F9 error in the Atlant washing machine

The washing machine Atlant is equipped with a self-diagnosis system: when it finds a malfunction, immediately displays a certain code on the scoreboard.

Let's see what the error F9 means on the screen of electronic models. On washings Atlanta without display error code F9 is identified by the glow of the first and fourth indicators.

Content of the material:

  • 1Decoding the code, the reasons for the appearance
  • 2Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting
    • 2.1Checking the tachogenerator
    • 2.2Checking the sensor

Decoding the code, the reasons for the appearance

Error F9 in the washing machine Atlant is deciphered as a malfunction of the Hall sensor of the motor or the sensor.

There are other possible causes of failure, according to which the CM gives error code F9:

  1. Malfunction of the engine or its contacts with the control unit.
  2. Malfunction of the control unit.

Before we try to eliminate the breakdown, we suggest performing more simple actions.

Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting

The above faults require repair. However, you first need to exclude the system failure. What does it mean? When the control card "freezes the display erroneously shows the code.

To reset the error, do so:

  • Disconnect the Atlant washing machine from the mains, wait 15-20 minutes. Now turn it on. If the error message F9 is no longer illuminated on the AGA Atlas display, everything turned out. If you can not remove the error, continue to search for breakdown.
  • In addition, check the spin button. If it fuses or contracts, it could also cause a malfunction.

Checking the tachogenerator

The sensor measures the speed of rotation or engine speed, is made in the form of a metal ring with wires connected to it.

The Hall sensor performs an important function: by measuring the speed of movement (voltage), it sends a signal to the control unit. For different washing and spin modes, the motor rotation speed is different. Suppose, for spinning, the speed should increase to 800 rpm.

How can an ordinary user determine if a tadpochik failed? Pay attention to the work of the washing machine. If this part fails, you will notice that:

  1. The drum drastically changes the speed of rotation.
  2. When the revolutions are increased (spin), the drum rotates slowly.
  3. The speed for the wash program is too high.
  4. You get wet things after spinning.

Checking the sensor

Make sure that the CM Atlas shows the error code F9 due to problems with the tachogenerator.

What to do:

  • Disconnect the Stalalk Atlant from the mains.
  • Unscrew the bolts securing the back cover of the stylalki.
  • At the bottom there is an engine. Remove from it a belt and turn off bolts of fastening of the motor.
  • Disconnect the connectors and connections.

When you remove the motor, disconnect the connectors from the Hall sensor, measure the resistance on them with a multimeter. The normal values ​​are approximately 60 ohms.

Set the voltage measurement mode on the multimeter. With the test leads attached to the outputs of the sensor, rotate the motor. The voltage should rise and approximate, V.

The video will help you:


It happens that the tachogenerator is loosened due to the constant shaking of SM Atlant. Inspect the sensor, pull up if necessary.

The breakdown of the Hall sensor happens very rarely. How can I fix the situation if a problem is not found? Check the wires and connections between the control module and the tachometer. Tighten the connectors or replace the damaged wiring.

If, however, the error F9 on the Atlas stylalk lights up due to a tachogenerator failure, it needs a replacement. How to solve a problem:

  • Unclip the wiring harness and disconnect the sensor wires.
  • Remove the protective cover by opening the latches.
  • Unscrew the mounting screws.
  • Remove the defective tachogenerator, install the new one in the reverse order.

In addition, inspect the engine washing machine Atlant. After checking and installing, run the CM. See if the F9 error has disappeared from the screen.

If you are not sure that you can handle the replacement, contact the service center.

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