Characteristics and description of tomato variety Alsou

When choosing a tomato variety, gardeners pay attention not only to the endurance and unpretentiousness of the variety, but also to its appearance and reviews of taste. Alsou variety will satisfy even the most demanding farmers.

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    Tomato Alsou was bred by Siberia breeders in 2008.It belongs to the varieties medium-term aging of .Gestation period 92-105 days since planting.

    According to the characteristic, it can be grown both in greenhouses and in open ground.

    When growing in a greenhouse, the bush reaches a height of 130–185 centimeters, and on open beds, 85–100 centimeters. Tomato bush with a weak stem, therefore, requires compulsory garter and pinching.

    Fruits, depending on growing conditions, can be heart-shaped, ribbed, or flat-rounded in shape with slight ribbing. The weight of the fetus according to the description ranges from 250 gr. .up to 900 gr. Peel compacted, but not rough.

    The weight of a variety of fruits ranges from 250 to 900 grams.

    The pulp is fleshy, juicy, and has a watermelon-sweet taste. Color from pinkish crimson to bright red. Productivity from 4.5 to 7.5 kg.from one bush.

    Advantages and disadvantages of

    This type of tomato has the following advantages:

    • excellent sweet-sugar taste ;
    • good yield ;
    • ripening ability;
    • cultivation is universal( it grows equally well both in greenhouses and in open ground);
    • early aging;
    • excellent presentation;
    • good transportability;
    • storage time;
    • ease of care;
    • high disease resistance ;
    • tolerates drought and cold;

    The disadvantages of Alsou are:

    • weak stems, requiring staking and garters ;
    • is not used for canning as a whole due to the large size of the fruit.
    Ripening capacity and high yield - advantages of the variety

    Sowing seeds for seedlings

    It is no secret that a good harvest depends on the quality of the grown seedlings.

    To grow good seedlings it is necessary to follow the rules of planting and care:

    Preparation of seeds

    Before planting, it is necessary to select high-quality seeds .You can do this by soaking the seeds for 10 minutes in a solution of salt. Seeds that float to the surface, discard, as they are not suitable for planting. Down on the bottom we wash and soak in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate.

    Disinfected seeds are soaked in an growth stimulator. After that, wrap the seeds with a cloth and place in the refrigerator for 14 hours for hardening.

    After delivering the seeds from the refrigerator, warm them for 7 hours at 22 degrees .The saucer is covered with wet filter paper, we spread the seeds on it for germination. Make sure that in the process of germination the paper is always wet.

    Seeds Tomato Alsou

    Soil Preparation

    It is recommended to prepare the soil from the fall .After digging the beds, it is good to loosen the ground, break up lumps, mix in equal parts with humus or peat and sifted river sand.

    In winter, leave the prepared soil in the cold. At the end of February, bring the soil into the room, pour plenty of manganese with a strong solution of and heat on the stove at a temperature of 90 degrees. Add 200 grams to the prepared soil.ash to normalize the level of acidity. Cool the soil to 15 degrees, pour into a container for planting and level well.

    Sowing of seeds

    . Sowing of seeds is necessary to carry out in the last days of February .In the prepared soil we make holes with a depth of 0.7 cm and spread the seeds at a distance of 2.5 cm from each other. Sprinkle with a thin layer of soil, moisten with a spray bottle and cover with polyethylene.

    We take out the container in a dark room with temperature +24 degrees .After 5 days, when the first shoots appear, we remove the polyethylene and put it into a well-lit room with a temperature of 14-15 degrees. Since tomatoes love good light, it is recommended to create additional lighting with fluorescent lamps.

    Watering should be moderate.


    Alsou diving seedlings is made with the appearance of 2

    leaves. When appears on the seedlings 2 leaves should be transplanted into separate containers. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the root system that has not yet become stronger. It is recommended to replant seedlings with an clod from the former habitat.


    When 3–4 leaves appear on seedlings, it is necessary to harden the seedlings. A week before planting in open ground for the first two days we take out seedlings for 2-3 hours on the balcony. The following days, leave the seedlings on the balcony for the whole day. Two days before planting, the seedlings are left for the whole day.

    Planting seedlings in the open ground

    When transplanting seedlings to the beds, it is necessary to take into account that tomatoes like is a well-lit part of .The soil on the plot should be light and fertile .

    Before planting seedlings, to prevent diseases, the soil must be watered with a hot concentrated solution of potassium permanganate.

    Planting seedlings should not be thick. The width between the seedlings in the row should be at least 50 cm , and the row spacing 70 cm .Do not make the holes deep; it is necessary that the seedlings are transplanted to the same depth as before the transplant.

    After transplanting, seedlings need to be watered and fertilized with

    ash. After planting, the seedlings need to be watered from the root and fertilized with ash. Further watering should be carried out as the soil dries. After watering, the soil must be loosened so that a crust does not form on the surface, which prevents the penetration of oxygen to the roots.

    To form a bush you need into two or three trunks. Since the bushes are tall, you must tie them to a stable support. In the process of growth, seedlings are fertilized with mullein. At the time of flowering in the soil is better to apply fertilizers containing nitrogen. When forming fruits, tomatoes need fertilizing with fertilizers containing magnesium sulfate.

    Diseases and pests

    Tomatoes Alsou are quite resistant to various diseases, but sometimes they are exposed to diseases such as brown spot and late blight .

    To prevent this disease, the bushes should be treated with preparations containing copper, and to prevent insect damage, the bushes should be treated with insecticides.

    Harvesting and application of

    starts harvesting in June. The fruits ripen gradually until August. Immature fruits can be picked, laid out in a box and left to ripen indoors. Apples can speed up ripening. This fruit produces ethylene, which contributes to the rapid ripening of tomato fruits.

    Harvest Alsou needs to be produced in June

    Use this variety fresh in salads and appetizers. This fruit is unusually tasty when baking. As well as the fruits used in the preparation of lecho, tomato juice, pasta, ketchup.

    By choosing this variety for planting on your site, you will be rewarded with high yields and extremely tasty fruits. And unpretentiousness in leaving will not demand from you additional efforts.

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