Spark arrestor on the chimney: how to make the device with your hands

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Individual heating in addition to the benefits has a significant drawback - a fire hazard. The risk of fire is significantly increased when the furnace is achieved in the process of high temperature and fire sparks fly with great force from the pipe.

It is with this problem will help to cope spark arrestor on the chimney - the device prevents the spread of dangerous sparks. The device has a simple structure, so make it and install it is really your own.

We'll show you how the spark arrester, describe the features of different models, we present a step by step instruction on manufacturing and mounting hardware. The stated information will help accomplish all the work yourself, saving money to buy a finished product and a challenge to master.

The content of the article:

  • A few words about the structure and operation of the instrument
    • Why do I need a quencher sparks
    • The structure and operation of the spark arrestor
  • Types of devices for extinguishing sparks
  • Step by step construction of the spark arrestor
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    • The choice of models and materials
    • Production of the prototype spark arrestor
    • Build products with their own hands
    • Installing and fixing device
  • Features care spark arrestor
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

A few words about the structure and operation of the instrument

Sparks damper put on the chimney, will be a real boon, especially if the house or bathhouse located near the forest. After all, the fiery spark in windy weather can easily overcome a 300-meter distance up to nearby pines.

And this is a direct threat of fire from which to insure themselves and their property by placing a protective device on the chimney.

Why do I need a quencher sparks

Device for extinguishing sparks necessary if the materials which can easily ignite in contact with them sparks were used for roofing. Of course, this decorative cover - this is not the best choice. But, in practice, often neglect safety in order to realize the original design ideas.

A spark arrester is required if the area of ​​territory is a building baths, saunas and other facilities where you plan to warm up to a high temperature. The tree from which the walls are made baths can easily be ignited by accidental spark.

roofing material is not lit.

Well, when the roofing is selected refractory material which can withstand repeated collision with fire sparks

And of course, when the house is equipped with a private heating system and hot water supply. Here, the boiler will heat up to a high temperature to ensure that the demand for heat and hot water. Without installing damper sparks chimney arrangement we can not do.

Sparks fly at street

When the heating of the boiler is formed a high fever, and the sparkle of the direct chimney easy to take off the street, forming a breathtakingly awesome sight

The structure and operation of the spark arrestor

A device for extinguishing sparks has a simple structure and simple principle. Depending on the model, the spark arrester will vary its structure and appearance.

However, in all embodiments is the presence of common metal element, made of a mesh or a solid sheet. Also, there is the foundation on which all other parts are attached and the cover, which prevents the free escape of sparks.

The structure of the spark arrestor

Components: 1 - body, 2 - Net, 3 - spark suppression element 4 - a cover. Device for breaking and extinguishing sparks may have a different structure. A role as a spark arrester may perform mesh, and one-piece metal plate (+)

The operating principle of the spark arrester is to prevent the free movement of sparks flying across the chimney. This is facilitated by its structure, provides multiple change of direction of motion sparks running across various obstacles.

So, hit the metal net with fine mesh, a spark is broken, its speed is reduced, and the direction of change. Repeated collision with another obstacle to the metal surface structure, a spark, and all can go out and not taken off outside the chimney.

The operating principle of the spark arrestor

It is important that the spark arrester is designed to be free movement of gases, but prevented the movement of sparks

Grid of stainless steel with fine mesh is able to prevent sparks, but it will not affect the free movement of gases outside the flue.

Types of devices for extinguishing sparks

Spark arresters are of different shape, size. Yes, and the element responsible for the extinction of sparks, is different. Moreover, you can buy in the store ready to spark arrestor on the chimney or to make his own hands. It all depends on the skill and personal desire.

A spark arrester deflector +

Often use the instrument 2 in one - a spark arrestor + deflector that can get rid of sparks and add traction

You can buy a ready to install the spark arrester on the chimney, to choose the most attractive model. The benefit of manufacturers offer a variety of options, which differ not only in appearance, but also the price.

Moreover, the better the performance of the material used in the manufacture of the device, the higher will be its cost.

metal cap

The metal cap is the budget proposal. Yes, and make their own hands it will be easy

Most often used by such spark arrestors:

  • cap of a metal grid on the well head pipe;
  • deflector with a metal mesh;
  • Deflector with skirt for extinguishing sparks.

These are the most popular options spark arresters, which is easy if you want to build with their own hands. And a simple structure will be on hand at independent manufacturing. We just need to properly prepare and make preliminary measurements.

image gallery

Photo of

factory model spark arrestor

sparks damper may have the most intricate form, sold by the manufacturer. But its purpose instrument performs excellent

A spark arrester made of stainless steel

It may be several layers of mesh with a mesh of different diameters that allow sparks good break, regardless of the direction of its movement

n-shaped baffle as the spark arrestor

Sometimes homeowners to install their chimneys deflector n-shaped type. Its special shape allows multiple collision sparks obstacles

Deflector with skirt for extinguishing sparks

deflector model, supplemented by a wide skirt bottom, provides damping of sparks, departing after overcoming obstacles

factory model spark arrestor

factory model spark arrestor

A spark arrester made of stainless steel

A spark arrester made of stainless steel

n-shaped baffle as the spark arrestor

n-shaped baffle as the spark arrestor

Deflector with skirt for extinguishing sparks

Deflector with skirt for extinguishing sparks

A variety of solutions for extinguishing sparks allows you to choose the best option for your chimney. Moreover, not only in appearance, but at a price, which is an important factor when selecting a model.

