Error tE in LG washing machine

It is not always clear to the user what the error tE means on the screen. Before giving an error, the washer starts up normally, starts washing, but “hangs” in the process and writes code. This indicates a problem with heating.

Any problems with the LG washing machine are indicated by a malfunction code that is lit on the display. Models of styralok without a screen indicate a problem with the glow( flashing) of all temperature indicators.

    • 1 That in some models of Al Ji error code tE is similar to FE.The user can take a small "t" for an inverted "F".There is nothing wrong with that, but you have to understand what the fault code means, so it is important to read it correctly.

      The error tE value for the LG washing machine is: an error or a problem with the heating circuit.

      A characteristic symptom of a malfunction is that the CM does not heat water. If you touch the glass of the door during operation, you will feel its cold.

      Important to know! When the system displays the tE error on the display, and you urgently need to do the washing, set the washing program in cold water. As a rule, all other modes, except for heating water, work properly.

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      However, this does not mean that you can let things take their course. You will learn how to fix the error and fix the damage without leaving your home.

      Do-it-yourself help

      What steps to take to reset the error:

      1. Reboot. There is a failure in the control board, to eliminate which you need to disconnect the washer from the network. Wait 10-20 minutes, then turn it on again. If the code no longer lights up - everything is in order.
      2. Check. The error code tE in LGA LG may be displayed due to the broken connections between the heating element and the control module. You need to check the wiring, connectors connectors. If the contacts are gone, pull them into place.

      What should I do if I cannot clear the error? You need to inspect the details of the washing machine Lji( LG), the failure of which may indicate certain symptoms.

      Repair at home

      Solving a problem on your own is not always possible, but it's worth a try.

      Failure of the heater

      What signs indicate a failure of the electric heater:

      • The machine washes in cold water, stops in the middle of the program.
      • The tE code is on the display.

      80% of the damage in this case falls on the tubular electric heater( heater), it is he who is responsible for heating water. It will only help the installation of a new, serviceable item.

      Problems with the

      control unit The washer worked as usual, but after starting work it stopped and generated an error tE.Since the module is responsible for all processes in the SMA, when it breaks down, the parts do not receive a signal for action and operation. Therefore, you need to get the control unit, inspect the board at the time of damage.

      If you are sure that you can repair the board, proceed. If the module is faulty, the element must be replaced.

      Thermal sensor( thermistor) malfunction

      The temperature sensor is responsible for measuring the water temperature. Therefore, when it malfunctions, the water in the LG machine does not heat up, the system slows down the washing and gives an error tE.

      How to replace:

      • Disconnect the CM from the network.
      • Remove the back of the machine.
      • Remove the bolts and remove the bracket.
      • The temperature sensor is located inside the heater.
      • Disconnect all connectors, then press the latch and pull out the temperature sensor connector.
      • Loosen the center nut in the heater and remove the thermistor.
      • Installing a new item is performed in the reverse order.

      Problems with the drying sensor

      Drying sensor monitors the temperature during drying clothes. Therefore, the error code can be displayed both at the washing stage and during drying( if this program is provided in the washing machine).In this case, the SM is interrupted.

      What can be done:

      • De-energize the LG washing machine, remove the top cover and the bracket under it.
      • Disconnect the door cuff and connectors on the heating chamber.
      • . Unscrew the bolts and open the heating chamber.
      • You will immediately see the sensor. Remove it and install a new part.

      Watching the video will help in replacing:

      So, you can repair the LG washing machine with your own hands and return it to normal operation.

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