Description and characteristics of eggplant variety black handsome

Mid-Ripe Eggplant Variety Black handsome gained popularity due to its special shape, color and lack of bitterness when cooking. Judging by the experience of growing this variety, Black Handsome can surprise with the simplicity of growing and rich harvest. With proper care, an unpretentious vegetable retains the ability to bear fruit under adverse weather conditions. Description and characteristics of this variety are presented below.

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  • Description and characteristics of eggplant variety Black Handsome
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      Thanks to the work of Russian breeders in 2006, the variety was included in the register of domestic seeds. Since then, it has been successfully grown in both the southern and northern regions, including the Moscow region. The first thing that catches your eye when meeting a variety is a rich purple-black color, a pear-shaped medium-sized form. Gardeners have the following characteristics:

      Eggplant Fruits Black, elliptical, handsome man with a dark purple shiny skin
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      • in terms of ripening attributed to the mid-seasoned varieties ;
      • since planting of seeds reaches maturity after 120-140 days ;
      • plant seeds for seedlings in March, in open ground by the end of May;
      • harvest falls in July-August in the south to September.

      If cultivation rules are observed, good yield is guaranteed. It is considered commercially attractive for cultivation for sale. Fruits with a length of 15-20 cm covered with a shiny peel look appetizing and attractive. Average weight 150-200 g. In taste superior to many varieties.

      If you collect young fruits, they can be used with the peel without using salt, as they do not taste bitter. Grains form inside overgrown vegetables.

      The advantages and disadvantages of

      In terms of good yields and characteristics that are undemanding for cultivation, the variety has several advantages:

      The Black Handsome Pulp is almost white.very tasty
      1. The bush of the plant does not obscure the bed , the fruits ripen perfectly.
      2. Ripe eggplants are medium sized.
      3. Suitable for the preparation of any dishes, drying, preservation .
      4. The variety is less susceptible to pests, diseases .

      Among the shortcomings can be identified - a weak root system. The plant also does not like shading, when choosing a place for the garden should take into account this moment.

      In order not to damage the roots of seedlings, it is best to plant them on a garden bed in peat pots.

      Seed preparation for planting

      Eggplants are grown mainly seedlings. First of all, pay attention to the shelf life of seeds. The manufacturer always indicates the date of packaging, storage. If there are doubts about their suitability, it is necessary to germinate seeds inside a wet wipe.

      Eggplant Seeds Black Handsome

      In order to increase the plant's resistance to stress, seeds can be kept for several days inside the refrigerator. This will allow them to harden, which is extremely important for the northern regions, where weather conditions fluctuate in the direction of low temperatures. Before planting, treat the seeds with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or pharmacy peroxide.

      Preparing the soil for planting

      Eggplant of any kind loves loose, fertile soil:

      1. In order to achieve this in the fall, it is necessary to to apply organic fertilizer ( manure, bird droppings), to dig up a bed.
      2. The bed should have in the open area , so that there is more sun.
      3. In the spring, as the snow melts with the arrival of heat, the will be bedded with .Thanks to the autumn preparation, the land will be crumbly.
      4. In areas where loam or sodic soil is added, gypsum is added for looseness( for 1 ha 1 ton of gypsum).
      The bed for planting eggplants is prepared from autumn.

      The prepared bed is left until the weather conditions favor planting eggplants. It is not recommended to plant them where last season grew - potatoes, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper.

      If weeds appear, they must be cleaned or the bed must be treated with herbicides.

      Planting technology

      In order to get a good harvest from the bed, it is necessary to observe the distance of planting seedlings. If you plant too thickly, the bushes will grow up, excessive shadow will cause harm. Root rot can form, fruits will ripen longer. Shrubs, rarely planted, will quickly dry in the sun, may require their garter.

      The ideal option is to plant seedlings at a distance of 40-50 cm from each other. To make it easier to water the plant, you can organize holes or indentations. Some gardeners, to avoid tying up take on 1 hole for 2 shrubs. This technique is also used, if the seedlings are weak, at least one of the bush must take root.

      Seedlings Eggplant Black Handsome before planting may already have color

      The planted seedlings are not watered with cold, settled water. To warm the water, it is enough to pour it into buckets in the morning, in the evening the sun will do its job. The best landing conditions are in the afternoon. If you land in the morning, the sun can burn the leaves, they will settle down worse.

      Seedlings, until it gets stronger, can not be loosened and disturbed.

      Care after planting

      1. When it rains, so that the roots do not rot, it is necessary to ensure loosening.
      2. During the summer heat, water the so that the soil does not dry out. Eggplants love moisture, in the evening you can spray them.
      3. After 10-12 days after planting, the plant needs to be fertilized with any universal remedy or 1:10 fermented humus solution.
      Eggplant dressing is an integral part of the treatment, which is recommended to be carried out at least five times per season.
      1. To avoid pests, can be sprinkled with ashes under the bushes.
      2. In order for the bushes to have a squat shape and fruit well, pinch the top of the main trunk of the .
      3. Small flowers, deformed ovary - better to remove, otherwise they will take away from the bush force.

      Diseases and their prevention

      The most dangerous disease for this variety is root rot( black stalk). Infection most often occurs if the seeds have not been treated. To do this, they are sprayed with solutions or special means. You can cure the bushes, if you notice the first signs in time. You can use the drug Herbal Sporin. Pour the soil with a solution of potassium permanganate. An uninvited guest, a Colorado potato beetle, often visits a garden bed.

      Spark or Fitoverm will help protect the bushes from the Colorado potato beetle.

      Harvesting and storage rules

      Depending on the region and the time of planting, harvesting occurs in different ways. Usually eggplants bear fruit from mid-July to autumn. As they mature, the fruits are removed from the bushes. The peduncle is carefully torn off or cut off from the bush with garden shears. Store in a cool place or refrigerator. Cellophane bags for long-term storage are not suitable, inside the vegetables can rot.

      It is best to cut the fruits of eggplants with a pruner or knife, leaving part of the stem 4-5 cm long

      You cannot wet or wash vegetables before putting it in storage. If storage conditions are respected correctly, eggplants will be in marketable appearance 12-14 days. Thrifty eggplant summer residents prepare conservation or dry. If you are not too lazy in the summer and planted a bed, in the fall you can stock up on a variety of eggplant pickles for the whole winter.

      After examining the presented material, you can grow eggplants, which will be different from other varieties of taste and a rich harvest. A handsome black man will become a favorite at his summer cottage and will not bring much trouble!

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