How to wash a blanket

Warm, soft, fluffy - all this is blanket. Today, it can be found in almost every home, where it serves as a blanket for sofas and chairs, or replaces the blanket in winter evenings.

When buying, few people think about whether it is possible to wash the blanket in a washing machine and how to do it correctly. Among the wide variety you can find products made from natural and synthetic materials: wool, cashmere, acrylic, polyester.

In this article we will describe how to care for these tissues.

material Contents:

  • 1 Can I wash a blanket in the washing machine
  • 2 Natural materials
    • 2.1 Wool
    • 2.2 Cotton
    • 2.3 Cashmere
  • 3 Artificial materials
    • 3.1 Acrylic, polyester
    • 3.2 Fleece
    • 3.3 Microfiber
    • 3.4 Faux Fur
  • 4 General conclusions, in what mode to wash the plaid

Can I wash the plaid in a washing machine

Can I wash the plaid in a typewriter? It all depends on the quality of the material of the product, the loading volume of your machine.

Before washing, always read the labels on the product tag. There, the manufacturer indicates the conditions under which it is necessary to care for the rug.

Natural materials

Hand-made washed fabrics made from natural fabrics. Although with the proper approach can be organized and machine processing. Let's take a closer look at each material.


Wool blankets are considered the warmest. At the same time, a lot of dust accumulates in the fabric, it easily absorbs extraneous odors. If the outside of the product is free of dirt, shake it well to get rid of the dust and hang it in fresh air.

Are there any contaminants on the surface of the long nap product? If they are small, they can be cleaned with a dry brush or dry-cleaned. Short wool fleece can be cleaned with a brush.

  • Prepare a soap solution with the addition of one teaspoon of vinegar.
  • Spread the blanket on a flat surface and dip a soft brush into the solution.
  • Carefully clean the dirt, taking care not to damage the fibers.

If washing is not avoided, it is recommended to do it manually:

  • Fill the bath with cool water( no higher than 30 degrees).
  • Use only special liquid products for wool or delicate fabrics. You can also dilute shampoo.
  • Please note that merino wool knitted items should not be subjected to mechanical stress. Leave them to lie down for 10 minutes, gently rinse the product and leave to water the glass.

In order to return the original whiteness to a wool item, it is recommended to soak it in water with lemon slices.

Drying thing on a flat, ventilated surface. You can use a clothes dryer, just lay out the product horizontally.


Do they wash cotton blankets in a washing machine? Of course! It is easy to care for cotton products at home. They do not accumulate dust, are not demanding on the mode and temperature of washing. You can install a program for cotton things and use the usual detergent.

A large blanket fold several times and load into the drum. Do not forget that natural fabrics absorb a lot of water, so you need to consider the possibility of loading the drum. Spin need to set the maximum in order to squeeze the thing quality. You can hang on a rope in an upright position.


If you do not know at what temperature to wash a cashmere blanket, then read the instructions for a wool product. Care for delicate cashmere products is similar. Material does not tolerate mechanical impact, friction, spin. Therefore, only manual care, airing, washing at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees.

Artificial materials

How to properly wash plush blankets, faux fur products? Such fabrics are well tolerated processing in the washing machine. Let us examine in more detail the most popular options for plaid.

Acrylic, polyester

Synthetic acrylic plaids, as well as polyester products are unpretentious. These fabrics do not pass air, therefore usually they are used as a bedspread.

With machine washable, choose delicate or manual mode. The low temperature of these programs is just suitable for such things.

A softening conditioner is recommended. It also reduces the static effect that occurs when using artificial tissues.


Consider the mode in which you can wash a fleece blanket. The material is unpretentious, but there are some features:

  • Choose only a delicate wash program.
  • Apply liquid powder.
  • Do not use air conditioners or fabric softeners. They are able to destroy the water repellent properties of the material.
  • Install only a minimum spin, and when washing by hand, let the water just drain.

Drying can take place in a vertical position, but only in the shade.


Microfiber products can be washed both manually and in a typewriter. Temperature select up to 60 degrees. Drying is necessary, horizontally spreading on the surface, without exposure to open sun.

Artificial Fur

A large shaggy rug is not easy to load into the washing machine. But if the volume of loading allows to make it, carry out washing in the delicate mode. The same applies to products in the form of "weed" and plush.

Drying blankets can take place on a clothesline, in the open air. The main thing is to periodically move the product so that there are no bald spots on the fold.

General conclusions, in what mode to wash the blanket

Proper storage and careful use of the blanket will protect it from frequent washing. Store such things without bags or in a package that lets air through.

  1. Pay attention to the labels on the product labels.
  2. Align the capacity of the washer with the dimensions of the plaid( despite the fact that it will absorb a lot of water).
  3. Roll the blanket into a roll before loading. Choose only delicate programs with or without a gentle spin.
  4. Use special products, especially for natural materials.
  5. Dry in the straightened form away from the sun.
  6. It is better to entrust the care of natural fur to dry cleaning. It is not known how the material will react to your attempts to put it in order.

Place moth products or a sprig of lavender next to the rug for a pleasant smell. It is always better to shake the product from dust and ventilate in the open air than to wash it.

Before buying things from natural fabrics, especially large sizes, think about whether you can provide them with the right care.

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