Review of washing machines Blomberg

Blomberg washing machines are poorly known to the domestic buyer, so questions about where they are manufactured, how they are arranged and how they differ from analogues, sound too often. We decided to open the veil of mystery that reigns over this brand, and tell everything that we know. Also we will result responses of skilled users.

Review of washing machines Blomberg

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do the washing machines "Blomberg"
  • 2How is the washing machine
  • 3Which Blomberg model to choose: customer reviews

Where do the washing machines "Blomberg"

Clippers collect this brand in Turkey. Part of the readers may say disappointed: "Well, understand-oh-oh and leave the site. Do not rush to conclusions, because these CMA's are originally German roots. Germany produces the most reliable machines Bosch, Siemens, Miele. Sometimes it does not matter where the technique is made, more weightily - how and how well. A bit of history to introduce you to the course:

  • 1883 In the city of Alen, the first Blomberg plant, specializing in metal processing, was opened.
  • 1949 The company has established the production of household appliances, including SM with a drum.
  • 1968 The company has established itself in the world-class market, supplying technology to a number of countries, including the United States.
  • 1981 The firm launched the release of washing machines.
  • 1985 The first SMA came out, which consumed less than 100 liters of water per wash cycle. By the standards of that time it was super economical.
  • 2002 Turkish business company Arcelik buys the brand Blomberg. New manufacturers left the company's priority in the production of household appliances, including washing machines. Production moved to Turkish lands.

Of concern, of course, is: did the move affect the quality of the goods? After many of our fellow citizens, hearing the prefix "Turkish quickly draw a parallel with the "Chinese" and refuse to purchase.Where do the washing machines

Fact! The CM "Blomberg" is assembled at the same factory facilities as the "Beko" technique.

It remains to be believed that manufacturers control the quality of the assembly of the former German washing machines "Blomberg and the stylals are as reliable as they were before.

How is the washing machine

To understand the design of Blomberg washing machines, it is enough to familiarize yourself with just one model. All SMA of this brand are similar and do not differ much in terms of design and operation. As the "experimental" we take the model WAF 7560 S.

How is the washing machine

  • Design. A fairly successful solution for the budget model: the body is painted in silver, which contrasts with the black shiny keypad.
  • The interface is the Logitronic display. It is indicated by red lamps. The parameters of the selected washing mode, fault codes, etc. are displayed.
  • Dimensions. The dimensions of this machine can be considered classic: 85 × 60 × 5, The drum capacity is 7 kg. The size of the hatch is impressive - with a diameter of 30 cm and an opening radius of 180 degrees, you can easily load bulk items.
  • Spin. WAF 7560 S can be pressed at a speed of 1600 rpm. Usually SMA with a spin of 1400 revolutions belong to class A, and there is no higher class, so experts do not know what this development is justified. Most likely, such a high-speed spin is suitable for bathrobes or terry towels.

Fact. In the market there are models of other brands that squeeze out both 1800, and even 2000 revolutions. At the same time, the most popular models are 1000-1200 revolutions.

  • Functional. A total of 28 programs. In addition to the standard modes, which are in almost every conventional AGR, the manufacturer has provided special cycles. Let's consider them separately.

Mini 30.The program is designed for half an hour. You can use to refresh the stale laundry, or for a modest amount of things - a pair of T-shirts or one towel.

Hygiene +.The manufacturer positions this option as "exclusive from Blomberg". It supports a 95-degree temperature throughout the cycle. Ideal for cotton.

On a note. Let's add that the manufacturer has a little slipped. In most washers, the maximum temperature of water heating is 90 ° C. It turns out that the "exclusive" is an additional five degrees. By the way, there are other brands with heating up to 95, for example, Whirpool.

Active 40 ° С.Working in this mode, the AGR, which is already in the energy efficiency class A +, further saves 30% of electricity. The mode can be used to wash cotton fabrics that are not suitable for high temperature processing. The company says that the regime is "just fantastic". Most likely, it is a question of a tandem of quality of washing and low power inputs. Questions about how to use the machine will not arise even for pensioners - everything is done simply and is equipped with Russian inscriptions. With its functional and decent appearance, this machine costs only 2, 00 rubles.

Which Blomberg model to choose: customer reviews

In Russia, the models of this brand are not very common, only a few are used. Therefore, by studying online reviews of users, we chose one of the "hits" of sales, in order to form a full opinion on the technology of this brand.

WAF 4080 G

Snigireva Nastya, Sochi, the Russian Federation

I think that this is a good machine. The first thing that pleased - the delay in the launch. There are other advantages:

  • Capacity. 6 kg - more than enough.

WAF 4080 G

  • Many functions, about 20 different modes. Plus, you can still combine some options.

WAF 4080 G

  • Quiet work, I wash often at night, then no one wakes up, even when squeezing.
  • Press down to 1000 rotations.

WAF 4080 G

  • Special functions, such as "economical washing "protection from crushing "express" mode, "preliminary washing the latter is often used when the kids come after street games, all dirty, clothes with complex stains.
  • I like the depth of the drum. The fact that the ribs made of plastic - quite satisfied, it does not harm the linen.

WAF 4080 G

  • Bottom is a hole for cleaning from small litter.

WAF 4080 G

As you can see, once the German brand, going under Turkish patronage, continues to produce good and affordable cars for our customers. You can choose a model with the necessary characteristics and functionality. The main thing is to properly install the equipment and follow the rules of its use, then it will last for many years.

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