Review of AEG washing machines

Washing machine AEG - this is German quality, reliability, modern functionality. Technology from the company "AEG" refers to an expensive segment, but high rates of washing and a ten-year guarantee once again confirm - for such a machine it is not a shame to give money.

What are the features of this brand, where models are produced and assembled, how do users respond to AEG cars? Read in the article.

Review of AEG washing machines

Content of the material:

  • 1Manufacture and assembling of washing machines "AEG"
  • 2Features of AEG
  • 3Models and types of AEG machines
  • 4Review of AEG washing machines
    • 4.1AEG L 87695 WD
    • 4.2AEG L86560TL4
    • 4.3AEG L 85470 SL
    • 4.4AEG L74270TL
    • 4.5AEG L 99695HWD

Manufacture and assembling of washing machines "AEG"

Literally the name of the brand is translated as "Universal Electric Company". It was founded in Berlin (Germany) in 1883. It all began with the production of light bulbs, after which the plant began to grow and produce irons, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners. And also electric motors and steam turbines.

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Manufacture and assembling of washing machines

The first washing machine "Lavamat" was released in 1958. The following years the company flourished, releasing new items from the German assembly:

  • 1964 - the machine with drying.
  • 1986 - a car with a reduced consumption of resources (water, detergent).

Since the 70s, the company has declined. As a result of unsuccessful selection of management and implementation of failed projects, the AEG plant closes in 1996. The company is disbanded and integrated with other brands and enterprises.

Who today is the producer of AEG washing-machines? It is known that in 1994 the concern "Electrolux" purchased the right to manufacture washing machines. At the same time undertaking to keep the brand AEG. The country-producer of these machines remains in the shadows. They gather in Italy, Poland, France.

However, although the assembly is Italian, the quality remains German. This is high reliability and rich functionality.

Features of AEG

Washing machines AEG have not only advantages, but also their shortcomings. Consider each of them.


  1. High energy efficiency class. This company differs in classes A, A ++, A +++.
  2. High quality of assembly, durability of moving parts. As evidenced by the manufacturer's warranty for 10 years.
  3. Quiet operation with reduced vibration due to a direct drive motor.
  4. A wide range of programs and modes, which allows you to care for any type of fabric.
  5. Useful options on some models, such as a cable for emergency opening, drum lighting, leakage protection and so on.
  6. The tank is made of polymer, therefore it is silent during operation and is not subject to corrosion unlike metal products.
  7. Modern and stylish appearance of models.

Features of AEG


  1. High price.
  2. In some models of "economy class" the polymer tank is replaced by plastic.
  3. The glued tank makes it difficult to replace the bearings.
  4. Expensive parts and accessories, which are also difficult to find in domestic stores, have to be ordered.

According to buyers' reviews, the most common are:

  • Bearings.
  • Pressostat.
  • The drain pump and module, which leads to malfunctions in the form of a bad drain or water intake.

The latter drawback is overlapped by such an advantage as reliability. Machines "AEG" rarely break, long-term guarantee is justified.

Features of AEG

Models and types of AEG machines

To select and install a suitable model, the buyer evaluates it according to all parameters.

  • Type of loading and capacity.The model range is represented by machines with vertical and front loading. Vertical СМА correspond to standard sizes: 90х40х60 cm. Their load is from 5 to 6 kg.
  • Control. All "AEG" stilalkas have modern electronic control, which differs by the choice of programs and functions.
  • Type of instalation. There are both built-in and stand-alone models. Narrow washers differ in a shallow shell, so they are convenient to place in a confined space.
  • The energy efficiency and washing class of AEG machines is at the highest level.

Consider the most popular and interesting models of the AGR.

Review of AEG washing machines

Let's consider, stylalki with what characteristics are popular, as they are arranged.

AEG L 87695 WD

Front washing-drying machine with a capacity of 9 kg. You can load 6 kilograms of laundry at a time. Dimensions: 60x60x85 cm. A stand-alone model.

Electronic control with a display allows you to choose from 14 programs. The "Direct injection" function is interesting, in which things are poured with small streams of water. So its consumption decreases, the fabric fibers are not injured.

AEG L 87695 WD

The inverter motor allows the washer to accelerate to 1600 revolutions when spinning. The steaming mode allows you to quickly tidy up your shirts and blouses. There is a special option for removing complex spots.

The cost of this model is from 70 000 rubles.

AEG L86560TL4

The loading device is vertical. Built-in inverter engine allows you to squeeze the laundry almost noiselessly at a speed of 1500 rpm. Loading the drum - 6 kg. Spin can be adjusted, or turned off completely, which is good when washing delicate things.

AEG L86560TL4

New technologies ProtexPlus and OptiSense allow you to reduce the consumption of electricity, water, detergent. Smart system Fuzzy Logic sets the temperature and regulates the amount of water, depending on the type of fabric of the product. You can install an additional rinse yourself up to 8 times!

There is control of foaming, imbalance, protection from leaks. The panel is protected from accidental pressing.

AEG L 85470 SL

Narrow model of the styrene, which can be conveniently built in. Its dimensions are 60х44х85 cm. Drum capacity, kg. Electronic control panel with LCD display, which displays the selected mode.

AEG L 85470 SL

This model of the car has a high class in all parameters: washing - A, spin - A, power consumption - A ++ (, 3 kW / h). The spinning speed is regulated, the rated power is 1400 revolutions.

Control includes 16 washing programs, plus a stain removal mode. Of the additional programs: protection from leaks, from children, from foaming and imbalance. The noise level for spinning is 75 dB.

There are inconveniences. According to user feedback, there are no wash modes lasting 40-60 minutes. The program rides from 20 minutes to, hours. A small powder tray is not convenient to use.

AEG L74270TL

Washing machine with a capacity of 6 kg. The boot device is front-loading. The OptiSense program is included, which regulates the amount of water and energy consumption depending on the volume of the load.

The maximum number of revolutions when spinning is 1400, there is the possibility of adjustment. The unbalance control automatically distributes the laundry in the drum when lumps appear. The Update function remembers the program cycle to play it the next time.

Review of AEG washing machinesAEG L74270TL

Users note a high energy efficiency class and a wide range of programs. Of the shortcomings - noise when pressed, no mode for washing shoes.

AEG L 99695HWD

Full-size freestanding machine with dimensions of 87x60x6, see The amount of loading when washing is 9 kg, while drying - 6 kg. The technology consumes 69 liters of water per wash, consuming 9 kW / h of electricity when connected.

AEG L 99695HWD

Electronic control with a display allows you to select from 16 programs. The inverter motor runs quietly and quickly, spinning reaches 1600 rpm. Of the additional functions:

  • Control of imbalance. When the laundry gets lost on one side, the system automatically distributes it on the drum.
  • Foam control. Protects against excessive formation of foam during washing. To do this, a special pump is activated, pumping out its excess.
  • Protection against leaks allows you to avoid water leakage during operation.

One of the most expensive models of AEG washing-machines. The price is from 125 000 rubles.

If you choose in favor of high-quality and expensive equipment, pay attention to washing machines AEG. German reliability and long-term guarantee are worthy of trust.

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