Errors and Bosch washing machine malfunction: decoding and repair

One of the easiest-to-use considered stiralki Bosch brand. Convenience is expressed in the fact that the user, in most cases, can self-correct errors Bosch washing machine, with minimal knowledge.

Intelligent system reports faults by displaying them in a code on the display.

The content of the article:

  • The list of codes and ways to eliminate breakdowns
    • №1: Problems with machine door
    • №2: Errors due to problems with water supply
    • №3: violated the heating process
    • №4: Issues in Sensor
    • №5: Incorrect rotation of the drum
    • №6: Disorders of the motor operation
    • №7: Failures in the functioning of the software and system protection
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The list of codes and ways to eliminate breakdowns

Such devices are presented as a series of Maxx, Logixx, Classixx, Avantixx and Home Professional. Troubleshooting codes displayed on the sensor Bosch washing machine, in most cases, identical in all series.

№1: Problems with machine door

Due to insufficient tightly closed loading hatch code appears

F01. Immediately ensure that the door is slammed tight underwear regroup so that it does not interfere with the proper fixation of the hatch (you must clearly hear a click during closing).

Also, the problem may be a faulty hatch handle, door parts, the guide part or locking element. In the event of a breakdown of their need to subordinate or replaced.

Test the functionality of the hatch machine parts

To correct the error F1, check functioning of all parts of the hatch: fasteners, handles, her response of the lock mechanism and the adjacent parts

The code F16 It indicates that, because of the uncovered manhole does not run dry. In this case, you will need to shut the door again and restart the program.

If the error persists, check the operation of the door, the locking tongue of the locking element and, if necessary, update the damaged parts. Check the wiring.

Disassembly and repair of the hatch handle the washing machine

Often the problem is found in the door handle. It should be carefully disassembled using a screwdriver and bend, replacing damaged items

If not slammed the door lock, the screen flashes F34. This is one of the critical errors, so I turn off the device. The root causes can be two. First - do not close the door, and the second - the door is not automatically locked.

In the first case the door can not be opened again or closes the hatch or may not be physically close (something interferes). This occurs due to warping deformation of the door at or hook-and-lock misses in the hole, or when worn plastic guide.

Replacement of damaged parts of the hatch

To identify the causes of failure of the door (F34) must be dismantled and its thorough inspection, also check the bolts, hinges and lock system

In the second situation, the problem lies either in breakage of the blocking element or in the clogged Lock device (dirty hit or small items) or clomalsya control module (which is rarely).

Fix, disable the device. Next, check the lock loop and the very door lock system and its wiring. Then made, if necessary, repair or replacement of parts. Module checked, and if it burned down - need a replacement, if the departed software - then you need to reflash it.

Critical error F36 indicates a fault lock system (broken lock). The reason may be open hatch or absence of blocking. Restart the machine, make sure the door is closed density, check the wiring, hinges, lock and control unit. Refresh or repair parts.

Replacing the door lock

One of the root causes of the error F36 is faulty blocking element. Detail should carefully examine, then, if necessary, repair or replace it

The code F61 It suggests that the wrong signal to the door (it is in the open and closed at the same time). This error is critical, therefore, press ON / OFF immediately.

The reason could serve as a module hangs. To eliminate not turn on the device for 30 minutes. At this time, call a service technician or yourself check module hatch lock (locking mechanism) and wiring.

№2: Errors due to problems with water supply

The code F02 appears on the display when there is no water. Such an error can provoke:

  • breakage board, the intake valve or pressostat;
  • incorrect installation of the device;
  • closed valve supplying water;
  • or absence of water pressure in the water;
  • Filler clogging of the filter;
  • closes tightly enough or the door is locked.

Eliminate these problems can be yourself. To start, restart the controller. If the problem is there, it is necessary to rewrite the software or replace the board, in this case, use the services of a specialist.

If not, check the correct connection of the machine, the hose must not be pinched. Check the water pressure in the system and the handle of the crane, which it submits.

Cleaning the inlet hose filter

Clean Gulf filter (mesh hose for feeding water flush under pressure). The filter itself is in the place of connection of the inlet hose at the top of the machine

Inspect the inlet valve, then blocker and subordinate if it is defective. check for breakages pressure switch (pressure sensor) and the wiring leading to the sensor. Perform the same steps with the door.

The code F03 is displayed, if any difficulties with the discharge of water. The causes of this error may be a few, namely:

  • recycling clogged filter or sewer pipe;
  • clogged or deformed, the drain hose;
  • critical tensile rupture or drive belt;
  • a malfunction of the drain pump;
  • a problem with the module.

How to eliminate them? To get started, check the drain filter, if necessary, clean it. If does not work, check the drain hose for kinks or improper location.

Reinstall it as necessary, or clean with special chemicals. Check, correct or replace the timing belt, perform the same steps with the pump. Testing of the main board are best left to the master.

