Review of Bosch Dishwashers

If you read our review, then you are thinking about buying a Bosch dishwasher. This is not surprising: the company "Bosch" has long established itself as a successful manufacturer of household appliances. Although washing machines, microwave ovens and other equipment are not surprising, the dishwasher is not so firmly entrenched in our lives.

We will help you to understand the features of the PMM "Bosch consider interesting programs, as well as the best models among those on the market.

Content of the material:

  • 1About Bosch PMM
  • 2Varieties of dishwashers "Bosch"
    • 2.1Basic Models
    • 2.2Features of the installation
    • 2.3Technology and Functionality
  • 3Advantages and disadvantages
  • 4Rating of the best models
      • 4.0.1Bosch SPS 40E42
      • 4.0.2Bosch SPV 40E10
      • 4.0.3Bosch Silence Plus SPI50X95
      • 4.0.4BOSCH Logixx SMV46AX00E
    • 4.1What you need to consider when choosing

About Bosch PMM

The brand "Bosch" is quite popular among users. But do you know who invented the first dishwasher? Probably, it is not surprising that it was a woman - Josephine Cochrane.

Her famous phrase "If no one is going to invent a dishwasher, then I will do it" became a winged one. The technique, produced in 1885, was far from ideal, but still enjoyed success.

Review of Bosch Dishwashers

Already in 1886 the company "Bosch" began its existence. Initially, Robert Bosch began the development of the company with a small workshop. In 1933 the company produced the first refrigerator, and in 1989 the series was put on stream.

Successful for the development of the brand was the 50-ies. At this time plates (1950), washing machines (1958), dishwashers (1965) are actively produced. Today it is a quality and convenient home technology. Thanks to a wide price range, each buyer can choose the right product.

Review of Bosch Dishwashers

The products are produced in different countries: Germany, Spain, Poland, Turkey. Since 1994, Russia has a factory producing Bosch cookers.

Varieties of dishwashers "Bosch"

Depending on the size of the room and your wishes, you can choose a technique with a different type of installation. If you are only going to furnish the kitchen, it is better to choose the built-in models with a pre-determined location. You can install them in any cabinet, hiding behind the door of the facade. There are models 60 and 45 cm - to choose from.

Review of Bosch Dishwashers

A stand-alone technique can also be a width of 60 and 45 cm, so make a choice depending on the intended location. Do not forget about the capacity of the tank. Here you will find a convenient download, and a compact mini PMM can be placed on the table.

Basic Models

Let's consider what models of PMM "Bosch" are more popular among users.

Let's start with fully tuned machines. This is the Bosch SMV40D00, as well as the SPV43M20. The dimensions are 45x57x82 cm. According to the specifications, you can wash 9 sets of dishes at a time. Models use 9 liters of water, they have a quiet inverter motor.

If you need a floor version, pay attention to the stand-alone model SMS40D02. Dimensions 60x60x85 cm allow you to hold 12 sets of dishes, so you can easily download even large items. Protection from leaks and noise level 48 dB make the use even more comfortable.

The desktop machine SKS62E22 will save space. Its dimensions are 55x50x45 cm. Loading for 6 sets and the same number of washing programs does not cause any difficulty in operation. Below, we give the rating of the best dishwashers, according to consumer reviews.

Features of the installation

How to install a dishwasher "Bosch" in your kitchen? For successful installation, you will need a user manual. The diagram in the instruction will tell you how to make the connection correctly.

Review of Bosch Dishwashers

What is important to consider when installing:

  1. The exact location of the equipment. It is advisable to make the installation near the sink, so as not to buy extra lengthening hoses. The used water will go to the sewer better if the drain hose is short. In addition, dirty dishes can conveniently be transferred from the sink to the PMM basket.
  2. Electrical connection. A powerful machine must be connected to an earthed network with a separate voltage regulator.
  3. Organize the findings to connect the equipment. Provide a siphon with leads for the dishwasher and stylalki.

Review of Bosch Dishwashers

After the connection, you can run the first run of the model to figure out how to enable and disable the PMM. Also read the basic modes and functions of the machine.

Technology and Functionality

When choosing a dishwasher, it is important not only the degree of loading and appearance, but also a set of functions and new developments. The company "Bosch" equips its equipment with the latest word. Consider the most popular and interesting features:

  1. VarioSpeed. Regardless of how much the dishwasher washes, the technology makes it possible to shorten the operating time. At the same time, washing efficiency is maintained. So saving resources is now easy.
  2. BoschActive Water. The system automatically calculates the amount of consumed resources, depending on the loading of the hopper. You can be sure that the machine does not spend more water and energy than necessary.
  3. AquaStop. Protection from leaks is provided on all Bosch machines. This is a guarantee of safe use of technology, especially embedded models.
  4. AquaVario. With this technology, you can not worry about utensils made of delicate material. Glass, porcelain will be thoroughly washed, since the regime takes into account not only the material, but also the degree of contamination.
  5. IntensiveZone.Machines with this technology have a tank, which is divided into two parts. Depending on the intensity of the water flow, in the upper part is placed delicate dishes, in the bottom - one that requires enhanced washing.
  6. Hygiene. Disinfection by treating plates with high temperature water. An additional rinse is also done.
  7. EcoSilenceDrive. All Bosch PMMs use an inverter motor that is connected directly. Therefore, it is more efficient, durable, and also provides quiet work.

