Errors washing machines Atlant

Error code Which indicator lights up Meaning Causes of appearance Do-it-yourself DIY repair
Door 1.3, 4 lights are on. The hatch door is not fully closed.
  1. Electronic locking does not work.
  2. The contacts are broken, the wiring between the lock and the control module is damaged.
  3. Incorrectly installed washing machine.
  4. Door hinges twisted.
  5. Broken retainer or plastic guide.
1-2.Carry out a functional check of the UBL lock and its wiring using a multimeter. Replace damaged items.

3. Position the machine on a level, on a flat surface.

4. Tighten the hinges.

5. Install a new door handle - regardless of the type of broken part.

Sel All indicators. Problems with the control panel.
  1. Wear parts after prolonged use.
  2. The keys are pressed, do not respond to pressing.
  3. The buttons on the panel are stuck due to the ingress of detergent.
  1. Test the operation of the keys and the selector on the control panel.
  2. Electronic Board Diagnostics.
None All indicators are on. Too much foam in the tank.
  1. Use of unsuitable detergent.
  2. Incorrect powder dosage.
  3. Incorrectly installed program.
  1. Selection of another detergent for automatic washing.
  2. Use less powder.
  3. Select another mode.
F2 3 The temperature sensor is not working.
  1. The sensor, which is responsible for measuring the temperature of the water, broke down.
  2. Thermistor contact with electronic module is broken or wiring is damaged.
  3. The control board is faulty.
How to eliminate:
  1. Check and install a working sensor.
  2. Inspection and connection of contacts. Repair wiring.
  3. Diagnostics Management Module.
F3 3 and 4 There were problems with the heating element.
  1. The heater contacts are cut off due to a short circuit.
  2. Burned TEN itself.
  3. Thermistor faulty.
  4. TEH "overgrown" scum.
  1. The heating element and its contacts are called by a multimeter. Thermistor is being tested.
  2. If scale is found on the heating element, it must be removed. Replace all defective parts.
F4 2 Problems with the discharge of waste water.
  1. Clogged drain system: hose, filter, pump.
  2. Problems with a drain pump.
  1. Inspection and removal of blockage from the filter. It is located below, under the loading hatch. Check drain hose and pump.
  2. Ringing of the pump contacts by a multimeter. In the presence of mechanical damage need to replace parts.
F5 2 and 4 Problems with the filling hose.
  1. A blockage occurred in the filler system: hose, filter, valve.
  2. Inlet valve broken.
  1. Remove the blockage in the inlet hose and then in the strainer behind it. Clean the valve hoses.
  2. Apply voltage to the valve coils for testing. Install a new item.
F6 2 and 3 Reverse relay does not work.
  1. Contact problems or relay operation.
  2. Motor MCA is faulty.
All parts are checked for serviceability. Broken items are replaced.
F7 2, 3, 4 Incorrect operation of the electrical network. The machine cannot start because the network reading is not correct.
  1. Noise filter out of order.
  2. Network problems.
  1. Change filter noise when burning.
  2. Call an electrician to stabilize the electrical network.
F8 1 There is too much water in the washer tank. What was the cause?
  1. The pressure switch gives incorrect readings.
  2. Problems with the electronic module.
  3. Jamming intake valve.
What to do:
  1. Inspect the pressure switch. Clean up his pipe.
  2. Replace the control module.
  3. If the valve is stuck open, a replacement must be made.
F9 1 and 4 The tachometer is not functioning.
  1. The engine speed sensor does not give a signal. There may be a problem with the engine itself.
  2. Blown wiring, closed contacts.
  1. Complete parts diagnosis. In case of breakage, you need to install serviceable elements.
  2. Contacts are verified. Repaired.
F10 1-3 Electronic sunroof does not work. The washing machine "Atlant" will not start until the lock is locked. Need a diagnosis of UBL and its contacts. Replacing a broken UBL.
F12 ​​ 1, 2, 3 The motor MCA broke.
  1. Electronic engine problems.
  2. Burned managing triac on the board.
  1. Ringing windings and motor contacts.
  2. Diagnostics and repair control card.
F13 1, 2, 4 Possible damage to the main module or its circuits. A malfunction could result from a short circuit or moisture on the board. Inspection, repair of burnt parts of the board.
F14 1 and 2 Software Error. Flashing or replacing the module.
F15 There is a leak in the system.
  1. Rubber cuff torn or worn.
  2. Disconnected hose tightness.
  3. The MCA tank is leaking.
Search for leaks. Eliminate leaks.

Atlant Washing Machines may display an error code on the display. This happens in case of malfunction of parts and units of equipment. To determine the nature of the breakdown will help the table with the values ​​of each error code, as well as ways to eliminate.

Error codes, their values, causes of occurrence and options for repairing

Use this table to understand what the code on the scoreboard of the Atlant machine means and fix the breakdown.

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