex structure.

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In general, the following main types of described devices are distinguished:

  • room;
  • exterior;
  • satellite.

Few people know, but several TVs can work successfully from one antenna. How to achieve good quality pictures at the same time, you can find out here: https: //tehznatok.com/qa/the house is in the zone of good signal reception from the television center. In terms of quality and reception capabilities, many indoor antennas are better than outdoor antennas.

Their main advantages are more favorable cost, compactness, transportability. They can be easily transferred and fit under any type of TV.To achieve a clean image, without interference is quite difficult. The process itself involves careful adjustment.

All room receivers are divided into two large groups: core and frame. Core counterparts work with meter waves, frame - with decimeter.

Rod devices are considered more common. Their design is represented by two rectilinear telescopic antennae mounted on a stand. Their total length is of the order of a meter, and their connection to the TV is via coaxial cable. For high-quality signal transmission directly responsible special device placed in the stand.

Structurally frame antennas for the TV is an open loop frame made of metal. A special connecting cable is connected to the frame.

Users who intend to buy an indoor model are advised to look at log-periodic antennas. These devices are broadband, favorably with better reception.

Outdoor antennas

The owner of the TV, who is not satisfied with the quality of the “picture” or who lives far away from the television center, needs to think about purchasing an outdoor signal receiver. It has been proved by practice that a good outdoor antenna is capable of receiving a signal at a rather long distance( 50–60 km) from the transmitter. The choice of this receiver is an even more complex process, so before solving this problem it is better to analyze a number of criteria.

The initial factor of such a choice is the determination of the distance from the television transmitter to the TV or the identification of the possibility of ensuring the direct visibility of the TV tower. Only after analyzing this parameter, you can say exactly which outdoor model to choose.

Manufacturers distinguish two main types of these devices:

  • passive;
  • active.

Active models are equipped with a special power amplifier. They are designed to receive in more difficult conditions - in the presence of interference. The following factors can be considered as the reason for increasing the signal power:

  • located between the tower and the nisin reception point;
  • long distance between the TV and the signal source;
  • obstacles that disperse the broadcast( power lines, high houses, trees and other high-altitude objects);
  • low-quality signal repeater or a TV tower.

Passive counterparts can successfully operate in normal conditions, which implies the absence of the above obstacles. In this case, it is quite enough to buy a cheap passive receiver, without additional purchase of various amplifiers. At the same time, high signal quality is guaranteed.

Also, when selecting a receiver, you cannot rely on a special amplifier( power supply).Even a device that is better in quality but located at the lowest point will catch the signal much worse. A “simple” antenna, raised to a great height, ensures better signal reception.

If the tower is located very far away, then you need not only to buy an antenna with a good amplifier, but also to install it as high as possible. In addition, you can use the mast amplifier, which is mounted in the immediate vicinity of the outdoor receiver.

A common problem is a too strong signal, which can cause video and sound distortion. It is much easier to solve this problem: just buy a specialized device - an attenuator that attenuates the signal.

If there are large buildings and other obstacles in the opposite side of the reception, this may lead to a reflection of the signal. This is evidenced by a split image on the TV screen. An excellent solution to the problem is to install a receiver with a high amplifying capacity and a narrow radiation pattern.

The most traditional outdoor antenna has a core structure consisting of metallic semi-vibrators. However, it has a serious disadvantage - when one television channel is received well, the others are likely to catch badly.

This deficiency is completely absent in multi-vibration models. They installed two vibrators at once, which allows to increase the quality of reception.

Satellite dishes

Satellite( parabolic) antennas represent a completely different price range. Despite the higher cost, it is very popular among virtually all segments of the population. This trend is due to stability, high quality reception, a wide variety of reception. These devices are very difficult to compare with the above-described receivers, because they surpass them in all respects.

You can understand the intricacies of satellite antenna settings by reading the following material: https: //tehznatok.com/ kak-podklyuchit /televizor/Since the antenna catches the TV signal from the satellite, the quality, durability of the signal is determined by the location of the device relative to the satellite itself. This should be considered when installing the receiver.

Only strong atmospheric precipitation( hail, snowfall, heavy rainfall) is capable of disturbing the reception of such an antenna. In addition, after installing the satellite antenna, the owner can increase the number of TV channels received by connecting paid packages.

Therefore, if a person has enough money to install a satellite dish, it is better for him to make a choice in its favor.

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