Neutral day strawberries - what does it mean?

Strawberries of a Neutral Day( also known as the Remontant Day) - you have probably heard this term or found its mention in the horticultural literature. Today, more and more experienced gardeners, amateurs are eager to replace their usual strawberry remontant. You do not need to be a great mathematician to understand that getting two harvests per season is much better than one.

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Last harvest( September 20, 2016)

Recently, new varieties of gardeners have appeared - new varieties of straw gardening have recently appeared -”,“ Brighton ”,“ Moscow Delicacy ”,“ Mahern ”,“ Profüzhen ”,“ Bogatyr ”, others that are gaining increasing popularity. They belong to remontant grades of neutral daylight. What is the feature of this culture? And the thing is that the strawberries of a neutral day continuously lay flower buds throughout the season. It doesn’t matter to a plant when the sun rises or sets, sooner or later, therefore the fruiting is not interrupted. It is possible to receive tasty fragrant berries from spring to the most autumn frosts.

Remontant variety, photo:

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Neutral day strawberry - planting

Neutral day strawberry planting is almost the same as ordinary planting varieties. Since this sweet berry loves the sun, then under her bookmark you need to choose a non-shaded place. Sour soil for this culture will not work, it should be deoxidized by adding lime( half a cup per 1 m2).The most suitable option for strawberries would be black earth mixed with sand.

Preparing a plantation under the tab of strawberries should be in advance. In the spring, you can plant mustard in the designated area - this green manure will not only enrich the soil, but will drive away most of the May beetles. But every gardener knows that this pest is able to destroy a lot of harvest. A month before planting( at the end of June - beginning of July), the soil is being dug up on a full bayonet of a shovel, so that it is loose. Fertilization is also indispensable: we need humus, about 5 kg per m2 and 50-70 g of any complex fertilizer( Kemira, Kristallin will do).If the beds are made high, then the land on them will warm up faster, therefore, it will be possible to get the first berries a week earlier.

Remontory strawberries are sown, photo:

Strawberry varieties of neutral daylight should be planted from the beginning to the middle of August( in the Kuban until mid-September).It is better not to delay with the timing, since the seedlings must take root, get stronger until frost. It happens that for some reason you missed the time, then you can land later, but with possible frosts the bushes should be covered with non-woven material - it will be warmer for them.

Prepared wells need to be poured right before planting( one glass of water for each will be enough).The root should be straightened, if you do not observe this rule, wrap the roots, then the plant will be sick for a long time, and may even die. Bushes are buried to the core, it must necessarily remain at ground level.

It is advisable to cover the garden bed with a non-woven fabric, cut holes in it - to plant plants in them or to mulch the garden after. This will not only eliminate weeds, but will also increase yields. Landing must take place when the weather is not sunny or in the evening, the bright sun will damage the plants. It is necessary to cut off all the buds, flowers from seedlings, if they are, then the plant uses its strength for survival - strong, healthy bushes will delight with an abundance of berries.

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Strawberries of a neutral daylight - care, dressing

Since strawberries on a neutral daylight fruit almost without a break, it takes a lot of energy from her, and therefore, the plant needs proper care:

  1. First, be sure to do top dressing, it is recommended about 10 per season. It’s clear that paying so much attention to strawberries alone will not work, so it’s worth making at least half of top dressings, for example, with triazote and potassium( 1 tbsp of superphosphate + 1 cup of ash per 10 liters of water), and the second dressing with slurry solution0.5 liters per 10 liters of water).At such an element as potassium, you need to pay close attention and in any case not to ignore it when making supplements. Without potassium, constantly tying berries cannot ripen, although they will be red in appearance, but their taste is watery, not sweet.
  2. Secondly, the culture requires regular watering. Of course, it is best if a drip irrigation system is installed on the strawberry plantations, but you can do without it - just make sure that the soil does not drift when watering. Overdried, as well as swampy land is destructive for it.
  3. Thirdly, weed removal, loosening of the soil is necessary, and mulching will help to avoid unnecessary work.

