Overview of washing machines Zanussi

Zanussi company is known for its high-quality and affordable equipment. The Italian brand overtook the popularity of Germany. These washing machines are delivered to 100 different countries of the world.

What is the attractiveness of this brand? What features have washing machines, what are their advantages and disadvantages? We will provide an overview of popular models of styralo, so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

material Contents:

  • 1 Where to produce and collect the washing machine "Zanussi»
  • 2 How does the machine Zanussi
  • 3 models and types
    • 3.1 Zanussi ZWSO6100V
    • 3.2 Zanussi FE 1024 N
    • 3.3 Zanussi ZKG 2125
    • 3.4 Zanussi ZWSH 7100 VS
    • 3.5 Zanussi ZWY51004WA
    • 3.6 Zanussi ZWQ61215WA
  • 4 How to choose a Zanussi washing machine

Where is the Zanussi washing machines manufactured and assembled

washing machine manufacturer country-owned goods department? The company was founded in 1916, its founder - Antonio Zanussi - began with the production of wood stoves.

The company developed, and in the thirties began to produce gas and electric stoves. Soon the development of refrigeration equipment began, and in 1954 a factory was opened, where washing machines were assembled and manufactured.

The company flourished in the years 60-70.By that time, front-loading cars were released. The user could choose from four wash programs.

Due to the economic crisis of the 80s, Zanussi merged with the Electrolux brand. Both production survived and remained afloat. In 1984, Zanussi released serial models of styralok, whose production is still popular all over the world.

In which country are Zanussi typewriters manufactured today? Their offices are located around the world. The company came to Russia in 1994.To determine where your equipment comes from, pay attention to the labeling.

How the Zanussi

Machine Works The model range consists of full-size machines, washers and dryers, narrow and super-heavy. A wide selection is designed for any buyer.

Specifications and device:

  • Narrow SMA have a body depth of 42-45 cm. The capacity of such models is from 3 to 4 kg. A set of programs is standard. Economy class energy A +.
    The brand also introduces super-slim models, 32 cm in size. Their capacity does not exceed 3.5 kg. Suitable for small spaces.
  • Full-size cars( 54-60 cm) or models with a dryer( 60 cm) can hold from 5 to 7 kg of linen. Drying can be adjusted in four directions.

How to use the Zanussi washer? The control panel will help you to understand this - it can be electronic or mechanical. Some models are equipped with a display. The selector allows you to select a program, the light indication alerts you to the operation of a particular mode.

All models are made in a classic design and white color. The tank is made of light material carborana.

Functional features:

  • technology Eco valve .It helps to save when using detergents. A special valve closes the drain hole during washing, not allowing the powder to drain.

  • The Smart Fuzzy Logic Control System can be found in all modern models. Technology weighs laundry when loading, calculates the amount of water and detergent. So the operation of the washing machine is as simple as possible.
  • The Jet System feature of the is to inject water into the tank through special holes. With such exposure, the fibers of the tissues are not damaged, the powder dissolves by 100%.

The manufacturer does not stuff the Zanussi equipment with the latest developments. The emphasis is on build quality and classic features.

Models and Types of

Let's begin the review of automatic washing machines from a budget model.

Zanussi ZWSO6100V

Narrow washing machine, size 60x85x34 cm. It is easy to operate programs using an electronic panel. To enable fast washing, lasting 30 minutes, just press the "Start" button.

Drum capacity - 4 kg. The hatch opens at 180 degrees, which allows you to conveniently load laundry. The maximum extraction reaches 1000 revolutions per minute. Energy class - A +( 1.17 kW / hour).Water consumption - 46 liters per cycle.

Included 9 washing programs. The Fuzzy Logic system itself determines the amount of detergent and water, so resource savings are ensured. The Delay Start function allows you to delay the start of the program up to 9 hours. QuickWash technology reduces the duration of all modes( except short) by 50%.

Integrated leak protection. Also provides protection from children. The control of foaming allows the pump to pump out excess foam in time.

The machine has all the necessary functions. Its price starts from 17 000 rubles.

Zanussi FE 1024 N

Narrow model with front loading of 4 kg. The case dimensions are 60x42x85 cm. The compact appliances have a removable cover, so it can be built in under a sink or tabletop.

The FE 1024 N model is much more economical than the previous washer. Despite the assigned energy class A, the machine uses 0.19 kW / h.

