Error F09 in the washing machine Ariston

Electronic models of washing machines Ariston and Hotpoint-Ariston show errors F09 on the display. On the electromechanical CM lights on the front panel.

When the F09 fault code is on, the “Delay Timer” and “Extra Rinse” lights blink, which means a failure( error) in the PROM memory.

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    • 1.1 errorin the SM, Ariston is displayed on the display in the event of malfunctions with the electronic controller or in the event of a memory failure on the chip.

      It’s not always possible to remove the error yourself, so let's start with simple steps:

      • A system failure can be fixed by rebooting the washer. To remove the error, turn off the machine from the network for 15-20 minutes. If after connecting the fault code is on again, try other actions.

      Before starting repair the controller, you need to make sure that it is malfunctioning. To do this, conduct a self test - system diagnostics to check the functions of the washing machine.

      Typical malfunctions and self-repair

      If you did check and the problem is really in the controller, how to fix the problem? Next, you will find out why the SM Ariston may generate an error F 09.

      We give an example of typical problems, tell you what to do and how to fix the damage.

      The washing machine does not turn on or off

      1. Check the connection of the mains filter S1, it is possible that there is not enough voltage for the normal operation of the washer.
      2. Inspect the power switch; maybe the S1 connector has a damaged solder.
      3. Pay attention to the case of the power switch. If it moves away from the controller board, the latter is shifted to the side, which prevents normal contact. Replace the housing and secure with glue or clamp.
      4. Check the power supply elements: fuse, stabilizer U1, filter capacitor, etc. Often, due to moisture, a similar fault occurs. If the actions did not help, you will have to replace the board.

      CM does not execute the program

      If the washing machine Ariston or Hotpoint Ariston does not execute the command, the reason may be that the contacts are broken.

      1. Remove the program switch cover.
      2. Strip the pads and contacts on the control board.
      3. Fix the cover in place with paint.
      4. Additionally, use a multimeter to check the weight resistors. The indicator should be 100 ohms.
      5. If the cause of a breakdown in the processor's flash memory, a chip will need to be replaced.

      The device is not working, controlled by a triacor

      What it means: the motor and other elements of the Ariston machine either do not work, or they are constantly energized.

      If the elements themselves function normally, inspect their wiring to the control board, triacs, check the contacts. A short circuit could cause some wires to burn out, so they need to be replaced.

      If the recommendations helped, then you managed to reset the error with SM Ariston.

      The control board is a complex element of a washing machine. If the display shows F09 again, it is better to contact the master.

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