How to choose an immersion blender

People post comments, trying to find out how to choose an immersion blender. Simple models stupid, they would whip cocktails only. With a power of 150 W, the goods look primitively next to the "younger"( by age) brothers, equipped with a special bowl, can shred cabbage on a salad, replacing a food processor. The choice of the immersion blender combine with the simultaneous evaluation of the time cycle, the options for continuous operation. Buyers take the devices intended for short-term or cyclic style of functioning. Then cry.

Submersible blender VS stationary

Initially, the blender by the inventor was designed to make soda. Moreover, the process took place at the signal of pressing the button, when the container with the ingredients took its place. It will be difficult for Russians to understand the peculiarities of functioning and the national significance for Americans of the device; in Russia, similar drinks are a wonder. The idea is simple: a special screw on the bottom of the bowl, driven by an electric motor, quickly mixes up the components that are in the tank.

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In the simplest blenders, it is achieved by the sole centripetal force throwing out the lumps of liquid on the inclined walls of the bowl. The created pressure gradually forms a circulating flow, which:

  • starts near the screw, goes along the bottom to the inclined walls;
  • crawls up due to the bowl profile that is widening upwards;
  • collapses at a critical moment from the walls to the center;
  • again rushes to the screw down.

The blades of the simplest models imitate the outboard propeller manners. Persistently cut the product, mixing, sucked on top of themselves. Powerful blenders can grind anything, avoiding the participation of liquids. Weak models for the implementation of hydrodynamic laws have to sacrifice( pour in) water( I do not want to do it because of the dilution of the consistency), milk( according to the recipe).

At the beginning of evolutionary development, the described instruments and mixers lack fundamental differences of specialization. The first model of authorship Stephen Poplavski did not cut the product, just mixed. However, together with the course of creative thought, blender was improved, the nuance of creative genius became irreplaceable, visible with the naked eye. To get revenge on the mixer, the device was supplemented with a low gear, a special nozzle. An upgraded blender can replace a kitchen 2-3 appliance. We'll have to buy both models, stationary and submersible. Let's see what the difference is.

  1. The first one is completed with a bowl, which was discussed above. The special parabolic sectional profile mixes the ingredients quickly. Moreover, the performance of the device determines the curve, the envelope of the imaginary central section of the bowl.
  2. Using an immersion blender implies the availability of suitable utensils, where the ingredients are placed. Note that a handle with a blade and a protective whisk is not suitable for making beverages.

With a blender, they chop nuts, make thick mousses, jams, and beat eggs using a special mixer attachment. Cocktail device unsuitable. On the other hand, a special cylindrical bowl is attached in the appendage, resembling the accessory of a food processor with similar nozzles of shredding, grating, cutting. Plastic container, the mechanical gearbox of gears is built into the cover. We put the blender in a special nest, the bowl operates with products, imitating the food processor. Sickle-shaped knives are added, popular with lovers of stirring cocktails. Nozzle need to chop carrots, cabbage. Additional functions of the submersible blender: cutting into cubes, circles, chopsticks.

It will be useful to remind: screw cocktails are managed by screw juicers, hard ice is destructive to steel cylindrical nets. Cold drinks manages stationary blender with knives, a special bowl.

Advantages vs disadvantages of the

dip blender - they have already mentioned that the dip blender is unsuitable for cocktails;

- most models need frequent rest, read the instructions carefully before purchasing;

- the immersion blender is designed to grind a meager volume of products, not counting the bowl that comes with the kit, which is capable of shredding and cutting.

+ immersion blender can quickly grind small amounts of food( nuts, meat);

+ the device is multifunctional, with the purchase we get 2-3 simple devices: a food processor( if a special bowl is attached) is poured;

+ relatively small size will allow you to conveniently store the immersion blender( again without a bowl).

Applies to standard models. Sell ​​Swiss Bamix, leading the name with the phrase Blend & Mix. The devices are distinguished by an abundance of special attachments, in addition, YouTube demonstrates a professional film that teaches the use of an exotic product.

Choosing an immersion blender

Let's talk a few words about how to choose the right immersion blender. We recommend not paying attention to models with a capacity of less than 350 W, the amount of torment exceeds the benefit. For the second half of 2012, Russia sold 1,500,000 blenders for a total of 3,000,000,000 rubles.

Choose a lightweight, durable device. Note that the protective whisk is a conscientious manufacturer that performs plastic, metal. The latter are more expensive, the first can not be immersed in hot food, plastic quickly painted, for example, carrots. The choice is due to the factor of aging( depolymerization), which so far no one has stopped. Trivial plastic in 5-10 years will begin to break down into harmful components. The composition of the device spare parts that could harm the family.

Steel is durable. A blender immersed in the ingredients will not permanently lose its presentation. The device is easier to clean, not afraid of cleaning products. If the money is easy, manna from heaven - feel free to take a metal submersible blender that eats 600 watts. Crushes solid foods, rarely requires rest, giving 100 points of handicap to unconscious designers. Find a device that has 5 speeds built in. Grinding is a creative process, you will have to constantly work with settings. According to statistics, the average cost of an immersion blender in Russia is 1500-2000 rubles. The reader received a number for comparison.

