DIY Blender Repair

Blender is a motor equipped with a nozzle. Nothing complicated. The bowl with a knife is mounted on the output shaft of the electric motor, the engine lock is triggered. The assembled device is started by the power button in cruising or pulse mode. The process is assisted by a speed controller, a cord with a plug, less often a fuse. Disassemble the blender is easy, the main thing then to collect. Can you handle it? Doubters read further how to carry out repair of the blender with their own hands. We recommend to avoid jumping through sections.

Principle of operation of the blender

Nature has created three types of blenders:

  1. Stationary.
  2. Manual( submersible).
  3. The complementary composition of a food processor.

The blender device in each case provides for the presence of an electric motor - the initial driving force, the principle of action varies according to the tasks performed. Stationary blenders resemble replenishing the composition of combines. You will see two characteristic prefabricated units that help the device perform duties:

  1. Engine.
  2. Bowl with a knife.

Stationary blender

Let's talk how the product works. The knife quickly rotates in the bowl, where the ground products are put. A specific blade causes the contents to move along a closed path. The knife is located on the bottom. When an electric motor transmits torque to the blade through the output shaft and spindle, the speed of the latter increases rapidly. Due to the speed( thousands of revolutions per minute), the effect of the movement of the pulverized mass is obtained. The envelope of the blender knife resembles a propeller. The cross is tightened on top of the fruit, vegetables, to the side throws the crushed pieces.

Then comes into the right profile of the bowl, twisting the movement of the food mass. The walls expand upwards, so under the pressure of the flow coming out of the knife, the mash begins to creep upwards. In the center of the pieces of food fall down. Recycled mass reaches the cover, collapses again on the knives. The described process proceeds at an unobservable speed.

The considered cycle occurs ideally in strong blenders. Cheap household models do not have enough speed to establish a closed movement. The knife cuts the void. Therefore, wanting to chop cabbage, the cook is forced to add water. The step frees the laws of hydrodynamics, which take over the rights, the work of knives is facilitated. Therefore, the first! Before repairing the blender( which may not have broken):

  • If a low-power blender does not want to grind the mass, the fact does not indicate a 100% malfunction. Try adding water, milk, juice, repeat the process.
  • A simple fact means: the blender blunted the knife, the speed switch broke, the engine lacked the necessary power. Masters say: the problem affects the cup. More precisely, lies in the rotating joint of the knife.

In our case, it is recommended to start by checking the speed. Just the positions of the regulator to a dozen, you need to go through the fixed places alternately, assessing by ear, the blender's knife moves faster or slower.

Replacing an

Blender Knife As for a blender knife, it is unlikely that you can manually sharpen the blade at home. Get a new one, here you have 3 options for the development of events:

  1. First, the knife is sold as a separate spare part. In this case, remove the old one. Will help the old towel, clean. Wrapping the knife of the blender with a rag, unscrewing it from the spindle. Please note: the thread is left, so you need to twist in the other direction than is customary. It happens that the knife is mounted with several nuts. Remove the accessory from the blender to help wrench, pliers. The bowl is removed from the output shaft, the plug has left the outlet. The rotating knife of the blender will easily disfigure fingers, it will be problematic for physicians to reassemble. It happens, the knife is sold with the gland, change both parts.
  2. Happens to dismantle the knife, it is necessary to disassemble the blender bowl. A case that is rare. Replacement occurs as described, bother to update the oil seal covering the spindle.
  3. Finally, it was discovered that the cup is not collapsible. See how to proceed. Such blenders will have to change the bowl together with the knife and gland.

Speed ​​Controller blender

Frequent problems blenders associated with the speed switch. In full, check the performance can only master. If there is knowledge of radio engineering, try to ring the detail first. For sure it will be immediately clear whether this is the reason for the blender's strange behavior. The switch is removed from the device( soldered), the positions are checked in full. Naturally, during normal operation, the contacts must alternately short circuit, commuting the corresponding windings of the device’s electrical heart.

In parallel, try the method described above. Turn on the device, listen to how the engine behaves, practicing fixed speeds. The pattern is typical: the blender's knife moves faster, the buzz is stronger. For advanced models, there is a lock against turning on without a bowl.

Note, the safety part was introduced in the 20s of the twentieth century, when the blender was just invented. The patent applicant stressed: the engine starts when the bowl is installed. Therefore, we consider the option to be fully classic.

Locking mechanism is a noted reason why the blender has stopped. What else is being repaired. ..

If the blender stopped

It happened, the device refuses to work. The situation is resolved easier than in the case when the blender is lazy to cut, does not grind.

At first we strain our ears by turning on the device. If the buzz is discernible, then it is probably a jammed knife. Remove the bowl, press gently with the finger( pencil, pin) button inclusion lock. Earned - the case is limited to a bowl, a knife. How to fix the problem, told. The atypical case is much more interesting: the buzz is heard, the blender is eperenced even with the lock pressed. Surely the cause of the motor - burned down the winding. Here the result is determined by the price of the question, if there is a way to get a new engine at a similar price, it is worth replacing. Cheap models make you drop the idea to fix the blender with your own hands.