Cleaning the drain filter system

To correct the error F03 need to clean the filter drain the water, for this it is necessary to remove and rinse under flow. The filter is located at the bottom of the machine for ornamental hatches

The code F04 It indicates that water flows. It is necessary to quickly disconnect the device from the power supply to avoid electric shock. Then cut off the water and find the source of the leak (the place where it started, check first), and check the tightness of all connections.

The causes of this problem can be several: a leak in the hose, the drain filter loosely fastened, problems with the dispenser, torn rubber sleeve, is damaged in the tank filler neck apparatus itself or tank, faulty nozzle inlet valve is worn out drain pump.

The causes of water leakage in stiralka

Frequent cause of leakage is damage to the hose or loose connection with its unit. In the event of damage to the hose needs to be replaced

To eliminate the need to:

  • inspect hose update is damaged;
  • tie denser filter plug;
  • get a tank of detergent, rinse, dry and replace if damaged;
  • If the seal is damaged too much, try to subdue him, replace with new in case of wear and tear;
  • with serious damage to the cuff, replace the item;
  • if the tank is damaged, it should be changed.

The code F17 arises, if you do not fill with water. In some models, this error may appear as E17. It can provoke the appearance of:

  • overlapped tap tee, the feed water;
  • water pressure less than 1 atmosphere;
  • clogged filter or a water supply hose;
  • the electronic controller is not functioning or the intake valve;
  • ceased to function pressostat.

Remove error simple: open valve supplying water, after which the cycle is completed, and the pump in a few minutes will merge water. Restart the electronic board, and if the problem is in it, then replace the unit or to flash it.

Clean strainer and blockage in the hose if it is. Check for voltage on the coil of the valve and the pressure switch, a controller and a sensor tube, adjust the parts when required.

Shoe intake valve

When the machine for some reason, not taking on water, it should be inspected for damage the inlet valve and the water supply hose

When the water in the washing machine is not emptied at the right time, flashing code F18. Symptoms and error varieties:

  • water can go slowly because of a failure of the program, for the same reason, the machine hangs up before discharge;
  • irregular drain (through time);
  • after rinsing no drain;
  • not executed spin dryer.

This happens due to blockage "junk" filter, incorrect installation of the water drain hose (it could lean), if the pump does not rotate or failed in the controller.

Check the drain hose

F18 error is displayed if stiralka Bosch stopped to empty. To get started, carefully check the water drain hose, and then see if the siphon is clogged, which connects the hose

To solve this problem, restart stiralku. If does not help, unplug it, remove the filter and clean it from clogging. Then alternately perform a number of the following:

  • Straighten hose and install correctly; Check the blades (they could have wound threads or debris);
  • if the pump is out of order, then replace it;
  • check control unit;
  • Inspect the wiring connecting the module with other elements, to eliminate these problems is better to call the master.

When triggered, "Aqua-Stop" function code appears F23. Immediately necessary to unplug the machine, tighten the valve, drain the water, check for leaks.

Pallet stiralki with float

The simplest embodiment AQUASTOP system - pallet with a float, which closes the water supply in the event of a leak detection

Also, inspect the connecting chain for their break, the filler hose and nozzle, bight with solenoid valve, pressure switch. All of these sites require replacement in case of breakage.

If it does not work the turbidity sensor (code F25), The program will finish washing without rinsing. The reason may lie in the resultant lime deposits on aqua sensor, a faulty pressure switch or filler clogged drain paths if dirty water enters.

It is necessary to clean the filler and drain filters. Replace aqua filter (turbidity sensor) or clear it from scale. For washing systems run without washing laundry with high temperature water. Refer to the plumbing or self-set flow filter. Replace any defective parts.

When the displayed code F29, This indicates that through the flow sensor is not leaking water. There can be several: machine installed incorrectly, badly closed hatch absent or weak pressure, the filter mesh is clogged, broke filler valve or pressure.

First, check the door, head and straighten the hose. Then look filter, a valve and pressure sensor. After elimination of the root causes of the draining process starts after 5 minutes, then interrupted cycle can recommence.

Problems with the flow sensor

F 29 code indicates a problem with the flow sensor, in this situation need a comprehensive inspection of some details of the machine

If the maximum amount of water (the fault code F31), The washing cycle is not complete until the water is drained. This is a critical error if it occurs, should immediately turn off the unit from the wall outlet.

It arises from the illiterate installation and connection of the device, due to violations of the hose arrangement. Prove faulty pressure switch, water intake valve, pump or controller.

Replacing the pressure switch

Error 31 often occurs due to malfunction of the pressure switch. To fix the problem, you should test the device and update it in case of damage

To fix it, normalizes the hose, if necessary, replace the drain hose with a valve and turn on the drain mode. If does not work, then reset the machine properly, or check and replace the defective part.

