Alternative heating of a private house without gas and electricity - modern technology

Today, natural gas is the most affordable option for heating a private house, but what if, for example, the gas pipeline is not available for your area? Under such circumstances, it is worthwhile to consider in more detail the alternative heating of a private house without gas and electricity. You can choose electricity, but, you know, the arrangement of such heating will be very expensive.

  • Furnaces for heating a house with a water circuit
  • Boilers for heating a private house
  • Heat pump for heating a house
  • Hydrogen generator for heating a private house
  • Solar collectors - alternative heating

Modern technologies provide many options for the implementation of this idea. A private home for living has many advantages: fresh air, distance from urban smog, its own vegetable garden, and garden. The benefits of civilization, such as providing their homes with hot, cold water, reliable, well-equipped heating, are the main factors for owners of country, private houses. We strive to make your home a real family hearth, do not skimp on high-quality building materials, we do everything reliably, for a long time. At the same time, the desire to save, to rationally invest money is a true, reasonable desire, especially if it concerns such an important factor as the autonomous heating of a private house.

Most alternative heating units convert heat from fuel combustion into heat( convert).Separate devices can simultaneously combine the functions of two units, for example, titanium and a boiler( a furnace with a water circuit).Other devices( for example, solid fuel boilers), can work, produce heat more than a day on a one-time load of firewood. There are a lot of alternatives for alternative heating units, so let's take a closer look at the most convenient, frequently used installations that provide heating for a private house without gas and electricity.

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Furnaces for heating a house with a water circuit

As mentioned above, these devices combine the technical qualities of a boiler and titanium. They work under pressure of steam, are made of cast iron or steel, can be used as an additional or main source of heating. The heart of the furnace is a heat exchanger, located inside the heater. By the principle of operation, this unit resembles a solid fuel boiler. Their differences - during operation at the furnace, all walls and channels are heated, and the boiler heats only the heat carrier. It turns out that the furnace with a water circuit heats the pipes, the radiators during the fire, however the heated parts of the furnace itself continue to give off heat until their final cooling.

The main structural part of such a furnace is a register( heat exchanger).It is installed inside the firebox, heat passes through it, heating the whole house, and it is to it that the water heating system is supplied. The configuration of the heat exchanger can be any, the main thing is that it performs its main function unhindered( evenly distributes heat, maintains the maximum temperature).The register can be made personally, if you have the appropriate skills for this, “be friends” with the welding machine. Most often they are made to order, according to the individual characteristics, the size of the furnace.

Advantages of water circuit furnaces:

  • the possibility of heating large areas;
  • acceptable equipment cost;
  • available fuel( coal, wood, peat);
  • is not required to bind to the electrical network, since the work of the entire system is based on the natural circulation of the coolant.


  • low efficiency( when compared with a gas boiler);
  • lack of automation( only manual control).

With this stove, you can heat the whole house, as well as connect a floor heating system. When purchasing this unit, pay attention to its power.

Alternative heating option - a stove with a water circuit, photo:

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Boilers for heating a private house

Wood-burning boiler for heating a private house with batteries continues to be popular, despite the many modern heating units on the market today. The main factor is the availability of fuel( wood).The efficiency of modern wood-fired boilers reaches 90%, using such a unit is no more difficult than an ordinary wood-burning stove. Remarkable is the fact that the gas column as well as the gas boiler, which is familiar to everyone, was created following the example of a wood-burning boiler. The difference is the source of the flame, in the first case it is gas, in our case it is firewood.

The principle of operation of this device is simple - the water is sent to the boiler, bypassing the heat exchanger, heats up and goes through the batteries. The pressure level, the flow of water is regulated by means of taps. You only have to periodically remove the contents of the ash pan, which is located under the furnace.

Solid fuel boilers for heating a private house can operate on wood, coal, peat, briquettes, suitable household waste. The so-called disadvantage of such boilers is a short period of combustion and, consequently, the generation of heat from a single load of firewood or other material.

Alternative heating option - solid fuel boiler, photo:

As an alternative, you can consider another unit that differs from standard solid-fuel boilers in the volume of the combustion chamber, with particular characteristics of fuel combustion. Wood-burning boilers for long-term burning for home heating can work on a single load of fuel material for a day or more. Some coal models can operate for 4-5 days when loading coal - such advantages can be provided only by this type of boiler. For wood-powered units, the model name ends with the letter S, and coal and wood-powered vehicles have the letter U at the end. The difference between such boilers is the material with which the combustion chamber is equipped. For coal-powered units, the chamber is made of heat-resistant metals that optimize the combustion process of the fuel. The efficiency of such solid fuel devices is approximately 90%.

