Wall Washer: review stiralki Daewoo DWD-CV702S

There is only one effective recipe for success: doing things you love, putting in his maximum time and effort. It should be in the form of: a good rest, take care of yourself, dress neatly. On chores around the house does not have enough energy, and comes to the rescue appliances.

New Market - Wall washer that can solve the problems associated with washing. We will understand what is good and to whom such a model is suitable.

The content of the article:

  • Wall mounted model? What for?
  • The apparatus and the features of DWD-CV702S
  • Pros and cons of wall construction
  • Features of operation and installation rules
  • The best offers on the market

Wall mounted model? What for?

Wall appliances - it's convenient, and certainly the establishment of such washing machines conceived by many manufacturers. However, to realize the project and to launch a working model has so far been only one company - Daewoo.

Tiny wall machine DWD-CV702S is on sale. It can be found in large shopping centers and order in some online stores. However, the model comes infrequently. Not every store, where in the catalog the mounted washing machine DWD-CV702S, it is available.

DWD-CV701PS - special model

There is a huge variety of models of washing machines. Each of them is good in its own way, but all have one common characteristic - method of installation. They are mounted on the floor. DWD-CV701PS fundamentally different: the model is fixed to the wall

Not so many of our compatriots have acquired a unique washing machine, but still enough of them, so you can see the results of test drives, user reviews and make your own findings. Like any household appliances, DWD-CV702S has its drawbacks, limitations and operating features.

To take a sober decision on whether to purchase, it makes sense to compare the model with other types of washing machines:

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Floor model with front loading

Machines are ideal for installation in a furniture set. That is why the equipment is often installed in the kitchen. The hostess can watch the washing through the transparent window and turn off the machine, if you have any concerns. Another plus: the model cheaper analogues with vertical load

Floor model with vertical load

Typically, such models are smaller than the machines with frontal load. That's a plus. You can save bathroom space by size technology also does not have to make room to open the door. On the other hand, the upper machine part is nonfunctional. The cover does not get used as shelves

The narrow floor model washing machine

Models exceptionally beautiful, perfectly fit into the interior of even the smallest bathroom. The ergonomic design can be used as a kind of additional support for shelves, light shells

Full model AddWash function

Full washing machines are considered, in which the drum is able to accommodate up to 12 kg of laundry. Particularly suitable model AddWash function. This door, in which a separate small "window". Through it you can add items during washing. Unconditional advantage - a large volume of drum

Floor model with front loading

Floor model with front loading

Floor model with vertical load

Floor model with vertical load

The narrow floor model washing machine

The narrow floor model washing machine

Full model AddWash function

Full model AddWash function

The wall model has a frontal way to the laundry load, as in conventional machines. However, it is not necessary to release a lot of space to open the door. Since the washing machine is hanging on the wall, the door is open, even in a state almost does not interfere with the movement of the bathroom.

Placing mounted models bathroom

Hinged design is quite possible to mount over the bath, toilet, sink or kitchen table. If a machine is furniture or plumbing, the door will not interfere with walking, and the risk of hitting her head is minimal. The main thing - to get used to hanging technique

Skinny models are compact and save space, but they are still standing on the floor, which prevents a complete cleaning. In addition, the problem of space for opening the door remains unresolved. If we compare the capacity bottlenecks and wall models, it is almost the same.

Floor model over the toilet

The urgency wall washing machines obvious. Some of the "craftsmen" are so desperate that in trying to save space on the floor models set fixtures. It is not only potentially dangerous, but also ugly. Wall stiralka solves the problem

According roominess wall machine Full uniquely inferior models. If you need to wash a lot of things at the same time, a hinged device can not cope with the task. In this case, it is better not to experiment and to buy a traditional floor model with a drum, designed for 5-12 kg.

Stylish design model

Although the wall machine in some ways inferior to the floor model, it has its advantages: cost-effective power consumption, light weight, compact, stylish, ultra-modern design

As for the quality of washing, the wall can be compared to a car with a floor model of class B. It is this technique should in most Russian flats. The mounted unit is inferior machines Class A by the number of functions, the quality of the wash and spin.

The apparatus and the features of DWD-CV702S

The first and only wall model DWD-CV702S appeared in 2012 and has not yet put on stream. In Russia, the novelty purchase difficult, but possible.

The reason why the model has not yet been breaking all records of popularity, is its inaccessibility, as not every store has included it in its range. Those who managed to buy DWD-CV702S, noted some deficiencies, but overall satisfied.

Practical wall model stiralki

Korean company Daewoo managed to surprise the customers not only features a new mounting of the washing machine, but rather a wide range of functional

Washing machine is in the form of brilliant parallelepiped with rounded corners - in the best traditions of the futuristic. Dimensions: 55x29x60 cm. Loading drum - the front, and the door is made of transparent plastic, which is visible through the silver parts. In appearance it resembles a porthole.

Bright shiny surface of the optically expand the space, and even a small bathroom seem larger, cleaner. Design model is ideal for rooms decorated in a modern style, high-tech minimalism.

Installing the machine on plumbing

The model itself weighs 16.5 kg. Even taking into account the laundry and the water it is not difficult to 50-60 kg. This simplifies installation and allows you to set the machine on the wall fixtures. Ultra-reliable fastening, but if suddenly fail, then the fall of the device damage will be minimal

Ease of use - an important factor. If the machine is mounted on the wall, taking into account the growth of the owner, it is much easier to load the laundry than in the floor model. In addition, things weighing less than 3 kg, which makes it easier.

