How to extend the life of the washing machine

Many people when buying a washing machine hope for its long effective service. Someone is lucky, and they do not have any problems, but someone faces frequent breakdowns after several months of use. If you have a question about how many years a machine serves, we will try to answer it. The manufacturer does not guarantee more than three years. Experts claim that the washing machine breaks down after about five years of service. It is very difficult to determine the exact service life of the washing machine, since there are many factors that affect the performance of equipment.

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If soon after the purchase you encounter a breakdown of the AGR, most likely, the reason for marriage is poor-quality equipment. This does not affect the correct operation or price, because the marriage is possible even for an expensive model.

The reason for the first malfunctions of the machine after five years of service may be natural wear and tear on parts. This is especially true with frequent use of the machine.

But it happens that someone's washing machine does not break even after 15 years of service! Why? This is influenced by several factors: high quality, rare use, accuracy in operation, constant prevention. If you do not know how often you can wash it in a washing machine to prolong its life, we will give you the answer. It all depends on how much washing you need. If you have to wash every day or even several times a day, you should take a break between the washings. Of course, it is best to wash several times a week so that the washing machine will last a long time.

The most common failures in

washing machines. Sometimes the breakdown of an automatic washing machine can be repaired, which is more expedient than buying a new washer. It is more profitable for the master to replace the part in order to use the machine again. All models of machines combined with common breakdowns and faults. Next we look at them.

Water heater

The formation of scale in washers, where water temperatures of more than 70 degrees are used, very often leads to breakage of the heating element. Reliable protection of the washing machine from scale - frequent prevention, cleaning with citric acid, vinegar, soda or special means. Using any tool, turn on the machine to "idle" mode.

As for the question of whether it is possible to turn on the washing machine without laundry, the answer is positive: when cleaning, it is simply necessary to drive an empty machine so that the pieces of scale break up into small particles.

Important! Do not attempt to remove the scale, using sandpaper or a file! If the heating element is covered with three layers of scale, call the master.

Breakage of the hose

It is recommended to check the condition of the hose at least once a year. If you notice that it is damaged, the hose must be replaced. If you continue to use the hose, it will cause it to burst.

Clogged filter

Washer filter is not the last place in the washing machine. Its main function is the delay of small items that fall into the drum along with things: buttons, coins, matches, and so on. With prolonged operation, the clogged filter will block the drain hole. It is better if the owner will clean the filter once a month by rinsing it under running water.

Breakdown of the tank

Very often bones from the bra fall into the holes of the drum, this leads to a rattle inside the CM.To avoid consequences, you must stop the washing program, drain the water and turn off the machine. If any small parts get into the washing machine's tank, this will cause a serious breakdown. Repair of the tank requires large cash investments.

If you find problems in the washer, contact an experienced mechanic. Do not try to fix the problem on your own. The earlier you diagnose the typewriter, the sooner the damage will be fixed.

Lifetime will help extend ongoing prevention and proper care. What to do so that the washing machine does not break down a few years after the purchase?

Extending the life of the CMA

You have repeatedly wondered how to increase the life of the washer? To do this, there are many ways that we consider below:

  1. Wash things in an machine only when using special detergents .If you notice that the powder foams heavily, then it is a fake. You do not need to use such powders, because they can damage the control board.
  2. Use extension cords on the 16A to avoid electrical burnout.

  1. In case of a question - how much powder should be poured into the washing machine, it should be considered as follows: for 1 kg of dry laundry there is 50 g of powder. If your washer is designed for a capacity of 5 kg, then when loading 3 kg of things into the tray, you should pour 150 g of powder, not 500 g.
  2. In addition, a failure at maximum power is possible.
  3. If you have switched on one wash program, do not reinstall to another. This will lead to a failure of automation, and in the future it will end in a serious breakdown.
  4. Use an grounded outlet. Going somewhere for a long time, unplug the power cord and disconnect from the pipeline.
  5. Do not put on the any items .The distance between the washer and the furniture around it should be at least 5 mm.
  6. As for whether it is possible to turn on the washing machine without water, then you just can not do it. Why? Without water, the heating element will not turn on.
  7. Do not know how to soften the water in the washing machine? It's very simple, use soda ash together with the powder in a 1: 1 ratio.

Here are a few recommendations on how to extend the life of the AGR.

A few more recommendations

  • For a long life of the washer and effective washing, do not leave the door open for a long time, otherwise everything inside will dry out.
  • Avoid large amounts of detergent on the tray. Regular cleaning is recommended.
  • Scale machine at least once a year.
  • Including typewriter, use the instructions for it.

If you follow all the rules and recommendations, your washing machine will serve you a long time, it will work efficiently and will not break.

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