Errors washing machines Beko( Beco)

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Fault code As displayed on Beko CM with 5 lamps decoding Causes To fix
H1 error H1 indicates a temperature sensor error. The sensor contacts have oxidized or burned out.
  1. Check the leads to the thermistor.
  2. Measure the resistance with a tester. A good sensor at room temperature( about 25 degrees) will show 4700 ohms.
  3. Replace the sensor in case of breakage.
H2 H2 error indicates the breakage of the tubular electric heater TENA).The main sign: Beco's washing machine does not collect water. TEH was scaly, stopped to give off heat, which caused a short circuit, and the heater burned out. Disassemble the body of the machine, get to the shank of the heating element, measure the resistance using a tester. A working heater will show 20-40 ohms.
Heater replacement required.
heating element is closed on the body of the washing machine due to a voltage surge. Check the heating element for breakdown on the case by switching on the buzzer mode on the tester. If there is no breakdown, the tester is silent, if there is a breakdown on the case, the multimer will make a distinctive sound. Requires replacement of heating elements.
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The wiring to the heater is broken.

Inspect wiring, isolate or replace damaged areas.
The control module has failed. Reprogram, repair or replace the electronic module.

Only a master can do this work!

H3 The H3 code is evidence that the heating element is constantly working, which is why the washer overheats the water. Thermistor( temperature sensor) failure. To reset the errors, it is necessary to measure the resistance of the thermistor. A defective sensor must be replaced.
Malfunction in the CM control unit. Check the health of the controller. Repair or replace the unit.
H4 If H4 is lit on the display, it means that the filling valve is closed.

Wiring broken or broken( oxidized, burned out) sensor contacts.

Check pins and wiring. Isolate, replace, or solder suspicious areas.
Defect Board. Repair or replace the part.
H5 H5 on the board: the drain pump( pump) has failed. Clogged drain filter. The solution is to clean the filter. It is located at the bottom of the front wall of the SM.

Read more in the user manual for your Beco model.

Fold or break the drain hose. Place the hose correctly or replace it with a new one.
Clogged water drain hose. Clean and rinse the drain hose.
Pump breakdown. Repair or replace the pump( pump).
H6 Error H6 appears when a triac of the motor triggers. TRIG TRIM. In this case, only the replacement of the element will help.
Breaking the integrity of the wiring. Review, ring and repair wiring.
Defect Control Module. Repair or replace the unit.
Open circuit of the electric motor. Replace the engine.
H7 If the water pressure( level) sensor fails - the pressure switch, error H7 is lit. Door latch break( locking device). You need to install a new UBL.

Important! Give preference to Beco original parts.

Breakdown of the pressure switch. Sensor Replacement.
Wiring in the circuit is broken: pressostat-controller. Check contacts, repair broken wiring areas.
Module failure. Repair or replace.
H11 The H11 code is not specific to all Beco CMA models. It means an open circuit in the electric motor. Motor wiring is broken. Check wiring, replace defective areas.
Destroyed wiring to the tachogenerator.
A gap in the wiring between the engine and the controller.
Engine breakdown. Replace defective parts.
Breakdown of the tachogenerator.

Fault codes in modern washing machines are used to inform the user in time about the first signs of problems in the systems. Beko washing machine is no exception. The manufacturer made sure that the failure was detected on time.

Therefore, if the machine shows error codes on the display, your task is to understand the reasons for their occurrence. If the user's manual has been completely lost, you will come to the rescue of this useful article, in which we will tell you what the code means, what to do, when the CM gives an error and how to fix the problem.

Table of errors in Beco washing machines: decoding and repair tips for

To determine the breakage of the light bulbs in a model without a display, remember: they must be lit, not blinking. Indicated in the diagram in red.

Now you know what each mistake on the scoreboard of your Beco washing machine means. You know what to do if they appear.

You can also check if this or that value is in error. To clear the error, restart the CM, disconnecting it from the network for 15-20 minutes.

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