What to do and why cucumbers do not grow in the greenhouse

Cucumber is a rather capricious plant, which often requires increased attention. Even greater difficulties arise when it is grown in a greenhouse. Creating optimal conditions takes a lot of time and effort, and the result is not always the one that was expected, so you need to know why the vegetable is growing poorly.

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fades Problems with the growth of cucumbers can occur at different stages, most often in this and should look for the beginning of the cause.

For example, if they grow poorly from the very beginning - the matter may be in poor quality seeds or soil .In case of trouble at the stage of flowering and the formation of ovaries - the reason may be in pollination .

In total, among the most frequent causes, there are several:

  • lack of nutrients in the soil;
  • disease;
  • substandard seeds;
  • incorrect watering;
  • thick landing;
  • lack of pollination, etc.;
One of the causes of poor cucumber growth can be bad seed
All these errors and causes can be quite easily eliminated if you think about it in advance.

Bad soil

One of the first reasons that causes problems in the greenhouse - poor or poor quality soil. Already in 2-3 years of use, the land in greenhouse conditions is very depleted, so it is advisable to regularly replace it.

For this, it is enough to remove 25 centimeters of the upper layer of the and fill in its place with new soil. It would not be superfluous to add peat, humus and some sand there.

2 weeks before planting, a good option would be to add additional nutrients to the soil. Especially cucumbers love the land saturated with with nitrogen .

It is recommended to use organic fertilizers, among which are: humus, chicken manure or peat with sawdust. To do this, one of these means is spread on the ground, and then just dug up. A similar event should be held after the harvest to better prepare for the next spring.

Peat with sawdust can be applied as an organic fertilizer.

Another important soil problem may be the presence of pests or diseases in it. Therefore, before putting it in the greenhouse, it is recommended to steam the mixture, thereby disinfecting it.

Irregular irrigation

Cucumbers are a moisture-loving culture, for which, however, both deficiency and excess of moisture are harmful.

It’s very hard for them to survive drought. First, the growth of the plant slows down, and then it turns yellow and dies. If the ovary has already managed to ascend, they fall first.

Excessive excess moisture leads to rotting roots in open ground, and then they begin to hurt and disappear. Especially this problem is acute immediately after sowing seeds and planting seedlings.

It is possible to determine that there is too much water at the base of the stem - it will become of brown color and vitreous .If you dig up the ground, you can see that the root system did not develop after planting. The roots themselves became yellow-brown in color.

For a good growth of cucumber, it is imperative that you follow the correct watering regime. Water must be warm or room temperature, but not cold. It is desirable to defend not in iron tanks.

Watering is carried out regularly - 1 time in 2-3 days , and if the weather is cool, then water more rarely. At the same time, water should be avoided on the leaves. If the base of the stem is bare - it is lightly sprinkled with earth.

Improper dressing

A destructive factor for cucumbers is improper feeding. It can be either too little or too much.

If the fruits are crooked or too small, this indicates a lack of nitrogen.

The downside is excessive fertilizer. If the plant is “overfed”, then it immediately begins to actively grow the leaves, almost without giving fruit. This is usually caused by an excess of nitrogen, which in turn leads to a lack of potassium and phosphorus. An excellent source of these elements is wood ash .

Feed can be made in the form of aqueous solutions with humus, yeast, onion peel, etc.

It is best to water them several times:

  • just before landing;
  • after planting seedlings;
  • after the formation of 3 sheets;
  • in the period of color;
  • during the appearance of the fruit.
With a lack of nitrogen, cucumber fruits begin to curl

Problems with pollination

If cucumbers do not form the ovary, the reason may be covered in pollination. Pollination in natural conditions occurs by itself. But in the conditions of the greenhouse with this there can be problems. The level of agricultural development can now provide us not one, but 2 varieties of cucumbers: insects and parthenokarpiki .

If you plant insect-infected varieties, in the absence of insects in the greenhouse, will have to do yourself. This is done with a brush, or luring the bees into the greenhouse with sweet water, etc.

A special self-pollinating variety, parthenocarpika, was created for greenhouses. They are represented mainly by female colors and for their pollination the is usually sufficiently small wind or draft .

Mistakes in care

There are other mistakes that gardeners make. One of the most common - not participating in the formation of lashes .Most of the fruit grows on the side lashes. To limit shoot growth in length, the main stem and side shoots of the are clamped at a distance of 1 meter and 40-60 cm, respectively, .

Causes of cucumber withering in a greenhouse

It seems that all conditions seem to be met, but cucumbers still grow poorly and do not give good fruit. Additional reasons may be the following environmental conditions:

  • ; the soil is over-dried or too flooded;
  • excessive humidity;
  • poor soil maintenance: it is not loosened, there are weeds;
  • temperature drops.

may also occur with the occurrence of diseases or the attack of pests. The main indications of this are:

  • faded and wilted leaves that fold or fall off;
  • leaves are covered with spots: yellow or brown;
  • grown cucumbers have a crooked shape and small size.
Stains on the leaves indicate a disease of cucumber.

. Most often, pests or disease can be identified with the naked eye. Often, the plant is poorly treatable and can begin to die. Therefore, in order to prevent infection of other bushes and so that they do not start to wilt, sick cucumbers clean and burn .

What to do and how to eliminate the causes of poor growth

No supernatural measures are required to adjust the growth of cucumbers in the greenhouse. It is enough only to observe the temperature mode in a closed room and humidity , as well as the regularity of watering and feeding .

If you prepare for the season in advance, select and prepare the seeds, and take care of the soil, then the year will be fruitful. Special expenses are not required.

Observing simple rules and gardener's experience, we can expect an excellent harvest in our own greenhouse. Moreover, you can be confident in the quality of your product.

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