When the buzzes with the button on are not registered, examine the power supply path:

  1. First of all, we check the presence of the outlet voltage. Practice shows: most problems are solved at this stage. The blender, like other household appliances, breaks relatively rarely. Plug in a known-good desk lamp or something stronger. If OK, go to the second procedure.
  2. To check the cord disassemble the body of the blender. Turn off the device from the network, take a screwdriver. Rare foreign models will require special heads. Cross, flat screwdriver( slot) discard. Inside the blender settled power block, carrying the soldered or bolted cord. We check the voltage with a voltmeter, or we take a known-good cord, connect it, try the assembly. Localized place breakage. In some severe cases, the voltage can not be measured. More less suitable contacts are closed with plastic, non-separable. Avoiding to shred the device take the needle, the wire is soldered to the tip. Self-made gizmos need two. Turn off the blender from the network, pierce both wires of the cable with needles, connect the tester terminals. We look so that the lines do not overlap each other, keep hands away, cut into the network. The result is looking at the tester display
  3. These actions are simplified if a fuse is inserted in the blender. We take out and call. Failure revealed - visit the store, purchase a new one. Parameters( power, current) are inscribed on a glass( ceramic) case. We use numbers by choosing the right product in the store. Avoid attempts to make a makeshift version of the fuse, a thoughtless step will certainly cause a fire. New is inexpensive. In the circuit with a tester( multimeter), measure the applied voltage. When there is no place to measure the mains voltage( 230 volts), the fuse slot fits.
  4. It happens that a new fuse instantly fails. A short circuit has occurred inside the blender. The fault affects the integrity of the motor windings, electronic circuits. Alternately, we try to connect energy consumers one by one to the source, we observe the result. Masters recommend using a homemade bug that can withstand the resulting electrical current. Attach a multimeter, measure amps. The operation is done extremely quickly, otherwise there is a chance that a traffic jam will be knocked out at home. The measured value is used when calculating the power. If the figure is known to exceed the value indicated by the passport, the defective unit is found. As mentioned above, the problem blocks: a blender engine, printed circuit boards.
  5. If the described operations have led to the conviction that the power is present, we undertake to inspect the printed circuit boards. We examine the capacitors for swelling, resistors - for the presence of traces of burning. The tracks should not be broken, peel off from the substrate. Found a defect of the listed symptoms - the cause of the malfunction of the blender is limited to electronic filling. At short circuit of the engine, the technician is not subject to restoration. Breaking winding insulation.

Hand-held blenders

In hand-held blenders, commutator motors are often used, the motors can operate, powered by direct and alternating currents. In simple models available buttons on, directly contacts the brushes. For spark suppression, capacitors are mounted near the rotor. Say more, in addition to capacitors, varistors, shorting the voltage surges, protecting the windings against combustion. In the simplest models, thermal fuses are placed among turns. If it burns, replace the parts with new ones. The circuit is used in engines of the collector and asynchronous types, transformers. Do-it-yourself repair of blenders requires knowledge of the unwritten fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics. Here are the basics - the knowledge - we will deal today.

The internal structure of

hand blenders. The collector engines are equipped with stabilization schemes, but the simplest blenders have no frills. Varistors make up an important node of many devices, not just motors protect. In pulsed power supplies, an overload tripping of the high-frequency generators occurs with a short-circuit on the fuses. The result is a protection trigger. Detect a malfunction by replacing the fuse with a light bulb: on — power is turned off, continuing to troubleshoot.

The simplest collector engine is formed by a pair of stator windings, a good bunch of rotary. Under the brushes placed drum, broken sections. Each pair of opposite contacts is equipped with a closing coil. Making sure that the blender is working, ring each one by rotating the shaft with your hand. Bearings are often considered a weak point. Nodes two - front and rear. The lion's share of the load falls on the latter. HADO is used for lubrication. After application, the composition causes the formation of a ceramic film, which temporarily improves gliding, protecting the surface.

If the friction is too great, burning of the current-carrying parts, blackening of the body, parts, detachment of soldering are possible. Take the rotor out of the bearings, wipe it with alcohol, lubricate the parts. The collector engine is always noisy, consider inertness a virtue, which helps to avoid jumps in revolutions. When switching the rotor windings, a reverse EMF occurs. This is a parasitic effect, they have learned to use this phenomenon for the good. Regulatory thyristor circuits are assembled: the input voltage with reverse is added to the control electrode. The shaft load increases, the speed drops;reverse EMF decreases, the thyristor opens slightly, current consumption increases, motor speed reaches the norm.

In manual blenders, such solutions are used with reluctance, the switching element is heated very much, there is simply no place to place a huge radiator. However, applying a simple speed adjustment, greatly facilitate the life of the hostess.

Underwater reefs identified:

  1. Abrupt changes in voltage consumption require filtering( jumps) along the food chain, causing sharp changes in the external network. The effect is noted when working on the generator.
  2. Speed ​​regulation is a valuable quality, but if the power drastically increases during the dough kneading, the blender will vomit out of the hands of the hostess, there is little good. It is more beneficial for calm women to buy a home blender that delivers constant power regardless of the food being prepared.