The electronic control panel includes the main programs. There is a Bio-Enzyme Regime that helps to cope with heavy pollution. You can also wash delicate and wool items. There is a choice of temperature and spin speed. The maximum number of revolutions - 1000 per minute.

Protection against leakage in this model is missing. But there is a control imbalance and foaming. The price will also please - from 19 000 rubles.

Zanussi ZKG 2125

Washer with dryer, its dimensions - 60x60x85 cm. The built-in model is equipped with a removable lid. Frontal loading, the hatch contains 5,5 kg of linen for washing and 3 kg for drying. Electronic controls include a backlit digital display.

The machine belongs to energy class A: 0.18 kW / h. Water consumption is 60 liters per cycle. At the spin cycle, the drum accelerates to 1200 revolutions per minute, the spin class is B. Standard programs are built in, there is a scheduled wash: the user sets a convenient start time. The temperature of the water can be adjusted.

Enclosure protected against leakage. Child protection, control of imbalance and foam levels are included. The cost of a washer is from 13,000 rubles, which makes it the most popular of all models with drying.

Zanussi ZWSH 7100 VS

Freestanding washing machine with a load of 7 kg. Such a spacious drum is enough for a family of 3-4 people. The digital display on the panel allows you to know exactly how much is left until the end of the wash. Speed ​​1000 revolutions per minute is sufficient for quality spin clothes.

The car received an energy class A ++, for an hour of work it takes 0.9 kW of energy. Water consumption is 46 liters.

The model has a quick wash function, when the time of any program can be reduced by 50%.Eco Wash technology helps to save detergents. The valve mounted on the drain does not allow the powder to be drained into the sewer.

A total of 12 wash programs. Adjustable spin and water temperature. The hull received partial leakage protection. There is an imbalance and foaming control.

Car cost - from 20 000 rubles.

Zanussi ZWY51004WA

A vertical washer with a size of 89x40x60 cm will fit in the narrow space between the furniture. The capacity of the drum is 5.5 kg. The built-in Airflow technology allows not to keep the door open for ventilation, automatically maintains freshness in the drum, preventing the formation of mold and mildew.

The model is equipped with a convenient electronic panel. You can set up a quick wash with one click on the “Start” button. With the DelayStart function you can load the laundry and move the start of the cycle to a convenient time.

The user can choose from 8 programs. Among them there is a mode for delicate products, as well as for refreshing things in 20 minutes. Refresh. The energy efficiency class of a washing machine is A +, it consumes 0.96 kW per hour. Water consumption - 43.1 liters.

Of the features, it is possible to distinguish the case protection against leakage and control of imbalance. Price - from 20 000 rubles. Washer deserves good customer reviews.

Zanussi ZWQ61215WA

Externally, the top-loading model is no different from other styrakules. But she has interesting features. The control panel is equipped with a digital display. The capacity of the drum is quite large - 6 kg.

The model is implemented QuickWash function, which saves resources. It reduces the time of each program by 50%.Airflow technology always keeps the drum clean. Due to the fact that detergent is washed out of the tray with high-pressure jets, the powder does not stick to the walls, so the tray does not need to be cleaned. There is also a delay start function for 20 hours.

In the ZWQ61215WA manufacturer has laid a pleasant features. This Refresh 20 min for a quick refreshment of linen in 20 minutes. Easy iron mode prevents things from wrinkling, so it’s easy to iron them later. Car drum parking allows you to stop him hatch up. In addition, there are 8 basic washing programs.

Spin reaches 1200 revolutions. An effective class of energy consumption And ++, 0,87 kW / hour. Water consumption - 49 liters. Leakage protection and panel lock against accidental pressing are provided. Dimensions - 85x40x60 cm.

Price from 22,000 rubles.

How to choose a Zanussi washing machine

We have provided descriptions of Zanussi washing machines that are in demand from buyers. These models received the most positive reviews on such criteria:

  1. Value of cost and functionality. Usually, how much a car costs depends on the number of built-in functions. In Zanussi implemented modern programs and technologies, while their price is much lower than that of similar models from other brands.
  2. Ease of use and embedding. Zanussi models are easy to manage, the panel is clear, the modes are signed.
  3. Long service life. Many users have declared that, having used washing machines from 7 to 10 years, they want to buy this brand again.

After reviewing and comparing the information, you will make the right choice. The price / quality ratio of Zanussi equipment is commendable.

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