Various models of spark arresters

Among the various models of spark arresters offered by manufacturers, you can choose the right and its own likeness make the device using the materials at hand

Step by step construction of the spark arrestor

For the self-assembly of the device for extinguishing sparks need simple materials, tools, and a couple of hours of free time. Moreover, it is possible to choose an optimal model, shape and size. Yes, and the choice of material is unlimited - the quality of the final device will be an order of magnitude higher than purchased.

The choice of models and materials

First you need to decide which model will serve as a spark arrester. From this flow of materials, the tools and the time required for manufacturing the device will depend.

A simple spark arrestor

If you decide to make a spark arrester, consisting of a lid and a metal pipe, there is a lot of time is not required - all quickly and easily

When will produce a spark arrester deflector functions, you need to:

  • take your measurements with the inner surface of the chimney - diameter;
  • prepare metal sheets of stainless steel pipes;
  • if necessary, buy a metal grid with the desired cells;
  • prepare tools - metal shears, grinders, drill, pliers, hammer, pencil, compass, Riveter, ruler, paper;
  • purchase the desired metal clamp diameter rivets.

If there prokatochny machine, the product received almost as a factory. Otherwise, do not worry - all work can be done with a hammer.

Also, if there is no riveting, you can use the welding machine. The main thing is not to burn the extra holes in the connection joints.

image gallery

Photo of

pipes for manufacturing the spark arrestor

The pipe should be chosen with the same diameter as the chimney itself. After subsequently spark arrester is worn on the flue pipe

Riveting machine

It is advisable to rivet machine was of good quality, otherwise it simply can not cope with their work and have to use alternatives for the connection joints

Set of tools

The tools that will be needed for the manufacture of the spark arrester, depending on the model chosen, as well as a set of consumables

Stainless Steel Sheets

Stainless steel sheet can be selected solid or perforated, in the form of mesh. The main thing that the cells were no more than 5 mm

pipes for manufacturing the spark arrestor

pipes for manufacturing the spark arrestor

Riveting machine

Riveting machine

Set of tools

Set of tools

Stainless Steel Sheets

Stainless Steel Sheets

In choosing the material should be preferred stainless steel sheets. Moreover, it may be solid and perforated, which may be used instead of the metal mesh. The thickness of the sheet should not exceed 5 mm - with a thick material is difficult to work.

Metal mesh also better to take the stainless steel, giving preference to the one which has a mesh size of 4-5 mm. The larger size of the openings is not as effective against sparks, while too small cells can obstruct the free movement of gas and smoke.

stainless steel wire mesh

The optimum mesh size of the metal mesh stainless steel - 3-5 mm. If their size is less than 1 mm, it is better to buy another grid

Production of the prototype spark arrestor

When the spark arrester model is selected, you are ready to plotting on paper in advance to take your measurements. For this useful paper, compasses, pencil and ruler. It is important to perform all life size and accurate - it will continue to be used as a prototype of the final product.

When all the items on paper drawn should be added at the edges 1-2 cm - is allowances for connection parts between the components.

Paper spark arrester prototype

A paper prototype can not do if there is an experience of manufacturing vents and other devices for the home

After a pair of scissors must cut the paper prototype and assemble all - it will allow to evaluate the appearance of a future product. It is at this point, you can make adjustments. If you are satisfied, the diameter of the pipe is suitable, then you can proceed to the depiction of the details of the metal material.

Build products with their own hands

The necessary details of which will be assembled spark arrestor, after a sketch should be carefully cut with scissors for metal. This is likely to be an umbrella, stripes, umbrella holder stainless steel cylinder of mesh, a metal pipe cut the proper diameter.

If you forgot to buy the pipe, can be of stainless steel of the continuous sheet to cut the desired part and collect it using a rivet mechanism with rivets.

model spark arrestor

The number and name of the parts depends on the model you have to collect - it is easier than, the less likely you will need

Then have to collect all the details one by one and fasten them together using the Riveter. If no such tool, welding machine can be used for the connection. In this case, the allowances for joints required less than 2 cm and the seam had an attractive appearance, it will further process the grinder.

When assembling the spark arrester is important to consider the peculiarities of a particular model. If it's just a spark arrester functions without the deflector, the gaps between the parts should not be - all the sparks flying out of the chimney should meet an obstacle in its path.

homemade spark arrestor

At an improvised spark arrester shape of the skirt can be anything - until the square. The main thing is that the outer edges are slightly raised

When the damper is going to spark deflector function, you must first build himself a deflector. After - at the bottom of the base at a distance of 6 cm from the lower edge of the upper nozzle holes with a drill to make connections with the skirt.