Alternative heating option - long burning boiler, photo:

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Heat pump for home heating

Today this equipment is gaining popularity, despite the rather high price of the unit itself, its installation. Heat pumps for home heating, the principle of action of which is based on obtaining heat from the environment( air, soil, water), heating it, then transferring it to the house, operate from the electrical grid. This device does not quite fit the specifics of our theme, since we are considering alternative heating of a private house without gas and electricity, however, thanks to its universal qualities, I decided to mention it.

This device can convert ambient energy into heat or cold( in summer it can work as an air conditioner to cool the air).As for heating, the heat carrier enters the pipeline, which is, for example, underground, where it heats up to a certain temperature, after which it gives the accumulated heat energy to the internal circuit. The compressor is responsible for the main function - the heart of the heat pump. Freon located in the compressor acts as an intermediary between the coolant, the condenser, the heating circuit.

Heating of a country house, heat pump options, photo:

In order not to describe all the subtleties of thermodynamics, it is easier to summarize the principle of the heat pump - it works like a refrigerator, only the other way around. These units are environmentally friendly, economical, they can have different functions, classified by type.

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A hydrogen generator for heating a private house

Another alternative heating representative is a hydrogen generator for heating a private house. It also requires electricity. This unit is a powerful, noiseless, environmentally friendly device with which you can heat rooms with a large area. The principle of its operation is based on the combustion of hydrogen, while the atmosphere is not polluted by harmful substances, and only vapor that is harmless to the environment is released.

Installation includes a boiler, pipes, whose diameter decreases after each branching - this factor is necessary for high-quality operation of the hydrogen burner. During the generator operation, a catalytic reaction occurs - hydrogen interacts with oxygen and “gives rise” to water. Thus, there is a release of thermal energy, which is sent to the heat exchanger, while the efficiency of such heating is 96%.The heating of a private house with the help of a hydrogen generator can be carried out both independently and additionally, interacting with other heating installations.

Hydrogen generator, photo:

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Solar collectors - alternative heating option

The emergence of new technologies motivates us to keep up with the times. People have learned to benefit from the environment, use it to improve the quality of life. To date, one of the most successful developments in the field of heating installations can be considered as solar collectors for home heating. These devices are able to provide you with warmth at any time desired for you. The sun's rays are one of the most accessible sources of heat, and with the help of collectors they can be converted into thermal energy necessary for our needs.

During this conversion, two types of energy can be obtained - electrical and thermal. With the help of solar collectors it is possible to heat water, heat the house, equip a floor heating system. Photovoltaic modules( another name for solar cells) have a slightly different principle of operation - they are aimed at generating electricity. In the summer with the help of solar collectors you can provide your house with hot water, and with the onset of autumn and spring - with heat. It is worth considering that in winter the devices are ineffective, since the sun does not shine so intensely.

How to make heating in a private house using solar collectors? These units have a long operational life( more than 15 years), they should be installed on the south side of the roof, and its area itself should be at least 40 square meters. At the same time, the roof system of the house must be reliable, durable, as the collectors have considerable weight. It is best of all to consider this heating at the stage of designing a dwelling - the multiple nuances of installation require special attention. Naturally, you need to carefully calculate the number of devices themselves, their power.

Solar collectors, photo:

The standard unit includes a vacuum collector, a controller, a coolant supply pump to the collector accumulation tank, volumetric water tanks, a heat pump, and an electric heater. Solar collectors for home heating are expensive, require significant material investments at the initial stage. The payback of such a system is 7-10 years. It should be borne in mind that the sun's rays do not appear at our request, which means that these units can not be the only source of heat for the house. Along with their installation will require the arrangement of another heating system.

Summing up, I would like to say that alternative heating options for a home can allow any owner to provide his country or private house with heat and create comfortable living conditions. Even in spite of the considerable financial costs at the initial installation stage, the units described above are a more profitable alternative to traditional gas heating. Do not forget about the level of security - the statistics of accidents due to the use of gas heating speaks for itself. Separate devices can be a full-fledged replacement for the gas variant, and some will be a good complement to the existing heating systems.

Alternative heating of a private house without gas and electricity today is a reality, but do not forget about increasing the overall energy efficiency of the house( minimizing heat loss, eliminating all heat leaks).

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