There is one more subtlety: in order for the berries to be tied up more, the mustache on the plants is surely cut off, leaving them only on the mother bushes. By the way, since this crop is fully laid out, providing the gardener with a crop throughout the season, then it quickly grows old, the berries become smaller with time. So, it will be necessary to update the landing much more often, every 2-3 years.

If in August several strawberry bushes of a neutral day are planted in a greenhouse, then all winter long fresh fragrant berries can be obtained from them.

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Neutral day strawberries - varieties

Repair varieties begin to bear fruit in the spring, this process lasts until the arrival of the first heralds of winter - frosts. There are quite a lot of strawberry varieties on a neutral day; an interesting feature of some species are flowers of pink, crimson.

Strawberry flowers, photo:

Roma variety

Felicia variety

This is the result of the work of Turkish breeders, this variety has just raspberry flowers. The bushes on the beds look very attractive, unusual - bright crimson flowers, and near the berries rich red color. Despite the small size of the fruit, the dugout turned out to be very fragrant, slightly resembling the taste of its forest counterpart - strawberries. This variety blooms, produces fruits throughout the season, forms little whiskers. If you wish to breed Felicia, then you have to use drugs like Kornevin to stimulate the formation of roots.


Also comes from Turkey, but with large, juicy, fleshy berries, very fragrant, sweet. A characteristic feature of this variety is the ability to give a lot of mustache. Sometimes one can observe such a picture: the mustache has not yet had time to take root, and there are already flowers on it and berries are beginning to form. After the first “wave” of the harvest comes a kind of dormant period, approximately 10-12 days, followed by a period of active fruiting until the onset of frost. Remonturnaya strawberry "Aisha" quite resistant to disease.

Variety "Albion"

This is a strawberry of neutral daylight, bred by American breeders. Powerful in all respects variety - large shrubs with high peduncles, large juicy fruits( 40-60 g).Dark red berries have an amazing honey flavor, pronounced aroma. An interesting feature - the longer the strawberry is in the cold - the sweeter, “honey” it becomes. Strawberry "Albion" is able to produce fruits to the frost, thanks to its good density it can be transported even over long distances.

Profüzhen Variety

This is the brainchild of French breeders, the fruiting of which lasts continuously for the whole season, starting in the second half of May. The bushes of this strawberry are distinguished by high growth, large leaves, elongated juicy berries of bright red color( fruit weight - 40-50 g).Due to the subtle aroma, outstanding taste qualities, this variety is called the king of taste by the people. A characteristic feature - multiplies by division, practically does not form a mustache. Profuyuzhen shows good resistance to major diseases, but is subject to attacks from the tick.

Grade "Everest"

This high-yielding variety is also bred in France. The bushes of this strawberry are of medium size, but thanks to the spreading leaves they tolerate wintering well. Brilliant fruits have a pleasant taste, fragrant, can reach 30-50 g. In the first year of life, Everest gives a few whiskers. To propagate this variety, you need to look in advance at the most tall, healthy, productive bushes, and in the spring to remove them from the soil, cut into horns. For breeding, those bushes that are already producing fruit for the second season are optimal.

Above we list the popular varieties of strawberry remontant strawberries on a neutral day, which should be given attention when choosing to plan a plantation.

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Let's sum up

So what is a strawberry of a neutral day? What are its advantages?

  • Yield peaks in most remontant varieties are activated in the second half of the growing season, approximately from July until the first frosts.
  • The fruiting period lasts several months, respectively, the yield of such strawberries will be much more abundant than in ordinary varieties.
  • In young bushes appearing on the main bush mustache( rosettes), berries can be observed after 6-8 weeks.
  • These varieties( their overwhelming majority) do not need a dormant period.
  • Remontany varieties of strawberries are not as widespread on our sites, as, for example, the usual varieties. However, due to their positive qualities, they are gaining popularity every year.

Strawberries, as well as strawberries on a neutral day, have similar agrotechnical methods of cultivation, since, in fact, they are relatives. Planting and care is the same.

Variety Elizabeth II

This culture finds more and more fans among summer residents and gardeners. If you follow the simple rules of care, make timely feeding, then you can enjoy this sweet taste of summer to the very cold. Now you know what a strawberry is like on a neutral day, and thanks to fairly attractive prospects, you will most likely want to settle it on your plot.

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