How to trim the dracaena to get a beautiful plant

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grows in an

  • In this case, the evergreen plant grows tops, and the lower part of the stem bare. The leaves, having fulfilled the due date a little more than a year, gradually dry up, leaving a scar on the stem. How to cut dracaena for side shoots? The plant allows you to create new forms by shortening shoots.

    Principles of the formation of a bush

    dragon. In the flower shop they usually sell dragon fruit with ready-made branches. At the very beginning, when a young plant is grown, a bush is formed from it in greenhouse conditions. It may consist of two or three branches. Is it possible to trim the dracaena in the future? Each branch can be formed separately independently, getting a picturesque palm tree. All operations are carried out only on a healthy plant.

    Time for pruning

    The stem of a dragon tree is a structure in which dormant buds are arranged along its entire length. This is what allows for a cut made in any part of the trunk to get seedlings, the beginnings of new branches.

    Planned pruning is done in the active period of growth, when the best sap flow. There are cases when the formation of a bush is needed urgently. For example, part of the stem broke off. Then the shortening should be carried out according to the rules, below the break point. Any pruning can only be effective on a healthy plant.

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    lung box How to trim the dracaena at home

    When shortening the central stem, you need to take into account several points:

    • with green leaves at the top should be in the zone of comfortable lighting, so the height of the trunk is calculated, you can see the height of the stem with the green leaves in a comfortable lighting zone, so the height of the trunk is calculated, you can look at the height of the plant with green leaves in the comfort zone, so the height of the trunk is calculated, you can see the height of the stem with green leaves in a comfortable lighting zone, therefore the height of the trunk is calculated, you can see the height of the stem with green leaves in a comfortable lighting zone, therefore the height of the trunk is calculated, you can see the height of the stem with green leaves in a comfortable lighting zone.
    • for the emergence of new shoots will need to provide the necessary conditions for the germination of new shoots from sleeping buds;
    • all operations on the design of the correct cut, sealing it is carried out in sterile conditions.

    A plant can be used for pruning, which is 30 cm from the soil to the point of attachment of the upper leaves.

    Any part of a leafy or bare trunk is cut. The remote site can be rooted, having received one more copy of dracaena. Cutting dragon for branching as an operation, is conducted with a sharp knife without squeezing the tissue.

    Once the upper part of the plant has been cut off, it can be used for rooting the tops, or cut into chubuki by 7-10 cm, each of which is able to produce a new plant. The requirement to cut only with a sharp knife and a straight cut is mandatory.

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    If the stem at the cut is leafy, the leaves must be removed by 10-15 cm, exposing the trunk. Place the cut to close the garden pitch or molten paraffin so that the inner layer does not evaporate moisture, does not dry out. On the cut must be formed the beginnings of new branches. They can be from two to five. But not all beginnings will grow. The number of new formations depends on the conditions in which the germination takes place.

    The simultaneous development of all new shoots due to uniform illumination is achieved. The dragon plant needs to be rotated during germination and subsequent care.

    Conditions for germination:

    • treatment of the stem with water with the addition of a growth stimulator, for example, Appin;
    • creating a wet moss cushion around the open cut of the cambium, the waxed part should be open;
    • on top of a tightly reinforced plastic bag, creating a constant humidity of 75% inside;
    • in the light at a temperature of 22-25 degrees, the plant is aged for a month.

    It is important at this time not to open the place of the cut, not to remove the package, not to change the conditions of germination. At the same time, the rest of the leaves requires watering, the stem must also be moistened. Watering is conducted only by the bottom method, pouring out the remnants of water that has not been absorbed into the earthen room. It is important that the germination was conducted in the light.

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    As soon as the plant gives the germs at the cut, it is ready to continue development without additional shelter.

    It is not necessary to develop new branches from all the buds. Some do not have enough food, and they wither. But trim the plant so, you can repeatedly, updating it and giving a new shape.

    If the plant has a bare stem, then it is completely placed in the bag after abundant watering. The package before the appearance of the seedlings is not removed, so as not to violate the microclimate. Water the plant through the pan.

    When forming dracaena fringed seedlings can go along the stem anywhere. Then the palm tree will be stacked.

    Is it obligatory to trim dracaenas at home?

    A plant looks well-groomed if it is regularly cut and shaped. Therefore, pruning is one of the mandatory operations for the care of the dragon. It happens, the plants form deformed shoots, they should be removed. Then, instead of them, the plant will launch new processes, more foliage is obtained, the plant takes on new forms.

    Immediately remove any pest and disease areas to prevent infection of the entire plant. This operation is called sanitary pruning.

    Video about the result of trimming dracaena

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