The compartments of the detergent powder and the air conditioner is shaped like a spoon, thereby very convenient for dosing granular and liquid detergent. Company-manufacturer took care of the safety of customers and thoughtful child safety system. It is activated by pressing the "Program" plus "Rinse" and "Spin" and holding them for 5 seconds.

The device is a mini wall stiralki

When you connect the need to monitor the location of the drain hose. The hinged mini-car is no pump, the water is drained by gravity. If the hose is kinked, the unit will also fail

Functionality includes several programs:

  • in cold water;
  • baby clothes;
  • delicate things;
  • Cotton 40 degrees;
  • Cotton 60 degrees.

You can run the device without washing - only mode rinse and spin (700 rev / min..). After washing things remain damp, but they are not dripping water.

Wall model as a complement to the floor

The model is perfect as an additional washing machine (and it is the best option), but in many cases can be used as a main

Bonuses for picky buyers - quiet operation of the inverter motor, the almost total absence of vibration and cellular coverage drum-saving gentle and delicate fabrics.

Pros and cons of wall construction

Hanging washing mini-car has several significant advantages over the floor analogues:

  • High build quality. Many Korean home appliances in quality compared with their European counterparts. Hanging washing machine assembled on the conscience.
  • quiet operation. One of the main complaints about the washing machine - a lot of noise during the spin cycle. Wall model makes sounds during operation, but they can not be heard in the next room. It can be erased at any time, without the risk of waking the family.
  • No vibration. Another problem faced by owners stiralok - vibration. For hanging model it would be really dangerous, because design can simply be broken off the wall during the spin cycle. The developers have done everything the company Daewoo to pay off the vibration. They used special seals.
  • Ease of cleaning. Floor models exclude the possibility of cleaning underneath. To wash floors, had to move bulky equipment. With the suspension design is no such difficulties: there is nothing stopping quality cleaning.
  • Ease of loading. To put laundry in the machine or get after washing, do not have to bend, which is inconvenient, and elderly people with a bad back, or even to pregnant women and the sick. If properly mount a mini-car, you can load things with the maximum comfort.
  • economy. Washing programs of the new model reduced, so the water and power consumption is minimal.
  • ergonomic design. Model Compact, stylish looks. Designed so that the device does not clutter the space, and thanks to the rounded corners of it can not be hurt.

Among the shortcomings emit a small amount of the drum and the highest quality of washing. Model is really not suitable for a large family, and washed and spun worse floor vehicles of class A. But it is indispensable if you need to quickly tidy up things after work.

The main disadvantage of the wall of the washing machine

By and large, the main drawback mounted washing machine - overpriced. Such a purchase can afford to poor people who do not have to wash things in large quantities

With the installation and connection may be difficult. Self-install mini-car is difficult, even though the light weight and the presence of the manufacturer's instructions. Experts with experience of similar work a little bit, because the model appeared recently and is not very popular. This automatically leads to an increase in the cost of services.

Compact electro-assistant is ideal for bachelor apartments. In the lonely people looking for order in the house, rarely accumulate mountains of laundry. They usually prefer to wash things as pollution. The volume of the drum kit is enough for everyday wear or bed linen.

Curtain model in tight bathroom

In small apartments is sometimes not a single superfluous square centimeter, and the washing machine is simply nowhere to install. Mounted model can be a real salvation

Mounted model is great for families with small children where mothers have to walk after each wash soiled things. However, it is hardly possible to rely solely on the curtain the baby. It is desirable to have more volume and a standard model for washing curtains, bedding, blankets.

A unique little one can be installed not only at home or at the cottage. Yacht - a good place, according to one of the buyers:

Features of operation and installation rules

Hanging washing machine mini works just like a standard floor. The difference for the user only in the place of the device placement.

Manufacturer attached a detailed operating instructions and installation instructions. It is written in Korean, but it is further illustrated, so it is possible to understand.

Original manufacturer's instructions

The company Daewoo has taken care to buyers DWD-CV702S properly use the machine. The manual provides a detailed list of components with their image. It is impossible to get lost (+)

If you are installing should follow a few rules:

  • Be sure to check the packaging model. The technical documentation described and shown the necessary details. All of them, including fixing anchor bolts should be complete. Only use them and not attempt to replace the counterparts of other manufacturers.
  • Install wall-mounted on main wall. Although the machine itself weighs a bit, it can not be fastened to the drywall. During operation, it can be broken.
  • Follow the instructions when connecting to the water supply. Make sure that the water supply system is working perfectly, and connect the machine only after that. Use hoses, hose connection.
  • Consider features. provided a short hose to connect to the sewer, so the distance should be small.
  • Take care of comfort. Install the U-shaped drain elbow. This will prevent the occurrence of unpleasant odors during washing.

The Internet is a video installation DWD-CV702S. It explained in detail how to make sure that the wall is suitable for fitting the pattern, and describes how to work.

Watch Video Installation with Russian subtitles:

The best offers on the market

For the convenience of always having to pay - it is an axiom. Curtain washing machine DWD-CV702S - the first swallow.

Leading manufacturers are unlikely to be restrained by the South Korean company, and soon there will be cheaper analogues of other brands. Aware of the shortcomings of the first model, you can keep track of how to cope with them competing firms, and choose the perfect curtain washing machine for your home.

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