What is an activator washing machine

What is an activator type washing machine? Modern automatic models almost replaced these machines, but they are still used by some owners.

This is the simplest design for the stylalki, which are convenient to use in the country and in other places remote from the city.

What is an activator washing machine

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  • 1Device and advantages of use
    • 1.1How the activator CM works
    • 1.2Advantages and disadvantages
    • 1.3Varieties of structures

Device and advantages of use

What does the consumer need today? Save time, while getting quality washed and wrung out things. We need a machine that, when performing the specified functions, will spend a minimum of resources.

The machine of the asset type just combines these advantages. But during the process, your participation may be required.

How the activator CM works

The simplicity of the design is another plus of the stylalki. To work it enough tank of metal or plastic, motor, activator and timer. The vane activator scrolls the water in the tank, as the drum does.

This simple washing machine is not an automatic machine, which is easy and convenient to use. It is enough to flip the top cover, pour water and load the laundry. Start the mechanical timer - the activator rotates the laundry, so the washing takes place.

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Due to the lack of sophisticated electronics, the breakdown in the car is easy to eliminate. You just need to check the engine or timer.

How the activator CM works

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider and compare the differences in the work and design of the activator and automatic stylalki.


  • Ease of activator CM, simple assembly. They simply move to another place, besides, it is advantageous to place them in places where there are no failed communications. For example, in cottages, in the countryside - after all, to start washing water must be poured manually.
  • Low cost, compared with washing machines, automatic.
  • Economical consumption of resources. Warm water is already poured into the tank, so there is no need for additional heating. Exceptions are activator washing machines with the presence of TEN and water heating.
  • To wash can be various detergents: household soap, hand powder or automatic powder.
  • Allowable loading is up to 14 kilograms of laundry at a time! In ordinary typewriters, an automatic rule is 7-8 kilograms.
  • Activator models work quietly, practically without vibrations.



  • The costs of personal time and effort. If the CM does not have a centrifuge, the spinning of the laundry is done manually.
  • Water should be poured also manually. The water consumption is more than in the automatic machine, besides stationary heating also spends energy.
  • Rapid wear of fabrics, impossibility of washing woolen and thin products.
  • To drain the water you need to connect the hose, insert the container (or drain into the sink).

Varieties of structures

Modern SMs are equipped with additional functionality. Stiralki also come in different designs and can perform not only basic modes, but also additional ones.

Let's consider the features of each:

A machine with a manual control.The simplest and clearest design is still equipped with a spinning machine, it is a washing machine with a manual water filling and control. Spin is carried out by turning the lever: the laundry, placed between the two rollers, is squeezed out. The machine consists of a tank and blades.

These include the once popular brands: mini washing machine activator type "Baby "Fairy washing machine "Oka".

Baby Machine

Varieties of structures

CM Feya CMP-20

Varieties of structures

Semi-automaticThe CM structure consists of two sections (tanks). In the first wash, the second - spin. Thanks to the integrated centrifuge for spinning, it is enough to shift things into the second tank and start the process. The timer allows you to set the time, basic modes are provided.

These include "Snow White 55 "Siberia" and others.

SM Renova WS 50

What is an activator washing machine

Automatic machinehave one tank. Excellent washing items with additional functions and warm water. Bubble-air extraction carefully treats tissues.

These are such models as: Whirlpool Vantage, Redwer WMA 5521 and others.


Varieties of structures

CM Whirlpool Vantage

Varieties of structures

If you are going to buy an activator washing machine with a centrifuge, choose modern models with an air-bubble impeller. It does not allow things to twist heavily, which leads to rapid wear.

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