Petunia Sophisticia Blackberry - Radically Showy Color

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If petunia can be considered a champion of popularity among florists, a new collection of American breeders Sophistika is the record holder of rare exotic colors. The varietal series includes perfectly combined petunias Lime Green, Lime Bicolor, Mix and Blackberry. Their unique palette captivates and enthralls even experienced gardeners.

Petunia Sophist Blackberry

Dense, well-branched, dwarf spherical bush grows up to 25-38 cm and has a diameter of up to 30 cm. The flowers are large( up to 8-10cm), funnel-shaped. In the open form take the form of a pentagon.

The main advantage of Petunia F1 is the large-flowered Blackberry Sophistry - an unusual coloring, which is difficult to describe in two words. Shimmering black flowers have rich purple-violet, reddish-blackberry shades. They can vary depending on the weather, lighting and age of the plant. When the air temperature drops, a yellowish reflux occurs.

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Features of petunias Blackberry sophistry:

  • The plant blooms early and together, blooms long and abundantly, pleasing the eye from May to October( before the first frosts).He loves sunshine, is drought tolerant, but if it is well and regularly watered, he will thank for his wild flowering.
  • Large flowers( grandiflora) react to bad weather conditions, are damaged by heavy rain and tear in the wind. With prolonged weather, flowering may stop, and then resume again. Therefore, it is better to plant them in containers and vases, hang in pots on loggias and balconies under the roof, on verandas and closed terraces. On the open ground in flower beds and flower beds, they will feel good under the cover of the house wall.
  • Black flowers of the large-flowered F1 Blackberry Sophistus Blackberry Petunia look somewhat gloomy by themselves, but they are beautifully set off by white, yellow, pink, red companions. With their help, you can create a unique landscape design.
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Agricultural machinery

To facilitate sowing and germination, Blackberry Petunia Sophistus seeds are placed in granules of a special easily soluble composition. In February, they are laid out on the surface of loose, moist and nutritious soil of the seedling boxes, covered with film or glass. Hold at t = 20 ° C, often sprayed with a pink solution of potassium permanganate. Shoots appear on the 14-20 day.

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In March, when 2-3 leaves develop, they pick a plastic cup, support t = 15-17 ° C.In April, the seedlings are transplanted into pots d = 9 cm and kept at t = 12-16 ° C.Low temperature will provide further powerful flowering.

At the age of 3 months, seedlings can be planted in open ground at a distance of up to 40 cm. Petunia likes weekly fertilizing with mineral fertilizers for flowering plants.

Video about planting petunia in a pot

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