What can be planted after the strawberry next year

Many gardeners know that strawberries have properties to take all mineral components from the soil composition. And if you plan to plant vegetables in the beds where strawberry bushes previously grew, you should be given the opportunity for the land to recover, returning to itself the ability to produce good yields.

Table of contents

  • When you need to plant something after strawberries
  • What can be planted in the beds after strawberries
  • What crops you cannot plant

when you need to plant something after strawberries

Strawberries need not only personal care, but also certain activities afterits removal, since the soil after such plants is heavily depleted .Such a berry is considered a plant capable of bearing no more than four seasons in one place, and then it must be transplanted.

The right decision will be to give the earth time to rest. In such situations, the steam field is installed in the .The soil is treated from weeds, fertilizing components are introduced, and the whole season nothing is planted in these places. During this time, the humus is mineralized, nutrients become accessible to the absorption of the form.

Steam field

One of the technology options can be federal steam .In the spring season, the plot is sowed with mustard, alfalfa, rape, oats, and rye. All these cultures are distinguished by a large vegetative mass. As soon as the first month of summer comes to an end, the culture should be plowed.

With this measure, you will increase the content of humus in the soil, solve the problem with the introduction of manure or river sludge, because such procedures are always costly in financial means and free time. The components introduced will saturate the soil composition with organic matter and nitrogen.

Planting seed crops will help saturate the soil with humus.
It is necessary to replant strawberry bushes in the country in the fall.

The soil still retains heat, but already contains enough moisture. Work should be done on a cloudy day or in the evening. This will increase the percentage of plant survival, transfer stress, it is easier to acclimatize, to reduce losses among planting material.

To preserve the roots, the bushes must be planted with an earthy bundle.

It is necessary to plant the plants by lowering the root system into the well of the vertically .It is forbidden to wring it or twist it, place it horizontally. Strawberries are covered with earth to the core, the soil is slightly compacted. The hole is watered, mulched with crushed pine bark. Instead, it is allowed to use fertile dry soil.

Old bushes, unsuitable for transplantation, are dug out and burned .This measure allows you to destroy harmful parasites and not to transfer them to a new place strawberry beds. Weed grass is removed along with the remaining strawberry roots. The soil is dug up on two bayonet shovels, brought in by humus and manure, which he managed to perepret.

To preserve the root system, strawberry transplantation is carried out together with the earthy ball

. You cannot dig up a bed with strawberries right in the winter if you decide to rid the garden of it. Simply cover bushes with thin cardboard or newspapers in several layers, apply fallen leaves, thin branches, cut from trees, dried weeds on top. All this plentifully spills Baikal EM 1 solution.

Such a pile is covered with a thick dark film. Components recycle themselves without leaving a trace of berry planting. Right in the film in the spring, you can make holes and plant pumpkins, squash, squash in them.

These cultures will delight you not only with their size and shape, but also with their taste characteristics. You do not even have to spend time digging beds, removing old berry bushes and weeds.

What can be planted in the beds after strawberries

An important issue for gardeners is what crops are allowed to plant after strawberries. Connoisseurs claim that it is best to sow root crops in such beds. The best option is carrots . greens, onions, cabbage or leafy vegetables, bean varieties will feel great.

The best crop for planting after strawberries is carrots
Carrots do not suffer from diseases inherent in strawberries.

Not dangerous to her and dangerous pests that adversely affect the berry bushes. This is due to the fact that the roots of such crops can absorb nitrogen from the air.

It turns out that they are not “pulling” an important component for their development from the soil. In addition, legumes take part in the saturation of the soil with the useful elements .By planting such plants after strawberries, you will not only get a good harvest on weak ground, but also prepare a bed for growing other plants.

There is an opinion that cucumbers, melons, zucchini and other melons and gourds grow excellently on the former strawberry plantings. Such a crop rotation is possible if the land is pretreated, and fertilizer compositions are introduced into it.

It is recommended to plant garlic , which has anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties and frightening off harmful parasites, in the first season after strawberries. The aisles are used for celery and parsley, which scare away slugs - frequent residents of strawberry beds.

In the first season after strawberries, it is recommended to plant garlic

It has been proven in practice that the quality of the soil after its predecessor can be improved by planting certain types of flowers on the site. These can be tulips, peonies, violets gardeners e. And if there are opportunities and a sufficient garden area, break flower beds in such a place.

What crops are absolutely impossible to plant

is not recommended to use strawberry beds for planting the following plants:

  • raspberries;
  • hawthorn;
  • dogrose;
  • strawberries;
  • mountain ash.

Raspberries differ with the same diseases and pests as strawberries. And the weakened soil will not give the necessary amount of nutrients to the raspberries. Similar strawberry diseases affect potatoes and tomatoes .So their landing is also prohibited.

Planting raspberries after strawberries is strictly forbidden, since
is affected by the same diseases. It is possible to return strawberry beds to the old place no earlier than in five to six years. This is exactly the period for which the soil has time to relax, restoring its strength completely.

Knowing all the rules of crop rotation and the combined planting that grows best after strawberries, you will be able to achieve high yields in your backyard.

Strawberry cultivation and care methods will help in the fight against harmful parasites and plant diseases, the combination of planting will have a beneficial effect on the growth and development of plants.

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