Advantages and disadvantages

Contrary to the opinion that the technique uses more water than man, we hasten to please you. Machines "Bosch" use from 6 to 12 liters of water per cycle. Do not expect that a smaller MMP will spend less resources. Especially when you have to re-load the hopper.


  • release of time;
  • connection to cold water, which allows you to save on utility bills;
  • Sterilization of dishes and removal of complex spots due to high temperatures;
  • simple control, a large selection of programs;
  • availability of parts and service centers.


  • the cost of the device is still not affordable for everyone, although there are budgetary options;
  • electricity is consumed, so it's worth choosing PMM with classes A +, A +++;
  • occupies a free space, which is problematic for tight spaces;
  • high cost of funds for washing (special pills, salt, etc.).

It's quite easy to operate a vehicle. This is helped by buttons, symbols, indicators. For example, the level of detergent is adjusted and rinsed using the indicator's help.

Few know what the "snowflake". It starts to glow after the end of the rinse aid. Special compartments prompt where to put salt or detergent.

Review of Bosch Dishwashers

Rating of the best models

If you need a better dishwasher, then check out the most popular models. The review will help you compare them and choose the appropriate option.

Bosch SPS 40E42

Installation of the machine is possible in any convenient place, since it belongs to a stand-alone type. A narrow PMM with a width of only 45 cm is compact enough and mobile (8, х45х60 cm). The water consumption is 13 liters, and the energy consumption per hour is 8 kW.

Review of Bosch Dishwashers

Thanks to Vario baskets, which can be adjusted, you will have no difficulty in loading dishes into the tank. The capacity of the bunker allows you to wash 9 sets. Mechanical control with mode designation allows you to select from 4 programs.

The system is equipped with the technology of alternating water supply, as well as ActiveWater, which saves resources. Washing tablets are effectively dissolved by the DosageAssist function, so the plates are washed to a shine. Protection from leaks protects from an emergency.

Bosch SPV 40E10

Built-in dishwasher with dimensions 45x82x5, cm. At one time you can wash 9 sets of dishes. The power consumption of the PMM is 2400 watts. The machine is dried by a condensation method, which involves natural evaporation of moisture. The water consumption is 8 liters.

Review of Bosch Dishwashers

How to use the dishwasher? Simple - thanks to the mechanical control. Choose one of the four modes. Among them you will find a fast or economical cycle. The regime of half loading and pre-soaking allows to cope with pollution qualitatively, saving on consumption of resources. The delay timer allows you to set the start of the cycle at a convenient time.

A special indicator on the panel will tell you how much salt or rinse aid you need to fall asleep. A high degree of protection provides for locking the keys on the panel, as well as full protection of the housing from leaks.

Bosch Silence Plus SPI50X95

Embedded model from the Silence Plus series. The way the SPI50X95RU works will please many users, because the noise level is 48 dB. All thanks to the powerful inverter engine EcoSilence Drive.

Review of Bosch Dishwashers

The capacity of the tank is 9 sets, water consumption is 9 liters. The power consumption is quite economical 8 kW / h. Setting the modes is simple, you can choose from 5 programs. Useful technologies are provided, such as ActiveWater, which directs jets of water for effective washing. The VarioSpeed ​​mode reduces the program time.

The bin is equipped with a dual Duo Power rocker, as well as a special compartment for dissolving the washing tablets. The door with the lock ServoSchloss is brought automatically. At the end of the program, a beep is heard.


Full-size built-in machine with dimensions of 8, × 5, × 55 cm. Thanks to the fastening of baskets, not only 12 sets of dishes are placed in the bunker, but also pots, pans. The modern motor provides almost noiseless operation, only 48 dB.

Review of Bosch Dishwashers

GlassProtec technology provides protection for fragile, glassware. The load sensor determines the number of dishes, after which the system automatically calculates the consumption of water and electricity.

The icons and indicators on the control panel help to easily control the technique. Switching on is done by pressing the button. There are 6 modes and additional functions:

  • delay timer for convenient start-up;
  • the course of the program is tracked by the InfoLight indicators;
  • Servolock door closerensures gentle closing of the hatch.

Energy consumption class A +, class A by drying. If you are interested in where the models are collected, take a look at the label. The SMV46AX00E PMM is assembled in Poland.

What you need to consider when choosing

When buying a dishwasher, determine in advance what functions you need, what type of installation you are counting on. An important aspect is the size, as well as the brand of technology. In the manual you will find a way to connect the PMM to the communications, figure out how to turn on and restart the dishwasher. If there are any problems in the process, do not hesitate - contact the service center.

Having considered the most popular models, you can decide on the choice. Carefully study the documentation before you make a purchase.

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