Steam cleaner for home. Six features influencing choice

Steam Cleaner. What kind of reviews can not be found about this type of home appliances? From negative criticism to positive and enthusiastic compliments. What does this device actually represent? What expectations of its use are justified, and which are simply not real? And last, how to choose a steam cleaner for your home?


  • 1 What contaminants can handle steam cleaner
  • 2 Which model should be chosen
    • 2.1 Handheld Steam Cleaner
    • 2.2 compact steam cleaner
    • 2.3 steam cleaner vacuum cleaner
  • 3 performance, capacity, and more
    • 3.1 Manufacturer
    • 3.2 Power
    • 3.3 regulator steam power
    • 3.4 Tank volume
    • 3.5 Vapor pressure
    • 3.6 Additional functions
  • 4 What results can you expect

With what

Steam Cleaner Initially, the steam cleaner was designed for disinfection in medical institutions. The device of this device is quite simple inside there is a steam generator, which, under pressure, supplies steam through a nozzle. Having processed a surface with its help, it is possible to get rid of the following:

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  1. Bacteria.
  2. Microbes.
  3. Allergens.
  4. Dirt and dust.

It turns out that for asthmatics, allergy sufferers and simply families in which purity is valued, such a device is simply indispensable.

It is also recommended to consider buying it for anyone with pets. How to choose a steam cleaner for your home?

Which model should you choose

In order to choose a steam cleaner for your home, you should consider both the technical characteristics and the functionality of the model you like. There are three main varieties of such equipment. Each model has its own characteristics.

Manual Steam Cleaner

This model is indispensable for the home and is available for most buyers. It is rather convenient in storage, allows to process even hard-to-reach spots. Another advantage is the low cost of the product.

As a minus it can be noted that the weight of the product is about 2 kg. Agree that not every housewife will be able to clean the entire house with such a weighty device.

Compact Steam Cleaner

It is the golden mean between a compact appliance and a vacuum cleaner. For surface treatment there is no need to hold the device in hand

The only drawback noted is that for some manufacturers the steam cleaner has insufficient cord length. For a house in which they plan to conduct regular disinfection, it is worth choosing such a model.

Steam Cleaner-Vacuum Cleaner

Such models are used by professional cleaning companies, which have to handle large areas of office space. The most productive and efficient model.

Professional equipment is more expensive. Therefore, in most cases, the acquisition of such a model for the house is not justified, but for a cleaning company it is simply necessary.

Performance, power and more

In addition to the type of equipment and its main purpose, if you need to decide how to choose a steam cleaner for your home, you should also pay attention to its performance characteristics and additional options.

To decide which steam cleaner is suitable for home, you need to take into account several technical characteristics that will allow you to choose the most appropriate option. Namely:


No matter how colorful some equipment models look, but experience shows that neither low cost nor beautiful appearance guarantee quality.

Acquire your favorite model only from a reputable manufacturer.

KARCHER, ARIETE, THOMAS, DELONGHI - all these companies specialize in the production of cleaning equipment. Therefore, purchasing their products, you can be confident in the quality and long life of the selected equipment.


Indicates steam generation rate. Accordingly, the use of low-power model less than 1000 W, threatens to delay the cleaning for a long time. It is best to buy equipment for the house, which has this indicator higher.

Steam Power Control

Not every model has this important option. With its help, for example, you can choose the generation of dry steam, which is especially convenient if you have to handle the surface of the sofa or outerwear. The surface then remains completely dry.

Tank volume

For one hour of cleaning, approximately 2 liters of filled fluid will be required. The volume of the tank in this case is an indicator of how often you have to stop while cleaning and add water to it. By the way, consumer reviews show that aluminum tanks have proven themselves better.

Steam pressure

For professional cleaning, this figure can not be less than 5-6 bar, for household appliances suitable equipment with a capacity of more than 3 bar. A steam cleaner with less pressure often fails to handle old stains and dirt.

Additional Functions

These are not mandatory, but desirable options. Ease of use adds child protection system. A few more nice options: blocking steam, as well as the presence of a safety valve.

All these six selection criteria can help to quickly determine the choice of the optimal model for home or professional cleaning. There remains only one question that needs to be addressed.

What results should be expected

Just want to note that the steam cleaner can not cope with the old dirt in the oven and gas stove. Otherwise, its use is fully consistent with what is shown in numerous commercials.

Easily removes dirt from tiles, furniture( even upholstery), and even fur and fabric clothing. But the most important thing is that after surface treatment, bacteria and microbes are destroyed without the use of chemicals.

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