5 ideas and workshops on making handicrafts from napkins

  • Master class 1. Dancing dolls from paper napkins
  • Master class 2. Volumetric balls from openwork wipes
  • Master class 3. Lush flowers
  • Master class 4. Angels from openwork napkins
  • Master class 5. Butterflies for
  • holiday decorations

You will be surprised when you find out how many beautiful crafts you can make from paper or openwork napkins. In this material we presented 5 step-by-step master classes, following which you can make decor items, tableware, Christmas-tree decorations, gifts for loved ones or toys for children. By the way, all ideas are designed for both adults and children's creativity.

Master Class 1. Dancing dolls from paper napkins

Looking at these graceful figures of ballerinas and fairy fairies, it seems as if they were made by a real master. In fact, even children from the most ordinary paper napkins can make such crafts with their own hands.

There are a lot of ways to use a paper ballerina. For example, it can be hanged on a New Year tree, put on a shelf as a figurine, presented to a loved one, used as a doll, or from several ballerinas make a children's mobil as in the photo below.

Mobiles with ballet dancers from

napkins. What you need:

  • Flexible wire about 1.5 m long;
  • Monochrome napkins of any color( in this project we use napkins 30 × 30 cm.);
  • PVA glue and brush for its application;
  • Thread with a needle;
  • Scissors.

How to do it:

Step 1. First we need to make the ballet dancer's skeleton from wire. To do this, divide your wire into two unequal parts: a long wire should have a length of 90 cm, a short one should be about 40 cm. You can make a ballerina of a different size, but keep in mind that her dress will be made of napkin, which means “skeleton”should not be too big. In this master class, the size of the “skeleton” is designed for a 30 × 30 cm napkin dress.

Step 2. Fold the long wire in half, twist it a little, and then form a small loop( see photo below).It will be a head. Spread the two ends of the wire to the sides in order to make the legs, then on each leg make a loop.

Step 3. To make your hands, fold the short wire in half, twist it together, forming on the ends of the loop. Then wrap and tie the resulting billet of the ballerina's body just below the neck. As a result, each hand will be 7-8 cm in length, and the "skeleton" will look something like the photo.

Step 4. Now let's do the “muscles”.Cut or simply tear the napkins into narrow strips and begin to wrap the “skeleton” with them, lubricating the layers of paper with white glue with a brush. When the figure is ready, leave it to dry.

Step 5. While our ballerina dries, you can make her a dress. Take a folded napkin( that is, in its original form), fold it into a triangle, then fold the top of the triangle to the fold line and cut the workpiece along the curve as shown in the photo below.

Spreading a napkin, you will see that it is cut out in the form of a quadrant( quarter of a circle).Attach the quadrant on the folded 2-3 napkins in a pile and cut out the blanks for the dress.

Step 6. Twist each blank so that the dress is soft and textured. If desired, at this stage napkins can be painted.

Step 7. Take 2-3 blanks for the dress, fold them as shown in the photo and cut off their tips at once( quite a bit!).

Step 8. Now put the dress on the ballerina through the hole, pull it up to the shoulders, then sew the back and front parts together. Hurray, almost done! It remains only to pull the waist with a thread / tape and tie / glue an eyelet to it( eg, to the back or arms raised to the top).

By experimenting with color, length and style of dress, as well as the position of arms and legs, you can create a whole collection of dolls unlike each other.

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Master Class 2. Volumetric balls of openwork wipes

Now we offer to make crafts from lace napkins in the form of volumetric balls that will be able to decorate any holiday, and especially the New Year and Christmas.

And from the lace balls you get beautiful mobiles.

These small balls on a children's mobil are made from 4 napkins, which were previously decorated with colored paper

What you need:

  • 10-12 openwork napkins for the cake( you can use the openwork napkins of a smaller diameter for making small ballsabout 4-10 napkins will be required);
  • Thread( colored or white);
  • Needle;
  • Beads for decoration( optional).

How to do it:

Step 1. Fold a stack of 10-12 napkins for the cake and draw a line in the middle.

