Cultivator to give - how to choose what you need

Easy, comfortable loosening of the soil without turning it over layers can be carried out precisely by the cultivator to give. How to choose the most suitable model, you will learn by reading the information below.

  • Cultivator for giving gasoline
  • Electric Cultivators for giving
  • Manual cultivator

Cultivator is a type of machinery for working in a garden. With its help, loosening, weeding, and other cultivation activities on the site are much more comfortable. These devices vary in appearance, design. They are manual, electric, gasoline.
Before choosing equipment, it is necessary to take into account the volume of the area being processed and the expected complexity of the work. Cultivators may have additional functions of tillage: weeding, rakes, lawn aeration, hillers, and others. Consider them in more detail.

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Cultivator for giving gasoline

These are models with a gasoline engine, optimally suitable for the cultivation of large areas of land. Such units are characterized by high performance, they are not "tied" to the electrical cord( mobile), provide an opportunity to handle the most remote areas on the site. The device is equipped with a gasoline engine - two-stroke or four-stroke. The first works on a gasoline-oil mixture, the second - exclusively on gasoline. The four-stroke engine is considered to be more advanced, when working with such a cultivator there will be less noise, fuel consumption, and vibration.

Before you choose a cultivator to give with a gasoline engine, you should study their varieties.

These units are divided into:

  • extra light( up to 15 kg);
  • light( up to 40 kg);
  • medium( 45-60 kg);
  • heavy( more than 60 kg).

A light cultivator for a dacha can have a motor with a capacity from 2.5 to 4.5 horsepower, a gripping surface 40-50 cm with the possibility of loosening the soil to a depth of 15-18 form furrows( beds).Such devices are designed for processing small areas( 6-8 acres), they are maneuverable, easily transported. Most lightweight analogues are equipped with a worm gear, and its presence does not allow the vehicle to be rolled back, for example, when it comes into contact with roots or stones in the ground. Therefore, when buying a unit, choose a model with a reverse( the possibility of reversing) - this is a more convenient option. If you have chosen a cultivator with a plastic gearbox, then check the presence of lubricant in the transmission every 50-60 hours, periodically add it.

Light models, as well as their ultra-light counterparts fall under one definition - mini cultivators for summer cottage. Ultra-light machines are equipped with engines with a capacity of 1.5 to 3 horsepower, they are convenient for processing small kitchen gardens and flower beds. Capturing the surface of such devices is small - 20-30 cm, the depth of immersion in the soil - a maximum of 8 cm. Such units are very compact, they can be easily transported in a bag, transported in the trunk of a car. The presence of removable handles also optimizes the process of transporting this technology.

If clayey soil prevails on your site, then mini equipment will not work for you. The maximum depth of tillage is indicated on the basis of ordinary soil. If work is expected to work on loam or marshy land, then you will have to buy a cultivator to give with special cutters designed for such functions.

Medium cultivators have engines of 4-6 hp, gripping of cutters from 40 to 85 cm, depth of soil digging at such units is from 25 to 80 cm. Such machines can work with clay soil. Some representatives of the devices with medium power are equipped with a chain gearbox, which is much tougher than the worm gear( longer service life).Such cultivators may have an additional plow, a mower, a harrow.

A heavy cultivator for summer cottage has a capacity of up to 10 horsepower, it can be used to process not only small summer cottages, but also areas of more than 10 acres. It is suitable for work on virgin lands, has less vibration, considerable weight, it can be supplemented with various tools( potato planter, plow, mower, etc.).This machine is not suitable for narrow paths and beds.

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Electric cultivators for giving

An excellent alternative to gasoline counterparts is the electric cultivator for gardening, it is light( from 6 to 20 kg) and more environmentally friendly. When working with him you do not have to breathe gasoline exhaust, take care of the timely refueling of fuel and oil level. In addition, maintenance of electric cultivator will cost you less gasoline equipment. The main thing is the presence of a long cord and an electrical outlet within reach. These machines do not differ much power, but for processing a small area of ​​2-5 acres is quite suitable. It should also be borne in mind that electro-cultivators have a power limit, and the depth of soil loosening is a little less than that of gasoline models. At the same time, this technique is excellent for working with hard lumps of earth and dense heavy soil.

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Manual cultivator

For giving, a manual cultivator will be indispensable in small beds, as well as between shrubs and trees, where electrical engineering or a gasoline machine with a wide grip cannot reach. Small manual cultivators are easy to use and inexpensive.

To loosen the soft soil, manual rotary models are optimally suited.
The cutting mechanism of such a device is a shaft with star-shaped discs. The capture width of a device is determined by the number of these disks. Such hand cultivators are complemented by weeding knives that can cut the grass and remove its roots from the ground. With the help of this technique it is very convenient to handle places along the curb and fences, beds with vegetables, alpine slides, flower beds. It should be borne in mind that hand cultivators are not suitable for working on clay soils and areas covered with dense earth crust. This technique can be both long handles and short.

Before you choose a cultivator to give, you need to take into account all the parameters and requirements: the size and characteristics of the site( what grows on it, the presence of curbs, flower beds), the type of soil. Also important is the choice of the manufacturer, mainly the quality, the life of the equipment depends on this factor. It will be very good if you pre-test several models, how they work, for example, with your neighbors in the country. Work with the cultivator should be comfortable for you, because this technique is acquired to optimize the heavy workflow.

Cultivator to give - how to choose and not make a mistake among the variety of models? Always see which accessories are included. The most necessary for the economy are flat cutters, hillers, branch shredders, weeds, snow plows, grass mowers, lawn aerators, potato diggers. Keep in mind that the lighter the cultivator, the smaller the number of functions it is designed for, the width of the cutter also depends on the power of the unit( wider - more powerful).Choose a technique according to the size and needs of your site.

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