In advanced models, the blender device is complemented by speeds. More often we see separate buttons that are pressed continuously, forcing the engine to work. Done for a reason. Developers are aware: a weak female hand quickly gets tired, therefore, the key will certainly be released before the engine burns out. The method of adjustment often does not differ unprecedented complexity. The output voltage is removed by the pair of secondary windings of the transformer. There is a change in speed.

Blenders often burn if varicaps protect against power surges, thermal protectors protect against overheating. In the power circuit put the element with a threshold of 120 degrees. At times, a thermal fuse is placed between the turns of the motor( mentioned above).The switching power supply operates according to the ordinary scheme. The input voltage is filtered by capacitors, chokes, resistors, the signal passes a high-frequency power transistor( even two).The process is controlled by a microcircuit generator, which supplies voltage to the control gate. The output voltage is filtered if necessary, less straightened.

Frequent breakage - burnout winding. Try to buy products with fuses. Simplify your own life.

Collector motors are controlled by a voltage cut-off scheme when a smooth transition is required. In the case of two or three fixed speeds, there is probably no need for such a scheme. Sinusoid on the positive and negative half-wave is truncated to a certain area. The effective value decreases, naturally causing a decrease in the revolutions of the shaft of the collector engine. As already mentioned, kitchen appliances are often equipped with trivial regulation. It is unlikely that the repair of the Vitek blender will require a deep knowledge of circuit design.

We add that reusable fuses have been noticed, which after restoring after a predetermined period of time, restore the circuit. Others are designed for 100 work cycles. Decide for yourself whether the operating resource is sufficient relative to your own view of the device. We list what can break( power supply):

  • filters;
  • diode bridge;
  • transformer;
  • generator;
  • key transistor;
  • rectifier output diodes;
  • varicaps;
  • fuses.

Do-it-yourself blender repair will require knowledge of the basics of electronics. Nothing complicated, according to requests in the comments we will create a topic describing the theme of power sources. Everyone who is in the stream will repair the blender on their own without any problems.

Features of desktop blenders

Hand-held appliances lack an important ability - to make cocktails that people like. Need a desktop blender, equipped with a spacious bowl. The cross-shaped sharp knives are located at the bottom, the junction is a true disaster. The motor rod is crowned with a relatively soft lower half of the drive coupling. The ring formed by dense rubber, perimeter, forming a crown, teeth are located. Each enters the corresponding recess of the upper coupling. The lower half is devoid of rigid threads. Remove the part with a screwdriver and a hammer, hitting the teeth, setting the clockwise rotation, the masters recommend carefully prying up the clutch, pulling upwards. Then a new part is wound counterclockwise. Thread, of course, left.

Coupling is a critical component that protects the engine of the unit against overloads. When jamming knives heard clicks. Be lazy to turn off the blender - after waiting some time, the lower half of the coupling will become incapable. With the upper half of the problem: seals sometimes leak. Seeing an unfavorable situation, get ready to disassemble the device. Wielding your hands, the assembly of knives unscrew from the bottom of the bowl. The rubber gasket is set aside.

The upper half of the blender coupling is screwed onto the stem, seated with knives, left-handed. The direction of rotation of the knives will be recognized by the front sharp edge. Grab a large wrench through a towel( cloth) blade in the location of the rod, twist in the opposite direction of rotation. Under the upper half of the coupling there is a pair of sealing rubber washers, one is steel. Both varieties are removed, knives can be removed from the assembly. If necessary, the blender blades are sharpened. Pay attention: from the inside of the bowl there is an additional double rubber seal. Replace parts with purchased ones or those you managed to get.

Reassembly of the blender is carried out in a similar way. Remember: the coupling threads are left. Tighten the nut, avoiding the knives. Be careful not to cut the blender blade. The engine at the base of the bowl is not very different when compared to manual models, but it is better able to withstand the load. Often speeds of 2-20, laid down the simplest program of processing food.

Blenders are often sold as part of food processors. Through the gearbox is driven shaft of the knife. Protection against turning on mechanical, drive shaft( cutting, shredder) is located separately, at the same time with the side does not turn. The speed of rotation of the blender, of course, above, you need a step-up gear.

The presentation is over today. The models presented are kind to each other. Being able to repair the Tefal blender, the master will master the repair of the Scarlett blender. Further more, manufactured household appliances resemble each other. Readers may not have heard, but 85% of washing machines, like blenders, are equipped with collector motors. Consequently, the repair follows the same pattern. In our case, the speed adjustment is provided by the design. The advantages of collector motors in terms of adjustment over asynchronous motors are obvious. In the latter case, often the stator winding is divided by a fixed number of sections. This method easily reproduces the three speeds, for advanced decisions, the alignment is not suitable. The washing machine only on spin has 3-5 speeds. It just suggests a circuit containing a power switch with a current cut-off mode.

That's why repairing blenders is similar. Connoisseurs of coffee grinders, drills, screwdrivers, mixers and even vacuum cleaners will perform the necessary sequence of actions without noticing the change in the kind of technology.

This is how an independent blender is repaired. We recommend to repair the device under warranty, to disassemble an expensive model only if necessary. Consider the approximate border of cheapness the amount of 3000 rubles.

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