How to replace the matrix on your TV

How to replace the matrix on your TV


Immediately say that changing the matrix on the TV is not easy. But without it, the TV will not show, so either you have to change it yourself, or contact the master, or buy a new source of information and entertainment.


  • 1Causes and signs of breakage
  • 2Replacing a part or a new TV?
  • 3Self-repair

Causes and signs of breakage

The Matrix is ​​probably the most accessible part of the TV for damage. It is often broken by children, it gets liquid, the TV can fall directly on the screen. If you find that there are any spots or streaks on the screen, it will be very difficult to remove them. Most likely, you will need to replace the matrix. In addition to the fact that the repair itself can not be called simple, a new part will be quite expensive. In fact, on TV, it is the most expensive part of it.

That is why it is recommended to take care of the screen, wipe it with a soft cloth only, do not use detergents and alcohol.

When moving the TV to a new location, you need to provide the monitor with maximum security. Any impact can cause a poor-quality image, and then you need a replacement. Here are the signs by which you can understand that something is wrong with the matrix:

  • Colored vertical bars appear instead of the image;
  • there are thin horizontal strips, streaks, stains;
  • Black circles on the screen are visible;
  • On the screen, dark and light points formed, which do not disappear anywhere;
  • the image has completely or partially disappeared.

Sometimes when liquid hits the matrix contacts, it turns out to be restored. This repair is very laborious, takes a lot of time, requires certain knowledge and dexterity. For mechanical damages, repairs can only be made in replacement.

Replacing a part or a new TV?

After calculating all the costs, you can decide whether you are satisfied with the replacement or better to buy a new TV. Some service centers buy non-working household appliances for a modest price or change them with surcharge for new ones.

If you still want to make repairs, you must remember that the matrix of each model of the TV is individual. Sometimes it needs to be ordered and wait some time for delivery. In free access matrix is ​​not sold, because it is very fragile and expensive goods, besides, as already mentioned, individual.


If you decide to repair the matrix yourself, then you must adhere to the following rules.

  • First, find and order a new matrix, focusing on the bottom, which are indicated on the back of the panel. You can contact the service centers, where replacing the matrix is ​​common, and ask them about the necessary model.
  • When dismantling the panel, place it on something soft (for example, a piece of thick cardboard) with the screen facing down and circle all the screws and screws. Then turn on the opposite side and detach the front of the case. It fastens on snaps.
  • Before removing the matrix, disconnect the cable and wires from it. Sometimes cleaning the plume with an eraser helps to get rid of minor defects, but if the damage is mechanical, it will not help.
  • Gently insert the new matrix, connect the power cord, the loop and turn it on to verify its quality. The screen should glow, and there should not be even the smallest defects on it.
  • Only after that, close the back of the panel and screw it.

At first glance it seems that the replacement is simple, but with the matrix and with all its connectors it is necessary to handle very carefully. With a careless approach, you can spoil a new part, which will eventually hit your wallet.


It happens that after a complete assembly on the screen does not display an image. This means that the work of the new matrix must be coordinated with the TV control modules. You can make settings in the menu. The configuration information can be found in the user manual.

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