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Nature itself laid the love for plants and flowers in a person. People are fascinated by planting and caring for gladioli in pots, they admire the magnificent flowers, inhale the floral scent, watch their growth and development. Even indoors, a person tends to surround himself with beautiful live plants. Flower gladiolus due to the bulk and long root belongs to the garden crops. But breeders were able to bring out special varieties of gladioli suitable for cultivation, both at home and on the street.

The rules of planting gladioli in pots

Gladiolus flower, due to its magnificence and beauty, is called "the dream of a gladiator."According to an ancient legend, gladiolus is considered a flower of gladiators who did not want to fight with rivals. Until now, gladiolus is a symbol of friendship, nobility and memory!

How to plant gladiolus in a pot:

  1. The choice of planting capacity. It should be spacious pots, pots, pots or containers with a diameter of 20 to 30 cm and a depth of 30-40 cm.
  2. Drainage is mandatory. Excess moisture is harmful to gladioli, so the drainage material at the base of the tank and special holes in the bottom of the pot are mandatory conditions for a beautiful and powerful flower.
  3. Soil base. Airy and structural soil is suitable for planting and caring for gladioli in pots. Even for high-quality growth of plants, the earth should be nutritious and moisture-consuming.
  4. Planting material. For planting, you should choose only healthy whole bulbs, suitable varieties with a stem height of not more than 50 cm( miniature or small-flowered).
  5. Dropout Time. The time range for planting gladioli is quite wide - from the end of March to mid-May.
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Gladioli are planted in pots in March, and landing closer to the summer is not prohibited in mid-April and early May. The onion is deepened into planting soil by 10 or 12 cm, and the distance between them should not exceed 5-6 cm. After 2 or 3 weeks, you will be able to enjoy the first shoots. An ideal place for pots with gladioli, where it is windless, sunny and warm, rainwater should not fall on the plants. To better understand the technology, watch the video of planting gladioli in pots.

Cultivation of gladioli at home and on the street.

Gladiolus belongs to the iris family, there are about 5,000 varieties in the world, varying in shape, type and color. A distinctive feature of gladioli is a long flowering period and a long life after cutting.

Can I plant gladioli in pots? Yes, this flower is great for gardening balconies and loggias, flower pots can be put on the paths in the garden and at the dacha, the lush flowering can transform an apartment and a private house. For every amateur gardener or professional grower, cultivating gladioli will be an interesting and exciting activity, and if you follow all the rules, you can achieve a stunning effect - long-term and lush flowering until autumn.

Continuous flowering of gladioli is maintained by planting additional seed roots in pots, pots or containers every 2 weeks. This method is ideal for stunted varieties of gladiolus.

Care for flowers gladioli without errors

Cultivation of gladioli in pots is suitable for dwarf, miniature, small-flowered and medium-flowered varieties of gladioli. This allows a person to decorate his house and balcony, to dissolve beautiful gladioli in the country and in the flower bed, plant flowers in hanging pots and floor vases. Decorative properties of gladiolus are preserved under the condition of sufficient moisture of the soil, an excess of moisture can destroy the plant. Watering at home should be carried out at intervals of 3 times a week. On hot days it is necessary to water the flowers twice a day - in the morning and evening. It will be useful to sprinkle the soil with mulch, which retains moisture well and protects from mold.

Proper fertilizing is the key to a long and beautiful flowering of gladioli.

Mineral mixtures based on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, organic fertilizers and substances to stimulate growth are suitable for this. The first dressing can be done at the stage of the third leaf, the second time the fertilizer is applied when the sixth leaf grows. Further, the fertilizer should be carried out during the formation of inflorescences.

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Gladiolus in pots on the street - requirements:

  1. Preparation of .Experts recommend soaking seed before planting in a solution of potassium permanganate with a concentration of 0.1% for half an hour.
  2. Landing. The rules for planting in outdoor conditions remain the same: sufficient for the width and depth of the tank for disembarkation, drainage to the bottom, fertile and loose soil. Planting is allowed to a depth of 10-12 cm from the end of March to the end of May, observing a small interval between gladiolus bulbs.
  3. Watering. Land in containers dries faster than open ground, so the soil in a pot or flowerpot should be well moistened, but without excess moisture. Therefore, watering plants should be based on the ambient conditions and air humidity. The root system of gladioli needs a systematic loosening of the soil, the formation of a crust adversely affects the development of the plant and the quality of the flowers.
  4. Feeding. Fertilize gladioli should be under the root and outside the root system. Mineral fertilizers are applied 4 times - on the 3rd leaflet, on the 6th leaflet, the next - when budding and at the beginning of flowering. Organic substances are introduced if necessary, growth stimulants are introduced twice during the summer season - these may be Zircon and Appin preparations.
  5. Protection. Diseases are often attacked by gladioli in pots while planting and caring for them. Prevention and careful observation of the flower will avoid the death of gladiolus from pests.
  6. Loosening. The unique flower gladiolus loves light and air-saturated soil. With the formation on the surface of the crust, the process of rotting may begin, as a result, the plant will die or lose its spectacular appearance. It is necessary to loosen the ground around the stem around the perimeter of the pot.
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Due to the external similarity of gladiolus sheets with swords, its second name is the sword. These delicate and elegant flowers are versatile - they can be grown outdoors on the street or in the garden, as well as indoors on a window sill, balcony or loggia. The incredible flowering of gladioli can be maintained throughout the summer until the very cold, subject to the conscientious and error-free care of them.

Video about gladioli in a flowerpot

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