№3: violated the heating process

If you have problems with the heating of the water flashes code F19. The cause may be a low voltage or its variations, the formation of scale, blown heater, malfunction of the temperature sensor or board.

Furred TEN

TEN is the cause of a few mistakes in the work of Bosch machines. It is necessary to accurately obtain and cleaned or replaced by a new

To eliminate the restart the unit, normalizes tension. If there is no change, it is necessary to review and update the thermostat, heater and wiring to it. In some cases, it helps cleansing of PETN from scale.

Repair steps PETN

The diagram shows the location of PETN in the Bosch machine and what actions need to make it painless extraction (+)

The code F20 informs the user that there was an unplanned water heating (higher than the set temperature, molt things device heats).

Error can cause crashes, broken thermostat, the failed heater relay (PETN). Each element should be checked and replaced after removing the device from the network.

When I came down NTC (thermistor) sensor on the display illuminates F22. May be several reasons:

  • disrupted connection to the water supply - not enough water circulates in the system, so heating is not present;
  • weak mains power or lack thereof;
  • breakage controller, or the wiring of the electric heater;
  • correctly select the program;
  • failure of the level sensor or thermistor.

To resolve this problem, check the filler hose and its location. Then - the electronic board may need to repair or replace the item. You may need to repair the wiring module or an electrical circuit due to burnt contacts. Check the heater and temperature sensor performance update in case of breakage.

Abnormalities in the electrical part

Often the failure to operate the machine and heat the water associated with impaired insulation sensors and internal wiring system nodes. In this case, the required disassembly of the unit and replacement of damaged cables

Test the pressure switch performance, and if it is broken, replace it. It makes sense to connect the stabilizer that will "save" surge.

The code F37 It means that the hot water problems are associated with the breakdown of NTC sensor. In this case, could break the sensor itself or its wiring to the board.

Please note that there are different sensors: bimetallic, gas-filled, e. Each requires different repair. Immediately eliminate system failure and check the thermistor, wiring, control board, then replace the necessary parts.

The temperature sensor in the machine

It shows the location of the temperature sensor in a Bosch washing machine and how you can get it for replacement or inspection

Thermistor short circuit appears in the form of F38 on the display. Immediately turn off the machine from the network. The cause of the accident may be breakage of the thermistor, voltage fluctuations or failure in the operation of the module. NTC sensor, inspect, test voltage after turning off stiralku from the network.

№4: Issues in Sensor

If the display is lit F26, The machine can be broken pressure sensor (pressure switch), which protects the unit from the voltage problems, it is also necessary to measure the amount of water in the tank.

This is a critical error, correct it should be like this:

  • stiralku off for 30 minutes. (Button ON / OFF), to restart it;
  • check how the pressure switch;
  • Check that the connecting chain is not broken.

If the sensor is not set, it will show F27. In this case, you must restart the machine, check the pressure switch, wiring, water pressure and the water inlet hose. If necessary, correct the problem or replace broken parts.

When the tank is not reached the water, flashing F28. This happens because the flow sensor malfunction. To start, restart the system. Then, make a diagnosis of the flow sensor, the water inlet valve, and check the wiring for faults (debris gets no pressure). Update the defective parts.

If flow sensor fails, and it gives a too high or, conversely, a low value, it is possible to see the code on the display F60. The cause may be a low or high pressure in the water, with a filling valve malfunctions, lack system water level sensor fails or board, breakage or lock heater or problems in the drain pump.

Replacing the valve inlet hose

If failure stiralki reason lies in the failure of the inlet hose and the valve, they need to be replaced with new parts

Check whether functioning properly wiring, a flow sensor, a filter in the filler valve. If the problem with the water supply, its easy to decide on their own or hire a specialist. In other situations it is necessary to check all the agreed parts and replace them.

The code F59 It appears when the 3D sensor is not functioning and there is measurement error. The reason is a module error, leaves trail of the electronic board, blown or faulty sensor.

In such a situation it is necessary to start to reboot your device, then check the correct position of the magnet, wiring and sensor 3D device, module, and troubleshoot.

Causes of Failure code 29

Cause malfunction of the sensor system can be connected to a sequencer violation of the washing machine. It can correct yourself

№5: Incorrect rotation of the drum

Unreal speed engine speed, which can not be controlled, provoke the appearance code F42. A critical error, so reboot the device with the power switch and check module.

Also F42 It may occur due to damaged tacho sensor (controls Turnover device) due to engine failure or malfunction of the triac on the board. Fix the problem as possible, replacing speed sensor, repairing the engine and its wiring or circuit board section.

If the motor is locked and the drum does not rotate, then you see the code F43. Such a critical error occurs because of a jammed linen between the drum and the tub.