Who decides to start eating syroedenie, planning to prepare mashed potatoes, mash the novelty is contraindicated. Vitamins, enzymes by the unrestrained rotation of knives are lost. Useful juicer with one or two screws, grinding pulp. The aspect concerns baby food.

Blender knives rotate, reaching a speed of thousands of revolutions per minute, note if the house is full of small children. The device makes a great noise. Household appliances are limited through standardization to an acoustic pressure of 75 dB.This is an exhibited indicator, avoiding harm to human health. For comparison, most washing machines wring out with a volume of 72 dB.And submersible blenders. Praise mistress Philips, Moulinex.

Professional models operate at a speed of up to 35,000. Domestic blenders are brakes. But whatever the speed of rotation, experts do not recommend the device to make stuffing. The process is slow, the consistency will turn out to be useless. Slow down, thinking what to choose - the submersible blender was a success with Philips. Actually, the model of the company praises YouTube. Come across the exalted Bosch.

Submersible Cordless KitchenAid

blenders Wireless submersible blenders that work autonomously deserve close attention. As a typical mobile gadget, the family is equipped with a battery. Advanced blenders show charge level. To remove the battery, click the special hook. After charge the battery, or put a fresh one.
For safety, energy saving, cordless immersion blenders are equipped with a special button, without pressing which, it is impossible to work. Most models have 2-5 speeds, the option of a pulse mode. The button is special - while they are tight, the blades are spinning. Of course, require a duty cycle that allows you to wield continuously.

The model added two submerged parts of unequal length, which will allow choosing the functionality of the device in an acceptable way depending on the dishes in which cooking takes place. Included are three nozzles with a metal whisk; during storage and transportation they are protected with special plastic covers.

A sickle knife is required for mashing and grinding food. The product will turn into a homogeneous mass using an immersion blender. The four-pointed "star" works much more rudely, it is used to make minced meat. The consistency will be similar to that provided by an ordinary meat grinder. The third nozzle is non-standard. In Bamix, a similar one serves the purpose of making mayonnaise. Beat whites, sauces, do other similar work.

Included is a nozzle-mixer, experts consider the option more productive omelets. In the box there will be a chopper bowl, equipped with sickle-shaped knives, discussed above, and a measuring cup, in order to understand how much production is obtained as a result of the work. Facilitates the work of the chef.

Classification Parameters

Avoid taking a low-powered submersible blender. Just a trouble: you are going to cook pate, the mash will stick to the knives, will score moves-outs. You will clean, stain the spoon, fork. The unit is full of pate and cook: a blender, hands, dishes, utensils, only in the capacity of the product is not enough. If you take Bamix, the company forgot to release the traditional whisk. A curved plate so that the ingredients do not fly on the cook, a couple of stoppers in the form of teeth perimeter circle, so that the knives do not dig into the dishes. Cheap will certainly make you nervous. Here you have to break your head, which is better to buy an immersion blender: to please the household, not to overtake yourself with culinary works to death.

Submersible blender

Submersible blenders

A submersible blender equipped with a steel whisk costs twice as much as plastic models. The feeling that a hundred grams have become a fundamental change in pricing. The difference is measured in thousands of wooden. ..

We explain what an immersion blender is. The first model, released by the United States during the Prohibition Act, has a bowl, no knives at the bottom, just knows what. The device quickly interfered with cocktails, saved the work of bartenders. Worked drunk underground, argue avoided, the light until now knows the blender. Over time, they thought of making knives that easily straightened with ice, fruits, and vegetables.

Blender Whisk: views, material

Submersible differ in the arrangement of knives at the end of a long handle under the whisk. Reminds a botanical flower. Instead of a pistil, there is a cruciform knife, issuing a speed of thousands of revolutions per minute. A whisk is needed so that the ingredients do not fly apart, clogging the neighborhood. Experts say this:

  1. Steel Corolla buy. Expensive, but most plastics show over time a process of depolymerization, substances emitted are not very beneficial to health.
  2. Steel gets poorly dirty, giving 100 points of odds to white( why do manufacturers like color like?), Quickly painting with beets, carrots, currants. What an ice cream without berries! The taste buds won't like it.

    Completing a Blender

  3. When it comes to meat, pate, tartare, plastic - an unacceptable solution. Easily breaks, it is worth picking sticky pieces with a fork. Metal is safer. Regarding the type of corolla, the experts made it clear: decorative-looking continuous fencing, provided with wavy cuts, is badly combined with viscous products. Think on your own. Take a rare broom - immerse the knife as it should, otherwise the ingredients will scatter.

Power submersible blender

It would seem: more is better. Bamix blenders prove the opposite. With symbolic 300 watts, wonders work wonders. There is a device of 10-15 thousand. We believe that Bamix is ​​the result of many years of work, not a product of the Chinese conveyor, an enormous amount is paid for it, the outwardly characteristics are not impressive.

With regards to ordinary, not top, models, power varies in the range of 0.6-2 kW.The motor heats up more with increasing consumption. Must dissipate heat faster accumulation of copper windings.

