Ways to connect sound from computer to TV

Ways to connect sound from computer to TV


With the need to connect a computer to a television daily a large number of people. This is a very good possibility, because not always the size of the monitor and its location allows you to comfortably watch movies and other entertainment programs. In addition, the TV can be used as a monitor if the latter is out of order.


  • 1Types of connectors
  • 2HDMI
  • 3DVI, VGA
  • 4Wi-Fi, RJ45
  • 5S-Video / SCART

Types of connectors

Modern devices for connecting a computer to a TV allow you to do it very quickly, while the image and sound will be of high quality. For such a connection, almost any model is suitable, including old picture tubes. The definition of the process algorithm is directly determined by the type of connectors that the connected devices are equipped with.

The most popular interfaces (connectors) are:

  • HDMI;
  • VGA;
  • DVI;
  • RJ45;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • S-Video / SCART.

After a thorough inspection of the devices and the identification of one or more connectors from the above list, you can begin the process of connecting devices.


This connector is considered the most convenient and, accordingly, the most popular. In addition to a clear image, it transmits a sound of high quality. To connect the computer to the TV, you simply need to have a special cord with the appropriate outputs.


Initially, the connected media are disconnected from the mains and a cord is connected. Then the computer and the TV turn on, the source in the settings of the latter indicates HDMI. Picture, sound will be played without auxiliary operations.


When choosing an HDMI-cable, you need to understand that the materials used in its manufacture and, accordingly, the cost, do not affect the sound and quality of the image. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy an expensive wire.


To connect the image and sound from the computer to the TV, you can use other interfaces - DVI or VGA. The first option is more preferable. To the method associated with VGA, it is recommended to resort only if it is impossible to work with DVI. Often when a user tries to connect devices using VGA, it is found that he is busy with the computer monitor. Solve this problem with the DVI-VGA adapter, which makes it possible to make a secondary VGA from a free DVI. With the help of these interfaces, you can only transfer an image, to connect the sound to the TV will have to buy a special audio cord.

Wi-Fi, RJ45


To connect the computer to the TV via a network connection or Wi-Fi, the latter must meet two basic requirements. The first is the availability of a media player, the second is the ability to support DLNA technology. This technology allows devices to share files online. Thanks to her, the TV can work with files directly from the hard drive of the computer, without using removable hard drives or USB flash drives.

The procedure for connecting via DLNA includes two steps:

  • connection of means of communication;
  • installation DLNA-server, its further adjustment.

The first stage depends on whether there is a RJ45 network connector or a Wi-Fi module on the TV. Some models have bothboth these options. It is best to use a network cable to connect video and audio.

To connect the network connector of the TV to the router, you need a "twisted pair" - a special cable. Find such a cord is not difficult. However, the option with a router is not possible in all cases. Reason: Video and sound on the TV gives a lot of stress to the router, which leads to Internet crashes (slowing down or losing connectivity). Solving the problem by buying a more productive expensive router can not be called optimal. It is better to install an additional network card, which will save money.

After connecting, proceed to install the "Home Media Server making the appropriate settings. To play video and sound, you need to open the "Home Media Server" on your computer and start it. Then, in the role of the playback source on the TV, you must select Ethernet, then the explorer opens and selects the desired file.

S-Video / SCART

With this method, you can connect sound and video, even to an old TV. The main condition here-presence on the computer of an socket "s-video and on the TV - twenty-one-wide wide scart-socket. It is also necessary to buy the "S-Video" cord and the "SCART-audio / video / s-video" adapter.


The algorithm of the connection process is as follows:

  • the adapter is inserted into the TV connector. If there is a switch, the latter is placed in the Input position;
  • connection of connectors;
  • to send a sound from the computer, you need to connectin the corresponding connectors of the adapter special cord "two tulips
  • the TV turns on;
  • the computer turns on. After it is turned on, the "Properties" item is called, where "we extend the desktop to the selected monitor
  • After switching the TV to "Video" mode, the desktop of the computer is visible on the screen. Next, open the file and move the mouse window to the TV, moving it to the "full screen" mode.
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