Proper cultivation of lettuce on the seed sill

Salad contains a huge amount of nutrients. Therefore, many lovers of this green want to grow it not only at their summer cottage, but also at home. Is it possible to grow lettuce from seeds on a window sill at home? This will be discussed further.

ConvenientlySalad is quite possible to grow at home. Both in winter and in summer. But this plant at home requires a lot of attention.

For its growth you need a lot of sunlight .On short winter days, additional lighting is required. If there is not enough light, it starts blooming early. Does not tolerate drought, heat. At the same time the leaves become bitter. Beginners should not take on the cultivation in the flat head. They are very capricious.

This is an early ripe culture. To constantly have greens at home, it must be planted 1 time in 10-14 days.

The best varieties of lettuce for growing at home

Batavia - the most suitable variety of lettuce for the apartment

Batavia is considered the most suitable variety for the apartment. In grocery stores most often sell it.

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It grows even without additional illumination. It can withstand short-term drought, high air temperatures.

most famous varieties for cultivation on the windowsill:

  • Lollo rossa
  • Emerald Lace
  • New
  • Lollo Biondo
  • Vitamin

Lolla rossa different Kocani brown, curly light-green leaves. is considered the most vitamin .It has a delicate flavor.

Lolla Bionda - the most beautiful .Leaves are wavy. Yellow green. The taste is pleasant, bitter with a nutty flavor.

The apartment also grows watercress .This is a moisture-loving plant. Top grades for windowsill:

  • curled;
  • peppery;
  • broadleaf;
  • ordinary.
Watercress Broadleaf

Selection of capacity for sowing and soil preparation

Salad roots do not lie deeply in the soil. Large containers for its growth are not needed. It is better to choose a plastic pot. Capacity should be volume of 1-2 liters .Depth - 10 - 35 cm. Depending on the variety. At the bottom of the tank should be holes.

Soil can be purchased at the store or use garden land. Sour soil for planting is not suitable. A better option - mixture of turf land, humus, sand .Another option - garden soil, coconut fiber, biohumus. The ratio of the last two - 2: 1.

For sowing, it is necessary to use drainage: pebbles, expanded clay, broken bricks, small pebbles.

When using garden soil, the soil should be disinfected with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The soil is filled in the pot, not cutting to the edges 2.5 - 3 cm.

Some varieties of can be grown without soil .One of them is watercress. For cultivation use such improvised materials as sponge, cotton wool, paper.

Some varieties of lettuce can be grown without soil - on paper or cotton

. Sowing seeds

  • Seeds before sowing are disinfected in potassium permanganate solution. Time - 2-3 hours.
  • At the bottom of the pot put a drainage layer.
  • Drainage is covered with earth. Watered.
  • Make a groove. Depth - 5 mm .The distance between the rows - 10 cm .
  • Seeds are placed in the groove. Fall asleep with a small amount of earth. Lightly compacted.
  • Cover the tank package - create a greenhouse effect.
  • Put in a dark place.
  • When the first germs appear, the packet is removed. Transferred to the windowsill.

The first shoots can be seen after 4 - 5 days .It is necessary to protect it from direct sunlight. In bright sunny days it is necessary to shade it - the leaves can burn.

Salad loves warmth. For its good growth requires a temperature in the range of 17-21 degrees. During a strong lowering of temperatures outside, the container with plants should be removed from the window sill.

The culture needs thinning .This is done 2 times:

  1. After 1 week, the first sprouts will appear;It is necessary to leave a distance between them of 1–2 cm.
  2. When 2 true sheets are formed;The distance is 4–5 cm.

If the salad grows thick, a good harvest cannot be obtained.

Salad needs double thinning


Watering should be abundant .With insufficient soil moisture arrows begin to form earlier than usual. Watered with settled water 1 time in 1 - 2 days.

If the container is on the south side - more often. In winter - less. It is impossible to moisten the soil too much - roots, lower leaves will begin to rot. Indoor air should be humidified. The leaves are sprayed with water from a spray bottle.


Feed 1 time in 1.5–2 weeks .Suitable fertilizers for indoor plants. This is a fast-growing culture. If fertile soil was chosen for planting, it grows well without them.

You can not make a large amount of nitrogen fertilizers - lettuce can accumulate nitrates. If you use a feed based on potassium iodide, you can get a plant with a large amount of iodine in the composition.


Light-loving plant. In winter, in short autumn - spring days, you need to use additional lighting - fluorescent lamps. Include them for 2 - 5 hours. Suspend at a height of 50 - 60 cm above the plant.

The light day for growing lettuce should last 12-14 hours.

The total light day should be 12-14 hours .It is impossible to highlight during the day. Greens should rest.

If there is no possibility to supplement the plant, it is best to plant it at the end of winter.


Salad has very fragile, superficial roots. To loosen the ground under the seedlings can not .


Greens growing rapidly. It can be collected within a few weeks. Root or tear off the outer leaves of the .After 3 to 5 weeks, arrows are formed. The plant is removed. Other seeds are sown in its place.

Experienced gardeners plant lettuce once every 10 days .From one plant get 40-50 grams of green. But it all depends on the variety.

Leaf lettuce can be grown in the open field or at home. But planting it in the apartment, you need to remember that it requires daily care.

  1. This is a moisture-loving plant. The soil should always be slightly wet. But excessive moisture can kill him.
  2. The best place is the windowsill on the south, southeast side. Without enough light at home it is impossible to grow it.

grows fast. Does not take much space. But you need to choose the right grade for the pot.

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