Submersible blender operation cycles

Any kitchen cooking equipment, including a collector motor, runs in cycles. We need a periodic rest. For cheap Saturn blenders, three minutes of work with a five-minute break. Know the consequences of ignoring the mode. In the worst case, the engine will burn, the blender will have to throw out. The hypothetical favorable outcome is a temporary disconnection of the thermal relay signal.

Work blender

When buying, read the manual, it is written what happens when overheating( relay protection, breakdown).In most engines there is a thermal fuse, it will not allow the winding to burn, taking a heatstroke. The element is hidden by insulation, or glued to the magnetic circuit. The case of the part indicates what the operating temperature is, the fuse( relay) is designed to meet typical conditions, and search for a spare part accordingly.

Design department employees recommend putting watches in front of their nose and tracking cycles. While the blender is resting, we will do the urgent activities of the faraway kitchen. Electronic models contain a buzzer, warning if the device starts to overheat, we believe, in nature, another alarm will hatch( then).The question is whether it is necessary. Consultants prefer a kitchen alarm clock. To pay for the buzzer - the price will be considerable - stupid.

A set of knives for the blender

When cooking, an expanded set of accessories is important. Examples of life quintillion. Experts like pate. Along the way, add oil. To prepare with an immersion blender, it is recommended to first melt the butter, pour it into the mash, then chop. The technological cycle will be much easier than trying to solve the problem of a frontal attack( brainstorming), using a meat grinder recipe.

In the light of the turn of events, it is valuable if the manufacturer’s official website shows how to properly use the device. Bamix gets a five. Time saved, nerves difficult to overestimate. Manufacturers of cheap models are comforted by a simple dogma: the buyer will independently discover the secrets of owning a blender. Not a fact, the path will be simple. Remember the words, trying to do the opposite with the choice of a blender.

Hybrid blender

Hybrid blenders

They told me what an immersion blender is, there is a new variety that belongs to the hybrid class in the catalogs. Just a useful thing will help:

  • Chop cabbage, other vegetables.
  • Figured( for example, diced) cut the salad ingredients.
  • Prepare mayonnaise.
  • Grate vegetables, fruits.

Know the difference between a trivial submersible hybrid blender. Included is a capacious plastic bowl, a sickle-shaped shredder is placed on the bottom, a rotating disk with a curly float, cutting fruit, diced vegetables, circles, and other products is embedded in the lid. Favorable difference VS food processor: a few products are hammered into the cracks. It becomes possible to cook a small portion of the dish. Who ever used a food processor, knows: the unit is designed more often to cut lettuce in kilograms. Not everyone wants for breakfast this; the choice of a submersible blender in the nearest home appliances store will help.

According to experts, the limitations of the device are similar. Work cycles must not be violated. Treat the immersion blender as an ordinary blender only with a bowl attachment. Will be the right attitude. Again we set an alarm clock in front of us, we read the instructions, looking for a characteristic work cycle( sometimes written ornately, it is difficult to understand how much the blender should chop / rest), prepare things in the second hand that bring joy to the taste buds.

Our recommendations

What is difficult to do with the models described today is to make a cocktail. Manufacturers say: the cook will make in the bowl, and the ordinary submersible blender. Critics consider the words of the factory workers as bravado. Try to grind a liter of bananas with strawberries mixed with ice in 3 minutes of the working cycle, you will feel the depth of approval. Stationary models, like those invented during the period of Prohibition, take seconds. Athletes are more suitable stationary blender;submersible, hybrid - the choice of housewives, in order to prepare food, delight home, between business and relatively quickly.

Submersible blender parameters are difficult to select due to the fact that it does not depend on passport information. The main features of the trivial models, we note:

  1. Materials, which made the blender.
  2. Set of nozzles for cooking.
  3. Corolla variety.
  4. Cookbook.

Quickly make your point. Manufacturers of immersion blenders lay out training videos on store websites. A bare product card will tell the buyer little: ordinary models look faceless on electronic shelves. On the other hand, to pay 10 thousand rubles, buying Bamix, when Saturn lies nearby for 500 rubles, few will. The Russian market is still full of sloppiness that has flooded the segment. Features hidden, hidden flaws. It’s so hard to decide which blender to buy.

So, let us re-list the parameters for which we equal when buying:

  1. Corolla Material. It is better to take food steel. How to determine the alloy food. We'll have to trust the manufacturer, certificates are fake.
  2. Variety of corolla. The gaps are not too narrow, otherwise it will be impossible to cook dishes thick in consistency.
  3. Duty cycle. Usually indicated in the relevant chapter instructions. In Vitek more often they write directly how much to work / rest, in Saturn they will have to read through reading matter, extracting specifics.
  4. Hybrid Blender has much more functionality. If necessary, it will be submerged, and another time it will help chop, cut the salad.
  5. Recipe book will be part of the product. Without instructions for using the blender in steps, the equipment will most likely remain trash lying in a box.

We say goodbye to the readers, we hope the review is useful, henceforth we recommend the advice on choosing an immersion blender to follow. In this case, the result is guaranteed positive.

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