How to clean the gas or electric stove from fat

For each hostess the question is how to clean the gas stove, electric or induction. No matter what you cook, splashes of fat, boiled boiled broth, pieces of food fall on the work surface, because of the high temperature they stick to it, burn, after which they are quite difficult to scrape.


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testto tidy up the stove. It is good that there are rules that help to effectively clean even the most neglected stove.
  • Before starting the cleaning, remove the handles, remove the burners from the gas stove and the grill.
  • In order to properly clean the dirt, you first need to soak all exposed surfaces with hot water and detergent and leave them for 20-30 minutes.
  • Use proven agents that dissolve fat well.
  • You must wear gloves to act quickly and not be afraid to hurt your hands.

You can envy those who have a steam cleaner in a good way. He can easily clean and grate and handles and the most inaccessible places of any stove.

It is best to clean the stove immediately after you have finished cooking. This procedure takes exactly 5 minutes of time, and you can effortlessly wash away all fresh dirt.

There is another rather interesting and radical way to keep the stove clean. It should be covered with foil before cooking. When you remove the foil, there will be no traces of grease or soot on the surface.

Gas Stove

Along with the task of how to clean a gas stove, there is always the task of cleaning its grill. It is very inconvenient to wash thin rods, but at the same time a lot of carbon deposits on them after each cooking.

The metal grill can be cleaned by soaking it in a bath of soapy water for several hours. If you are not satisfied with this method for some reason, then you will have to scrape everything off with the use of a cleaning agent and a stiff brush. It is best to take a metal sponge, which can clean the grill from dirt.

In order not to face major problems in the future when cleaning a gas stove, it is necessary to wash the grill every day and clean it well once a week. Another option is to use a dishwasher. Remove the rubber parts from the grill, if present, and start washing at high temperature.

Removable knobs soak in the same way as the grill. If they are not removed, then use a toothbrush, as well as a toothpick with cotton wool, which is moistened in alcohol or vinegar. Read more about this in our article How to clean the handles at the stove.

If you are not afraid to scratch the gas stove, you can clean it with soda. Although small scratches may remain as a result, in principle, they will not affect the operation of the device. This method is usually applied to fairly old and neglected plates. They are also watered with a bleach solution, which eats away almost any burns.

electric stoves The most difficult pollution on a ceramic surface is broth escaping from the pan. He sticks on quite a bit, and it is extremely difficult to clean the stove from it.

It is necessary to start cleaning the hotplate only after it cools down.

  • Dampen the surface with water.
  • Apply non-sponge cleanser and wipe the smooth surface.
  • If contamination remains, leave a cleaning agent on the surface of the stove, not washing it off for half an hour.
  • Wipe the plate with a clean, damp sponge, rinse off the foam, and wipe the surface dry.

If you need to scrape away something burnt, then use a special scraper with a sharp blade. These scrapers are sold together with cleaning products, they are designed for smooth surfaces, so they can perfectly clean glass ceramics.

To clean an old stain, you can smear it with olive oil or put a wet rag on top for a few minutes. When the stain is soaked, it is removed with a sponge. Similarly, you can wash the induction plates.

To clean the surface of an ordinary electric stove, you can prepare a mixture of soda and a small amount of water. It turns out gruel with weak abrasive properties. It quite effectively cleans the burned food and fat.

If you do not have on hand special detergents, you can use a solution of vinegar. It does not just remove greasy residue, but also disinfects any stove.

Video: We clean the plate from fat using citric acid and baking powder for the test


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