Characteristics and description of a cucumber variety Far Eastern 27

Well-established during the cultivation of crops are especially popular among gardeners. One such example is the Far Eastern cucumber 27, which is well cultivated in many personal plots. The plant is well tolerated by changes in weather, does not impose special requirements for humidity. Vegetable has good taste and juiciness, forms the fruit until autumn.

Table of ContentsThe plant according to the characteristic of indeterminantnoe, vigorous , forms a large number of shoots. The foliage is medium-sized, green or dark green. Mixed bloom.

Cucumber as described elongated, eleptic form, green tint. On the sides - light stripes. Bumps are few. The length of the vegetable reaches ten -0 fifteen centimeters, weight - from one hundred to two hundred grams .The grade is recommended for the fresh use and conservation.

Culture is zoned mainly in the Far East, but it is also grown in other regions, including even the Moscow region.
The average weight of fruits of the variety is from 100 to 200 grams of

. The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The main positive signs of the crop include the following:

  • excellent survival rate in various areas;
  • drought resistance , low demands on watering;
  • powerful root system, easy survival;
  • resistance to low temperature;
  • ability to resist downy mildew;
  • long-term fruiting ;
  • average number of leaves, which facilitates harvesting;
  • storage capacity for up to three days.

is noted as a deficiency in the rapid formation of waste flowers, which are gaining weight and turning yellow. If you do not pick cucumbers in a timely manner, they will not be enough for salting and canning.

Cucumber twigs are enriched with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is recommended to dig the tops into the soil or burn them.

Soil Requirements for Planting

Judging by the feedback from gardeners, requires fertile soils with neutral acidity to grow this cucumber variety. Groundwater should not be too close to the surface. Best of all, if onions were grown on the beds of cucumbers or onions.

Before planting, the soil should have time to warm up to 15 degrees .Place should be lit, having protection from drafts.

Sowing rules

Cucumber seeds Far Eastern 27

Growing cucumber varieties depends on the climatic conditions of the region. If the temperature regime allows, the seeds are allowed to be planted in open ground.

But most gardeners prefer the seedling method. Seeds are sown in small planting boxes. The seeding depth is two centimeters. After three to four days, the first sprouts can be observed.

Sowing on seedlings conducted in early April .Seedlings that have reached a height of fifteen to twenty centimeters are allowed to move to a permanent place. In most cases, this period falls on the beginning of May.

Care of the variety after planting

When using the seedling method of cultivation, it is necessary to care for the plants. seedlings are fed with mineral and natural fertilizer compounds, and complex tools are also used.

Seedlings grown under room conditions need additional amounts of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and other components.

Liquid dressing formulations are made in several stages:

  • after the formation of leaves - the plant begins to prepare for active growth, the photosynthesis process is accelerated;
  • a couple of days before transplanting to an open bed. - the culture creates a supply of nutrients to make it easier to transfer the adaptation period. As a rule, a high percentage of survival of cucumber seedlings is obliged to a strong root system.
As fertilizer, you can use complex fertilizers for cucumbers.
When feeding up seedlings, it is recommended to observe the balance and rate of trace elements. Their insufficient amount will make the culture weak, and the excess will create reasons for the rapid growth of green mass.

The density of cucumber planting should be three to four bushes per square meter.

After about a month and a half, you can expect the first harvest. Far Eastern variety is able to give up to three kilograms of cucumbers from each square of the bed. But for this plant will have to periodically water, loosen the soil in the beds, feed the culture.

For irrigation, it is recommended to use heated water settled in a barrel during the day .Once a week and a half, gardeners recommend adding 1 liter of manure or ten grams of urea dissolved in a bucket of water.

Diseases and their prevention

Variety is resistant to powdery mildew, but it can outgrow with bacteriosis or anthracosis. The plant can infect them at any stage of growth.

In order to protect the crop from diseases as much as possible, it is necessary to subject the planting material to special preparation, by soaking it before planting in special solutions before planting. In addition, during growth it is recommended to treat the beds with special preparations.

Harvesting and storage rules

It is believed that cucumbers grow only at night. Having warmed up under sunshine and having absorbed enough moisture, at night vegetables actively develop.

Cucumber harvesting should be carried out twice a week.

Fruiting continues until the days when the temperature regime at night falls below fifteen degrees Celsius. But as soon as the weather recovers, the crop begins to yield again.

The harvesting of greens should be carried out twice a week , as they grow. If you ignore this event, the cucumbers will outgrow and turn yellow.

Vegetable is used for salting and canning. When fresh, it can be stored for no more than three days in a cool, dark room.

The plant is recommended to grow even novice gardeners. With minimal care, the cucumber culture is able to bear fruit without placing high demands on care. It should be added that when growing it is necessary to form bushes, pinching the main shoot and first order processes after the fourth leaf.

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