To fix this, you must:

  • restart the machine;
  • look, not whether the threshold level is exceeded laundry load;
  • check the serviceability of tacho generator;
  • make sure that the wiring and functioning without errors.

This error requires a momentary repair. Therefore, check the drum in the machine and replace them if necessary.

may catch fire

If the problem with the engine, the use stiralka impossible, as this could trigger circuit and a fire. In case of F43 fault, immediately disconnect the machine from the network to avoid an accident

When there is no rotation only in the opposite direction can be seen F44. A critical error, so you need to enable restart, and then check the module and parts responsible for the rotation.

Provoke a fault can a failed triac, the imbalance of the drum, tank overloaded or broken reverser relay. Necessary, pre-tested, replace the triac on-board switch or controller.

№6: Disorders of the motor operation

The code F21 hidden motor damage, as rotation of the drum depends on it. When you see this code, you must immediately stop washing, disconnect the device from the network, drain the water, remove the clothes, wipe the inside of the drum and cause a master.

The blame for this error may be:

  • too big laundry load;
  • stretched or damaged drive belt;
  • failure control board;
  • breakage tacho sensor istortye motor brushes;
  • failure of the motor;
  • stuck in the tank that will block rotation;
  • worn out and run down bearings.

To eliminate the check for gaps belt - perhaps it needs to be corrected or updated.

Repair of the drive belt

The integrity of the drive belt - the key to the smooth operation of the washing machine motor. It should be checked for damage and ruptures

Inspect the wiring and the control unit, the wires and contacts - sometimes module replacement may be required. If the machine works on the collector, rather than the direct-drive motor, and could damage it an important detail - the carbon brushes. They can not be repaired and must be replaced.

Carbon brushes

Carbon brushes - one of the key parts of the engine Bosch machines, in case of any malfunction, replace them with new ones

Next, perform the engine test, and repair or replace as necessary, disassemble the housing stiralki and remove the foreign object, refresh the bearings.

If you have problems with motor fatal errors E02. Immediately turn off the machine, otherwise there is a danger of ignition wiring or engine and call a service technician. He will check whether serviceable: Graphite motor brushes, motor, its resistance, connecting pins, key modules and motor modules Tahoe sensor.

№7: Failures in the functioning of the software and system protection

The code F67 signals a failure or overheating card (controller). Immediately restart the machine. If the code is appeared again, it is possible that there was an error or failure in the encoding card between the power and control modules.

You need to call a specialist to replace it with a new work piece or module reprogramming. Repair card is possible if the processor is fully functional.

Restart the programmer of the washing machine

Thanks to the control module operates all electronics stiralki, sometimes it may hang. Therefore, if there are any errors first reboot by unplugging it for 30 minutes

The code E67 visible if faulty module of the washing machine. The error may appear because of the unstable voltage wiring violations or surges, damage or burnout of key components (capacitors, flip-flops, fuse) or erratic pressing buttons management.

If the unit overheats, then reboot it, disconnect the machine from the wall outlet for 30 minutes. When the voltage stabilizes, then the code should disappear. Holders of technical skills will be able to repair the card or replace the card, re-program the controller, otherwise - call the expert.

Repair module

For controller repair their own hands must possess certain technical skills. If you are in the forces are not sure, call a specialist

When activated functional protection machine, appears on the display F63. The error can occur after a short circuit. The cause may be a malfunction or failure of the software processor.

To eliminate the need to reset the program to include ON / OFF, and then see how the module works. The code F63 It does not appear - all right. Otherwise, call the wizard for full diagnosis and determine the cause of the problem.

Pay Problems

F63 critical error occurs if activated functional protection. If you do not help, our advice, you should call a specialist to diagnose the problem

Such reasons may be several. Most often, the machine can knock out plug or automatic. This is due to the failure of PETN, the "Start" button or the engine. The root cause of the failure element is in the high humidity or oxidised, they knock out plugs or circuit.

If the machine does not start and displays F40Then it means that there was a failure of the mains supply. In simple words, stiralka not start. This error can occur when:

  • voltage below 190 W;
  • if knocks plugs or machine;
  • RCD is triggered;
  • damage to the cord, plugs, sockets or spoiled interference filter.

It is also the cause of failure can be the trigger button or the board.

In such cases, you should consult with an electrician to fix problems or self-check and replace parts.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

For advanced users below shows illustrative video tutorials, how to deal with some faults in the Bosch washing machine in the home.

The video shows how to reset error codes F 21-26 and enter the service test:

Visual correction of an error in the machine F 17 Bosch from commenting on the possible causes of faults:

How to remove the heater from stiralki Bosh? The author shows the whole process of commenting on it in detail:

In the event of a breakdown should not lose. You need to soberly assess the situation, taking advantage of our recommendations, as well as read the instructions with tips. And having knowledge of all the faults in the Bosch machine, you can easily cope with them.

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