Error E67 in the Bosch washing machine

What should the user do when the Bosch washing machine gives the error code E67?First of all, understand what it means.

If your washer displays an E67 error on the display and does not respond to pressing the buttons on the panel, this indicates a failure of the control unit.

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  • 1 What does the error E67: Reasons
  • 2 signs of breakage
  • 3 Remedy
    • 3.1 Repair

electronic module What is an error E67: Reasons

If the scoreboard cars lights error E67, washing does not start until you correct the situation. For whatever reason, the control module breaks down:

  • Increased humidity in the room where the Bosch washing machine is located.
  • Unstable voltage or its constant spikes lead to the burning of the board.
  • Breakage or blown triggers, capacitors, fuses.
  • Randomly pressing the control panel buttons.
  • Broken wiring.

How to fix the problem and remove the error E67 with your own hands, read below.

Signs of damage

The control unit is the most complex and expensive element of the Bosch washing machine. Therefore, before you begin to repair or replace it, you need to make sure that the cause of the problem is in the module.

Look carefully at the “behavior” of the Bosch washer. The main symptoms of the malfunction are:

  1. The indicators on the panel blink randomly and glow.
  2. The selected modes do not start or do not reach completion.
  3. The work of the Bosch CM is accompanied by a set and simultaneous discharge of water.
  4. The electric motor then rotates slowly, until too fast.
  5. The noise of a running motor is heard, but the drum does not rotate.
  6. Washing modes do not start.

Of course, these signs can indicate both a breakdown of the control board and problems with other parts of the washer. In order to verify the malfunction of the module, you need to check it with a tester.


To reset the E 67 error, try restarting the washing machine. Perhaps a system failure has occurred, so it gives an error on the scoreboard. De-energize the machine for 15-20 minutes, then start.

How to correct the situation, if the fault code E67 is displayed again? To solve the problem, you need to check the health of other parts of the CM Bosch.

Check the control module wiring loop. It is possible that the wires are frayed or burned out, and the contacts that need to be tightened have moved.

The next step is to replace the control unit if you are convinced of its malfunction.

  1. Remove the plug from the outlet, de-energize the Bosch washing machine.
  2. Remove the top panel of the machine.
  3. Open the dispenser tray by pressing the latch in the center and pull it out.
  4. Unclip the panel and remove.
  5. The unit is fixed on the inside of the panel.
  6. Unclip the control board mounting brackets, unfasten the latches.
  7. Remove the selector, push the new board onto it and install the parts in reverse order.

Repair of the electronic module

After you got the module with the CMA Bosch, you can be sure of the reasons for its failure. Separate elements of the board are subject to repair, which will help to remove the error E67 and restore the operation of the machine.

  • Condenser replacement. If the capacitor of the board has burned out, it cannot be repaired. You can only replace it with a new element, soldering to the positive electrode. Since the capacitor serves as a stabilizer, you can install it with filters. This approach will reduce the likelihood of a component burning out in the future.
  • Check Resistor. Quite often, the board fails due to burnout resistors. Then you want to install new parts with filters by soldering. To check the serviceability of the resistor, measure the resistance of the tester. Normal values ​​will be about 8 ohms.
  • Lastly, the thyristor unit is checked. Before him, be sure to check the capacitors. If they are working, start checking the thyristor elements with a multimeter. If a fault is found, the damaged element is replaced. After work, the board is carefully cleaned.

If you decide to repair the control unit with your own hands, the video will help you:

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