Detail of sheet made of stainless steel in the form of plates with raised outer edges.

Metal skirt spark arrestor

The metal skirt or plate in the form of plates with folded edges and a middle hole for tube-deflector spark arrestor

Sometimes handyman instead damper facilities sparks, improve the chimney.

Types manipulation depends on the type and shape of the tube:

  • a metal bore holes in the upper portion and completely cover the headroom solid stainless steel cap;
  • If the chimney square shape, the top simply attach the metal grid;
  • reduce craving a bit, closing the valve to reduce sparking.

The first option is the most time-consuming. And the holes will still eventually get clogged with soot and require cleaning. Therefore it is better to choose an option in which the spark arrester is easily removed.

image gallery

Photo of

Grid on kiprichnom chimney

For curved end walls of the chimney is often used a grid, which put directly on the pipe, choosing a convenient way to mount

Large holes do not extinguish the spark

Large holes are not able to extinguish the spark. For this to be put on the chimney additional mesh metal cylinder with small-cell - up to 5 mm

Simple damper sparks

With sufficient dexterity and accuracy of the finished result can come out better than bought in a specialty store

Fine mesh metal grid

Fine mesh metal grid capable to extinguish sparks, preventing them from entering the roof and nearby buildings

Grid on kiprichnom chimney

Grid on kiprichnom chimney

Large holes do not extinguish the spark

Large holes do not extinguish the spark

Simple damper sparks

Simple damper sparks

Fine mesh metal grid

Fine mesh metal grid

Installing and fixing device

When work on the assembly completed spark arrester, to be the last step - setting it on the chimney. You will need to climb onto the roof, and if the height of the pipe is quite large, it will invite the assistant.

Install spark arrestor

When installing a spark arrester is better to use personal protective equipment for the respiratory system, to not breathe combustion products

To install the required rivet mechanism with rivets or metal clamp. Sometimes you can find tips masters, offering not just fooling and welded to the pipe chimney spark arrestor. This is bad advice - according to the rules of fire safety design of this element should be removable.

Therefore it is best to use the clamp the required diameter, which will securely fasten the spark arrester on the chimney.

Clamp for mounting

Clamp allows tightly secure the damper on the tube sparks. Moreover, it is convenient to shoot if necessary to clean the grid with smoke and debris

If the installation of rivet used, the pre-bore holes at the desired distance on the tube and on the spark arrester. Then, the product itself is put on the chimney and put rivets riveting. Okay, so that they are made of stainless steel. This will extend the service life.

Features care spark arrestor

The complexity of care device for extinguishing sparks, mounted on the chimney it depends on the model chosen by the building owner.

First option - cap of a metal grid. In this case, will periodically check its state - it can become clogged with combustion products, other debris, brought by the wind.

This grid, especially when the fuel is used for heating with a high resin content, need to be cleaned of soot and burnt quite often. Also, if the material for the production was chosen cheaper soon need to replace the spark arrestor new.

mesh installed as a damper

When procleaning structure in which the mesh is set as a damper designed for collision with sparks will disassemble construction. And it is certain inconveniences

Frequent trips to the roof to clean the mesh and can hardly be called an enjoyable experience. Yes, even when from time to time need to change the metal grid on the chimney. Therefore, it is better to choose a high-quality material for the manufacture of the spark arrester.

The second option - baffle with mesh inside. There also need to periodically clean the metal grid cells clogged combustion products. The more debris collects on the mesh itself an element of the device, the harder it will be the process of removing smoke. And it is fraught with serious trouble.

The third option - Deflector with skirt. There will periodically check to the leaves, butterflies and birds are not shut down small holes used to remove water from rain and melting snow. Remove the device from his workplace and do not have to be cleaned. This is the simplest model of service.

The fourth option - spark arrestors made of metal alloys prone to corrosion. Such products very quickly come into disrepair. This should be taken into account at the stage of selection of the material.

To protect themselves from the need to construct the spark arrester annually, better immediately choose a quality stainless steel 5 mm thick. The same applies to the metal mesh - it must be resistant to wear, the best stainless steel.

The grid for the manufacture of absorber sparks

Grid for producing sparks absorber must be heat-resistant, wear-resistant walls with a thickness of 5 mm

spark arrester test is mandatory when chimney cleaning.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

As the spark arrester can be used deflector, wherein the protective plate further mounted - with raised edges skirt encircling device. On this model in the video:

About the features of the spark arrester and its structure in the video clip:

Step by step improvement of the deflector, which is obtained from a great spark arrestor. What do I need to tell the video:

Overview of the finished model net absorber of sparks, which is ready to be installed on the chimney in the video clip:

Sparks damper on the chimney is a vital tool that can protect property and people's lives. And the price does not bite - the more so that the spark arrester can be made with your own hands, using the materials at hand.

This precaution will help to protect the house from accidental ignition. After escaping from the chimney spark will go out, breaking the way through the metal instrument.

Any questions, or have a desire to share personal experiences of manufacturing the spark arrestor on the chimney? Please leave comments on this article. For reviews can attach a picture of your homemade - feedback form located below.

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