Step 2. Sew a stack of napkins straight along the line. Use clothes pegs to secure sheets for sewing time.

Step 3. Spread your ball.

Masterclass 3. Lush Flowers

These beautiful paper flowers can be put in a vase or stuck onto a wall, say, to decorate a sweet table for a birthday, wedding or March 8th.

What you need:

  • 4 napkins of the same color;
  • 1 Cloth in a contrasting color;
  • Thread or ribbon;
  • Scissors;
  • Wooden skewer or any other wooden stick;
  • Adhesive;
  • Scotch.

How to do it:

Step 1. Spread your napkins and stack them.

Step 2. Take a contrasting napkin in its original form( that is, folded into a square) and cut off its edges about 2.5 cm wide on the right and bottom side.

Step 3. Straighten the contrasting napkin, put it on top of the others, then fold the harmonica from the resulting stack. Squeeze the harmonica in the center and tie it with a thread.

Step 4. Give a round or reed shape to the ends of the accordion with scissors.

Step 5. Spread your harmonica so that it resembles a bow, then start gently lifting each layer of paper towards the center to “fluff” the flower.

Step 6. Scotch glue the wooden skewer stalk to the wrong side of the flower, then disguise the tape itself with a piece of napkin. Hooray! Your craft is ready! By the way, if you paint the stems of flowers with green paint and supplement them with artificial leaves, the flowers will turn out more believable.

Who would have thought that the white hydrangeas in the photo are made of paper napkins. To make one hydrangea, make two flowers according to our instructions and glue them together or just use more napkins. It is desirable to cut the edges of napkins with waves, paint the stems and add them with large artificial leaves

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Master Class 4. Angels from openwork napkins

Another idea of ​​New Year's crafts from openwork napkins is angels for decorating a Christmas tree or a festive table setting.

What you need:

  • Openwork napkins;
  • Scissors and stationery knife;
  • Glue for paper;
  • Markers;
  • A blue wire or a pipe cleaning brush( sold in tobacco stores) in silver / gold.

How to do it:

Step 1. First we need to make an angel body. To do this, cut the napkin in half so that you have two semicircles. Then, using a clerical knife, make small slots for the wings in one of the semicircles. Glue the edges of the semicircle to make a cone.

Step 2. Now let's make the wings. Take the remaining semicircle and cut it into two parts. Insert the resulting quarters into the slots on the back of the angel( corners).

Step 3. Finally, let's make an angel face. Draw two identical circles( diameter determine on the eye and to your taste), cut them, then on one of the circles draw closed eyes and mouth. The second circle will become a bonnet; you need to glue it behind the face and just above it. By the way, if you have shiny silver or gold paper, then it is better to cut the angel's cap out of it.

Step 4. The angel is almost ready, it remains only to make a halo. To do this, take the blue wire or a pipe cleaning brush, make a round loop at one end and tilt it slightly. Next, glue the angel's face to the wire and finally insert the wire into the top of the cone( body) and secure it with glue or tape( on the inside of the cone).

Here are a few more ideas from handwork napkins in the form of angels, which are not difficult to do with your own hands, even without instructions.

Angels from openwork napkins and plastic balls

Crafts were made from openwork napkins, wooden beads and blue-colored wire

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Masterclass 5. Butterflies to decorate the holiday

Now we will introduce you to how to make such butterflies in minutes. This master class is so simple that even the smallest craftsmen will cope with it.

What you need:

  • Two paper napkins;
  • Wire( preferably in colored braid);
  • Clothespin.

How to do it:

Step 1. First, make the top pair of wings. To do this, fully unfold the napkin, then fold it with a triangle. Fold the triangle accordion and clamp the center of the clothespin.

Step 2. Now we will make the lower wings. Take an unwrapped napkin and place it in front of you with a diamond. Fold the harmonica as shown in the photo.

Step 3. Connect the upper and lower wings with wire and remove the clothespin.

Step 4. Tie a straw over the two ends of the wire or use a scotch tape to decorate the wall with a butterfly.

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