Why dishwasher is buzzing, how to fix

Dishwasher Humming? You should not miss this "signal" of the equipment about the problem. An urgent need to check the system and find out the cause of the noise. Breakdown can be quite serious, so we will gradually tell you how to check the car with your own hands.

material Contents:

  • 1 Why was the buzz dishwasher
  • 2 Check and restoration of dishwashers
    • 2.1 Spray and impeller
    • 2.2 Intake valve
    • 2.3 pump bearings
    • 2.4 drain pump

Why was the buzz dishwasher

after switching noise or the contraryIs there complete silence? There may be reasons for this:

  1. When turned on, the machine buzzes and does not draw water. Check for water in the faucet. Twist the stop valve: it is possible that it was accidentally shut off.
  2. Press the bunker door tightly. When the door is open, the cycle will not start and water will not flow into the chamber. This is done to protect against leakage. Technique can produce a buzz, but not work, or squeak while working.
  3. Pegged or plugged inlet hose. Check that the hose is properly connected: it should be level, without kinks. Disconnect it from the housing and inspect for clogging.
  4. If the equipment began to buzz during operation, check the machine installation and the position of the dishes in the baskets.

The reasons for the most difficult failures when the car hums, cracks, but does not work are:

  • breakdown of the drain pump;
  • pump bearing wear;
  • breakdown of the circulation pump;
  • intake valve malfunction.

If the noise level rises, immediately turn off the PMM from the network and proceed to the test.

Checking and restoring the work of the dishwasher

You need to start the inspection with parts that could get clogged during the washing process. This leads to the fact that the Bosch dishwasher( Bosch), Ariston rustle and creak during launch.

Spray and impeller

If you have built-in appliances, before starting work it is better to pull it out of the cabinet and turn off all communications.

  1. Open the hopper door.
  2. Remove the basket for dishes.
  3. Remove the nebulizers and rinse under running water. Clean the nozzles with a toothpick.
  4. Unscrew the drain filter and the screen behind it. Clean debris under the faucet. By doing this after every wash, you can avoid clogging.

If you hear a crash when working, this is a pump. Normally, it should work quietly. But if solid objects or fragments of dishes fall into the impeller, the work may be blocked.

How to check the pump impeller:

  • scoop out water from the filter seat;
  • pull the flap to the side and then toward you;
  • Check the impeller: put on gloves and clean it from debris.

Intake valve

When the water is collected, the machine is noisy, but the stream does not flow into the bunker. What does it mean? Most likely, the bulk valve broke. When turned on, you can even hear clicks, as if the part is trying to work.

An element is located at the bottom of the enclosure. Replacing the valve is easy: just unscrew the screw, disconnect the wiring. To check the mechanical part, the working voltage is applied to the part to check whether the valve opens or not.

To diagnose the electronic part, the probes of the multimeter are connected to the contacts and the resistance is measured.

Pump bearing

With frequent use, the bearing of the circulation unit wears out quickly. This will take only 2-3 years. According to experts, the newer the model, the weaker graphite bearings.

Due to generation, the pump starts to make noise and hum. Therefore, do not delay the repair.

Immediately dismantle the pump:

  • Disconnect the machine from the network and communications.
  • Open the door and remove the baskets from the tank.
  • Remove the drain filter.
  • Remove the five screws around the filter.
  • Turn the dishwasher "on the back."
  • Unscrew the pan( if any).
  • Loosen the clamps and remove the connections and hoses from the unit.

  • Disconnect the wiring.
  • Pull the unit up and off the hooks.

Disassembly of the circulation pump can be started:

  • Disconnect the heater unit.
  • Remove the impeller and anchor.
  • Using tweezers, remove the bearing as well as the rubber gasket behind it.

  • If the bearing is worn and visible development, it is urgently to be replaced.
  • Gasket can not be changed if it is in good condition.

Install the new bearing and fold the unit in reverse order.

When the circulating pump is running and does not turn off, the problem is in the control board. The triac that controls the unit does not work. This means that the board cannot signal the pump to shut off.

You can inspect the electronic module yourself, but the master should be engaged in diagnostics and repair.

Drain pump

Checking the circulation unit, you understand that something is buzzing in the car again. If the noise starts when water is drained, then you need to remove the pump. You already know how to disassemble an dishwasher.

Disconnect the drain pump from the unit and measure the resistance with a multimeter. If the resistance is OK, then disassemble the part and check each element. It is not expensive pump, so there is no difficulty in replacing.

After performing the diagnostics and replacing the defective parts, reassemble the machine. Video will help you:

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