How to disassemble and clean the cooler on a laptop

How to disassemble and clean the cooler on a laptop


The laptop has firmly entered our life. He allows you to look through the Internet pages lying on the couch, watch movies on the train, another transport and gives the person a lot of various benefits. Many people get used to this gadget very much, that's why they get upset when there are any problems with it. One such trouble is the "clogged" dust, mud fan in the laptop.

With the need to clean the fan or, as it is called a cooler, sooner or later every owner faces. In this case, the gadget corny ceases to cope with their duties. The processor is very hot, and the laptop itself is very "slow". If the cooler is properly cleaned, then the temperature of the processor and other devices is reduced by approximately 20 degrees. This has a very positive effect on the functioning of machinery and its durability.


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Periodicity of device cleaning

Experts recommend that you clean your gadget regularly, even if there is no heating and other signs that indicate a fan clogging. The rate of clogging of the cooling system in the laptop depends on the model, namely the location of the system itself. Leading brands pay great attention to this issue, so high-quality and expensive gadgets can do without such a procedure for a long time. So, the products of Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo companies need to be cleaned every year. Notebooks SONY Vaio, and more expensive HP models, Asus can be cleaned every two years. The technique Apple can do without cleaning for more than 4 years.

In addition to the location of the cooling system, the operating conditions of the device are of great importance. If the laptop is in a dusty room, the cooler will clog much faster, if in a clean room - much longer.

There is a certain list of factors that lead to the fact that the fan clogs faster:

  • smoking while working on a laptop,
  • repair in the apartment, accompanied by "dusty" work;
  • location of the room, office near the busy road;
  • the presence of pets in the room.

The simplest cleaning of the laptop

There are several signs when the fan in the laptop needs to be cleaned necessarily. This includes overheating of the gadget after a short work, noise generated by the cooler, or software crashes of the laptop.


Very often to eliminate these phenomena it is quite enough to dust the most elementary way. To perform the simplest cleaning of the gadget, you need to find a hole through which warm air is removed during the operation of the device. This is very simple: often it is made in the form of a grate, which is located in the side of the body (often on the left). Also, there are models where this hole is located behind.

Further to this hole, a hair dryer or a blowing-up vacuum cleaner is brought. Sometimes it is possible to effectively clean the fan without equipment: the hole can be brought to the mouth and sharply to blow air into it. The effectiveness of the result can be estimated by the volume of the cloud, which is knocked out of the hole. This method can ensure the performance of the fan for several months. However, this method is unlikely to help if the cooler has not been cleaned for a long time.

An important advantage of this method is the lack of the need to remove the back cover, which is very important if the laptop is still under warranty.

General cleaning of the laptop

If the above described method of result did not give - it was not possible to effectively clean the cooler, we need to resort to a more radical solution. General cleaning of the gadget is a rather complicated process that must be carried out in a certain sequence. First, you need to carefully study the instructions that will help determine the location of the devices.

The following list of tools and materials is required for general cleaning:

  • a special vacuum cleaner, working on blowing (suitable model used to clean the car interior);
  • a screwdriver "on the cross
  • rag;
  • machine oil to lubricate the fan.

If you have these items, you can start disassembling your laptop. This process includes the following steps:

  • removing laptop battery:
  • removal of the rear panel;
  • Extracting the hard disk;
  • Extracting the drive;
  • detach and then remove the keyboard;
  • full disconnection of the display lines;
  • Removing the display.

Video: laptop maintenance - how to disassemble and clean

Thus, the cooler and the entire cooling system remain visible. To clean the fan and other components of the system, including copper connecting tubes, you can apply wadding sticks, after which you need to "walk" on the elements of a can of compressed air or a special vacuum cleaner. In doing so, you need to be as cautious as possible. Tubes and fins of the radiator are quite easy to damage. To make the cooler work better in the future, it can also be lubricated with a special thermal paste.


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