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Cherry Tradit Traditionalmiddle band. The exception is that Iput, a cherry variety cultivated by Russian breeders, a description of the variety, photos of fruit bearing trees and the experience of growing them, speak of the enduring winter-hardy nature of the plants.

The history of a variety intended for the center of Russia and the Central Black Earth region began in the 80s of the last century in Bryansk. Using unnamed numbered hybrids for crossing, scientists of the All-Russian Research Institute of Lupine received seedlings of a new variety, which by 1993 was tested and recommended for inclusion in the State Register.

For a new variety of sweet cherry, Bryansk breeders have chosen a name that many gardeners think is strange. In fact, the name of the variety is given in honor of the beautiful quiet river Iput, which flows through the expanses of the Bryansk and neighboring areas.

Description of Iput Route Cherry TreesSkeletal branches create a wide cone, creating all the conditions for penetration into the depths of the crown of air, light and moisture, without creating obstacles for pollinating insects. The cherry tree trunk is covered with brownish-brown rough bark, which becomes noticeably smoother and brighter on the branches.
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As seen in the Iput road photo, its shoots are covered with smooth large foliage of dark green color. The younger the branch, the larger the elongated, slightly ovoid-shaped leaf plates with a serrated edge and a dense petiole. The tip of the leaf is strongly pointed, and the base, on the contrary, is rounded. The outer side has a more intense color than the rear, and the petiole is often distinguished by a reddish-brown shade, especially noticeable on large pieces of iron.

According to the description of the variety, Iput, as in the photo, is characterized by early flowering, and large flowers are collected in small inflorescences of 3-4 pieces and are located on the bouquet twigs. Widely opened corollas are collected from white contacting petals. Strongly protruded from a narrow, resembling a glass of calyx stamens and pistil does not differ in length, which facilitates pollination.

For fruiting grown saplings of sweet cherries Iput are ready for the fourth or fifth year of life. By this time it is necessary to complete the formative pruning, otherwise there is a risk of another 1-2 years to remain without sweet fruits.

Features fruiting cherries Iput

Ripening dark red or almost black fruits ripening in the first half of summer, depending on weather conditions and care, can gain weight from 5 to 10 grams. Juicy drupe with a small ovoid bone, constituting less than 5% of the total weight, has a medium dense, rich red color. The juice of a ripe, round-shaped cherry is equally dark, fragrant and tasty. The light brownish bone is moderately adjacent to the pulp and is separated from it with little effort.

When fully ripened, the fruits keep good on strong short stalks, which allows not to be afraid of the loss of part of the crop due to shedding.

All fruit crops are grown for the long-awaited harvest. Cherry varieties Iput will delight and the number of fruits, and their excellent quality. Juicy drupes are distinguished by their attractive appearance and excellent taste, which received an estimate of 4.5 points from experts. A handful of sweet cherries of this variety contain up to 11.5 mg of vitamin C. Per 100 grams of sweet cherry fruits account for:

  • 16.6 grams of dietary fiber;
  • 11 grams of sugars;
  • 0.5 grams of acids.
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The weight and sweetness of the fruit is directly dependent on the weather conditions, the chosen place for planting and caring for Iput road cherries. If spring and summer were cold and a little sunny, the ovary is worse filled, and at the time of removal from the tree has a tart or barely bitter taste. Abundant watering of plants covered with ovaries or a rainy period 2–3 weeks before harvesting can lead to cracking of fruits.

In order for the crop to show itself in all its glory, the Iput route requires pollinators, which are planted next to self-fruit trees. Selection of pollinators for cherries Iput is carried out taking into account the timing of flowering, so that pollen from one plant could freely fall on another.

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Strengths and weak points of the sweet cherry variety Iput

Since the variety was created for the middle zone, the strong sides of the sweet cherry Iput should be attributed to increased winter hardiness. In the harsh winters of Bryansk and other nearby areas, no more than 60% of the trees were frozen slightly, and about 80% of the flower buds remained on the shoots. That is, with the arrival of spring, the plants were covered with white flowers, bore fruit in the summer and successfully restored losses by the fall.

Description of the variety and photo of cherries Iput indicate that plantings are not very susceptible to diseases caused by fungi. If the fruit is affected by rot, it most often occurs in a cool, humid summer or if the rules of agricultural technology are not followed.

Huge plus varieties - regular fruiting and excellent taste of early fruit. Cherry berries have a universal purpose, that is they are equally good in fresh form and as part of homemade preservation.

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