Unpleasant odor from the washing machine

In order not to disturb an unpleasant odor from the washing machine, it is required to leave the door open after a cycle. Then the wet tank dries up, the bacteria will not multiply inside, causing a stench. The mechanism of occurrence of unpleasant odors in refrigerators similar to that for a long time disabled. Bacterial spores everywhere, invisible and all around us. One has only to create a warm, moist environment as simply throwing in growth. Breeding ground becomes a subject of the bricks to the smallest fat droplets on plastic. The environmental toxins are released as a result felt unpleasant odors from the washing machine.

Causes and methods of dealing with unpleasant odors

The filter drain pump

It should assess the state of the drain pump filter. To access it on the front panel is located below the special hatch. Screwable or drain pump is located behind a removable panel on the bottom of the washing machine. Useful flat screwdriver to gain access to the filter drain pump. At Whirlpool panel is often mounted on the torx bolts.

The smell after washing

The filter drain pump externally visible as a circular plastic part diameter of 5 - 7 cm. It is easy to get a hold of his hand. To remove the drain pump filter relies rotating the counter-clockwise until completely unscrewed.

Detail of the frame is of steel or plastic as long collecting brush hair and wool from wastewater. As a result the drain pump capable clogged filter, the conditions for bacterial growth. Microbes get down to business, there is a smell in the washing machine. To improve the situation, it is believed the drain pump filter is clean from dirt. Done by hand in any way possible. Then cometh the item into place. Prepare loosening pour water inevitably remaining in the vicinity of the drain pump in an amount of standard glasses.

Plaque on the walls and bottom of the tank

If you constantly exceed the recommended rate of powder and conditioner, excess settles on the walls and the bottom of the tank. Let the matter focused on the fight against dirt, individual colonies of bacteria are able to settle in a new medium. The result is a special feeding protozoa. To get rid of adversity is not recommended to use the acid:

  • acetic;
  • lemon;

Unpleasant odor from the washing machine

  • sulfuric;
  • salt;
  • Other.

It is not necessary to fill the tank in addition to the certified personal cleaning products. In use substances called Descaler. Please note identifies a number of classes of cleaning agents. They are carefully inscribed the instructions for use, be careful not to mix up inadvertently. For example, electric cleaning agent for washing machines and dishwashers will not do. For boiling water rubber parts removed from the construction. Dishwashers and washing machines, in contrast, contain similar elements in abundance. Dessaler for the kettle causes rapid aging of rubber. For this reason, we recommend not to show initiative and when cleaning, as mentioned above.

Descaler different firms have unequal opportunities. Means 3 in 1 Indesit does not require additional operations. Cleans scale, powder deposition and the air conditioner on the tank, removes fat. These factors cause an unpleasant smell in the washing machine. Instructions included, there are quality painted. To use the need to run a cycle without soaking. Temperature at least 55 ° C.

Help the washing machine

Clean & Care from Swedish Electrolux requires degreasing. How to do it - a separate difficulty. Much better looks Dr. Beckmann - cleaner for washing machines. Mode of application:

  1. Tray for detergents Dr. soaked in a weak solution of Beckmann.
  2. Wipe clean with a rubber cuff boot window. From under it removed the thread and other rubbish. Then comes the turn of the glass. The tool is not washed off!
  3. It is the turn of the drain pump filter (see. above).
  4. The dosage for the above procedures specified in the instructions. The residue was placed in the detergent compartment for main washing cycle is started without presoaking. Temperature at least 60 ° C. Of course, to put into the laundry or washing powder is impossible.

Descaler Dr. Beckmann costs 100 rubles per bottle (according to Forum flylady.org.ua). Cheap and cheerful. Responses are good buyers. Gets rid of the smell of the washing machine for a couple of hours. cleaning is recommended to repeat 2 to achieve the best effect - 3 times a year. The structure includes the components for protection of metal and rubber parts. What is needed for a washing machine. We do not recommend dishwasher.

Means extends in a gel and powder. Capacities of 250 ml and packs of 285 The cost of the first in the middle of the network is 180 rubles, the powder is sold for 229 rubles.

Hard case

If the cake bottom of the tank is so thick that the cleaners do not work, it's time to call the master, he took to the drum, open the case and manually delete unnecessary. This is an unpleasant operation is dangerous (if not knowing the rules disassembly) for a washing machine. Easy to damage the tank or a spiral. In the new washing machines in addition the engine going under the scheme DirectDrive, no chance to remove the belt from the reel. Perhaps the best, any grease stain on a pulley will lead to future damage or of dysfunction.

Manual approach allows the quality to clean the drum. We recommend to get the instructions for disassembly of the washing machine. Such a find in the official service and technical support products.


Odors caused by a touch of black mold, not easy to remove. Descaler scale cleaned up, get rid of plaque on the detergent tank, but the narrow back streets of the washing machine still represent excellent wet conditions for the growth of fungus. The greatest accumulation occurs in two places:

  1. The reverse side of charging port cuffs.
  2. Drain hose.

Washing machine emits an unpleasant odor

Plastic or rubber products grows bloom. Cuff boot windows periodically relies fold it back and wash. With the drain hose, which begins near the filter of the drain pump and ends on the rear wall of the housing, the situation remains critical. Periodic cleaning using Descaler removed smell, then begins again to grow the fungus. In the most severe cases, the waste products of contact even with the laundry.

It is recommended to start with an examination of the output of L-shaped nozzle of the drain hose at the rear wall. Usually white or transparent. Highlight a flashlight, to see the presence or absence of black spots caused by mold. In the positive case, you need to purge the typical means. The drain hose must be removed and soaked, for example, in Desccaler Dr. Beckmann, until the tube is clear. Typically, the corrugations clear if the outlet connection of mold is found, check the light on the drain hose.

Move from its exit point to the rear wall and to the drain pump. At the same time, remove the filter is clogged. As a rule, the drain hose of the washing machine can be easily dismantled.

If the smell does not appear, likely growth of mold colonies. Between washes the population is growing and expanding, the typical cleaners washing machine drain hose is not treated.

Alternatively, consider the purchase and installation of new parts. This is done, if the unpleasant smell has pursued throughout and spreads to the laundry. Eliminate mold growth mechanism in the old drain hose at all difficult. On examination, be careful not to damage the corrugations, unpleasant odors disappear.

Occur or opaque gray drain hoses. They definitely need to be removed for inspection. Disinfect the inner surface. Then the emergence of conditions for mold growth is blocked.

Incorrect wash cycle

If after washing the laundry is an unpleasant smell, it is not always to blame the equipment. Incorrect powder dosage is often present, the air conditioning, the wrong program. Try with a new washing to expose maximum rinsing. Often this is enough to achieve the desired result. Do not think that an excessive amount of the powder is guaranteed to provide a good result. All excess lands on the bottom of the tank with the consequences.

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