Proper cultivation of cucumber varieties Emerald flow f1

Cucumbers, perhaps the most popular garden crop in the world. Their demand stimulates breeders to invent new and improved varieties. Such innovative varieties include a variety of cucumbers Emerald Flow , which is fascinating with its name alone.

  • Contentsis a popular hybrid of early ripening.

    We owe his birth to Moscow breeders I.N.Dubinina, S.V.Dubinin and A.N.Lukyanenko. This variety was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation in 2007.

    It positions itself as a very universal crop, which can be grown both in open ground and in greenhouses. The growth of this plant is possible in all regions of our vast country.

    The culture is suitable for growing in the spring – summer period and in the summer – autumn season .

    The plant is resistant to summer heat, as well as to spring and autumn coolness. Crop begin to collect in 40-45 days after planting seeds.

    The variety is universal, can be grown in greenhouses and open ground.

    . The plant is very unpretentious to care, vigorous,

    requires mandatory garter .For this fit mesh, trellis and any other supports.

    Leaves saturated green. On one bush 4-5 fruits can be formed simultaneously.

    Cylindrical fruit, long , often curved. The tuberosity is average. The length of the fruit can reach up to 50 cm, but they are very thin and elegant. By weight the largest fruits reach 300 grams.

    The rind is a thin saturated green color with barely noticeable whitish stripes. The taste of vegetables is excellent: the fruits are sweet and juicy, crispy and fragrant. Genetically, there is no bitterness in cucumbers.

    Productivity high .With normal care, up to 7 kg of ripe fruits are harvested from one square meter. Fruiting is very long, the plant actively fruits until the first frost and snow.

    This variety can be grown not only in open areas and in greenhouses, but also on balconies. Only in this case it is necessary to take into account the fact that the plant is tall and powerful and it will require quite a lot of space.

    Tastes of vegetables excellent .It is best to use them fresh, in the form of salads. It is not only tasty, but also very convenient because you can make a salad for a whole family from one cucumber.

    The taste of fruits is in perfect harmony in salted, pickled or pickled form. But the large size does not always allow to place the cucumbers in the banks, except that cutting them into several pieces.

    But in the form of salads rolled up in jars for the winter period, this variety is quite acceptable. Cucumbers will be juicy and crispy in any form.

    The variety is suitable for fresh consumption, as well as for salting

    . This culture is genetically characterized by high resistance to drought and temperature differences , as well as to various diseases, including mildew and mildew. Well bears this variety even in the shade.

    Reviews of vegetable growers indicate that this species does not like spider mites and aphids.

    Even if other cucumber varieties grow in the vicinity of the Emerald Stream, which have been attacked by aphids and mites, our variety will be unaffected.

    The most delicious are fruits up to 25 cm , they are very tender and sweet. Vegetables cannot grow over 50 cm.

    Otherwise, vegetables will begin to thicken, crack and turn yellow, significantly losing their taste.

    The advantages and disadvantages of cucumber

    This variety has many advantages:

    1. High yield.
    2. Excellent taste of the fruit.
    3. Long fruiting period.
    4. Resistance to various diseases and pests.
    5. Universality in fruit growing.
    6. Long shelf life.
    7. Drought tolerance and cold resistance.

    But our variety has its drawbacks:

    1. Root rot capability.
    2. The relatively large size of the fruit, which creates certain inconveniences when canning.
    Advantages of the variety: high yields, long periods of fruiting and storage

    Features of growing

    There are two ways to grow our vegetable: seed and transplanting .Experienced growers are advised to grow the crop in several stages, long periods of fruiting will allow it.

    To begin with, you can grow seedlings and in the 3-4 phase of these leaves you can plant it in the greenhouse.

    This can be done in March. The next step is to grow cucumbers in the open ground.

    Soil Requirements

    Plants are planted in open ground only after the end of night frosts. The soil should warm up to 15-18 degrees.

    Regardless of the cultivation methods, the soil should be breathable .The site for future planting of cucumbers should be fertilized in autumn.

    For this, the soil is cleaned from last year’s weeds and plants, then any organic fertilizer is applied and only then dug up.

    If you could not feed the site in the fall, you can do it in the spring.

    The site for future planting of cucumbers should be fertilized in the fall or spring, digging up

    . Specifics of planting

    . To plant seeds in the soil must first be properly loosened.3-4 plants are placed on one square meter.

    Sunflower seeds are planted in the wells, without deepening them more than 3 cm. Experts recommend sowing 2-3 seeds in each well. If everything is sprouting, it is necessary to thin the sprouts.

    Plant Care

    Organic fertilizers, nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers are excellent fertilizers. It is strictly forbidden to use chlorine-containing fertilizers.

    It is necessary to feed the plant throughout the entire growing season. slurry, urea solution, superphosphates are suitable for this.

    Any variety of cucumber loves cleanliness. Therefore, the site must be regularly removed from weeds and loosen the soil.

    Cucumbers are 90% water, which is why needs to regularly water it. For our variety, watering should be abundant, as the size of the fruit is impressive.

    Watering the plant is necessary in the evening with settled warm water. But we can not allow excessive stagnation of water under the bushes. This is fraught with rotting root system.

    Watering should be regular and abundant, in the evening, settled with warm water.

    Diseases and pests

    The emerald stream is famous for its high resistance to cladosporia, downy mildew and other common diseases.

    In extremely rare cases, the plant can infect aphids, or spider mites .You need to deal with them with the help of special insecticides.

    But the root rot, this type of cucumber is highly susceptible to .To avoid this, you should follow all recommendations for watering and avoid stagnation of water under the bushes.

    Harvesting and Storage

    The crop should be harvested daily or every other day by .Ripe fruits are torn gently so as not to damage the ovary. Store the harvest in a cool ventilated area.

    Cucumbers The Emerald Flow will provide you and your loved ones with an excellent harvest of tasty and fragrant fruits, right up to the first frost. It is only important to adhere to the above rules and recommendations.

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