How to self-fill the refrigerator freon

The refrigerator belongs to household appliances, without which the comfortable life of a modern person is impossible. When it fails, we experience severe discomfort and confusion. One of the most common problems is freon leak. After repairing a specific element or device of the refrigerator, it may also be necessary to refill it with freon. This procedure can be done with your own hands - the main thing is to understand some of the intricacies of the process.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Why do I need freon
  • 2 Reason for concern
  • 3 Refill with freon

Why do I need freon

Freon is a colorless and odorless gas. In the refrigerator, it acts as a special refrigerant, constantly circulating in the condenser, the grill on the back of the refrigerator. Under pressure, it liquefies, giving away the accumulated heat. Being in the evaporator, freon takes away thermal energy from the products and the chamber itself, therefore, if a freon leak occurs, the cooling inside the chamber stops.

The operational gas shelf life is not limited, but it needs to be replaced after almost every repair of the refrigeration unit( cleaning the capillaries, installing a new compressor).Many modern models work on explosive versions of freon. Therefore, if it is decided to carry out the replacement yourself, you need to carefully study the process algorithm and follow the safety rules. If you are not sure of yourself, it is better to entrust the solution of the problem to professionals.

Reason for concern

Since Freon is odorless and colorless, it is impossible to visually identify the leak. But there is one sure sign of a leak, which in most cases immediately indicates a problem. This is insufficient cooling of the chamber during operation. The refrigerator, at first glance, works, the light is on, but the temperature in the chamber starts to increase, which leads to deterioration of the stored products. It is impossible to poison with freon, but its refueling causes certain inconveniences.

The main causes of freon leakage are:

  • tube breakage( on the condition of careless handling);
  • corrosion of metal condenser tubes;
  • microcrack appearance( low quality of tubes);
  • poor pipeline connection.


refueling Freon freon refueling is a very complicated process that requires accuracy and safety precautions because the system is under pressure. First, we determine the brand of freon. In addition, you need to calculate the required amount of refrigerant. The type of gas can be found by looking at the compressor, where this information is always indicated.

For the procedure, you will need a manifold with pressure gauges, hoses with valves, and a refrigerant cylinder. Before work, both valves of the compressor overlap, and the blue hose is connected to the filling tube. The yellow hose is connected to the refrigerant cylinder.

The next step is to check the pressure, for which the fitting is soldered to the discharge line. A red hose is connected to the nozzle, then the blue valve opens. After that the cylinder filling the compressor gradually opens. After reaching a pressure of 0.5 atmosphere, the valve closes. Next, you need to turn on and off the compressor for 30-40 seconds.

The process of filling the freon with its own hands by connecting the vacuum pump to the yellow hose continues. Then the blue valve opens and for a short time( approximately 10 minutes) the pump is turned on, after which the hose is connected to the cylinder. It is very important that Freon does not completely force out the air, while it should not be in the compressor itself. To achieve this, opening the valve must be unhurried and even. Smoothly blocking the yellow hose, you need to open the blue.

After refueling, the compressor is turned on and the system pressure is determined. If the pressure complies with the norm, the connected tubes are clamped, then disconnected and sealed.

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