Connecting the chandeliers to the double switch: + installation scheme rules

Chandelier not only complements the overall design of the room, but also serves as a source of light in the dark. However, the maximum possible level of illumination is not used as often. In most of the economy mode is used when only part of the functions of lamps.

Connecting the chandeliers to the double switch allows you to control, ensuring comfortable lighting. Learn the basic rules and circuit wiring can get to work.

The content of the article:

  • Safety first
  • The use of double switches
  • The device design with two keys
    • Model self-locking terminals
    • Features screwless connection model
    • Installing screw contacts
  • Validation wiring
  • Decoding of marking electrical wires
  • Embodiments of compounds
  • How to connect the chandelier?
  • The use of the ground wire
  • Connecting the halogen lamp
  • Useful videos on the topic

Safety first

Working with the electrical wiring must be done in compliance with safety and endurance clear sequence of actions.

The first wiring blackout rules concern during trimming and wire stripper, the operating switch mechanism mounting, connection conductors in the terminals, and so on. D.

Set of tools
The main aspect that should focus attention in the performance of household electrical work - contact with bare wires. All actions should be performed after switching off the general switch and the use of special tools

However, to determine the presence of wires desired power is still required, so the work should be the most careful and follow all the action only with special tools with high quality insulation handles.

Wiring plan Switch
The figure shows that a double switch suitable conductor 3, one of them directed from the distributor, and the rest used to contact with the chandelier. Wiring Aluminum and presented three-core wire

Mounting dual switch is carried out only in the phase conductor break. When the inspection of the diagram are permitted to enable and disable lighting only when the insulation exposed veins and their eventual consolidation.

The use of double switches

Connecting the chandeliers to the electrical circuit breaker to a double allows both involve alternate group of lamps, and include a full-power lighting devices.

In this two-phase device may operate by interacting with just two groups, in which the number of lamps is not limited.

How to connect to a chandelier dvuhklavishnik
With dvuhklavishnogo device can connect any two lighting groups requiring parallel or alternately turned on. In this scheme hardly undergoes changes

This adjustment fittings can be used in a private home, where the first line of external feeds lighting, and the second - a corridor, as in apartments, distributing power between the two rooms bathrooms.

Dvuhklavishny switch - a pair of one-button manned in a single housing, and therefore the connection diagram is almost identical.

To play installation plan initially should be familiar with the design of the product and connect to the power elements.

The device design with two keys

Modifications and types of light switches a lot. However dvuhklavishnaya electroaccessories became popular relatively recently, when the lighting was played using mnogolampovyh chandeliers. So there was a need for the distribution of light through zoning spotlights.

Model self-locking terminals

The housing has a standard parameters. Depending on the modification may be slip or built, can be easily mounted on the outer or inner wall portion.

The second type is equipped with adjustable clamps. With the housing by screws fastened in position.

Dvuhklavishny switch
The design dvuhklavishnogo device has two independent mechanism by which the connection and break an electric circuit network

For fixing the wires in the current embodiments of fittings are used the plate clamps or clamping bar with screws.

Screwless model is widespread and is indispensable for self-installation for beginners. Wiring diagram and pin assignment in most cases shows the back of the cabinet. conventional marking values ​​are also used.

The main symbol - the Latin letter L, meaning the contact for the phase conductor. Next couple applied arrows directed downwards. They are interpreted as an indication of the direction of the two exhaust phases. It carries the same meaning and the figures appearing on the site of the shooter.

Marking screwless mechanism
In this model, the German-off product phase wire connected to the terminal marked L, and off-phase marked 1 and 2. They are addressed to the corresponding switch keys

On the left side are placed double contacts of the first switch button on the right - the second. Based on the connection method, each of the keys may provide voltage in different directions, for example, include several bulbs or lamp to illuminate the room adjacent.

For each of the conductors defined by its purpose, so the best option - the use of a cable with wires of different colors. This will significantly simplify and speed up the wiring process.

Features screwless connection model

The process of connecting cleat contacts much easier compared to the screw. First, cut off the electricity supply. Further, all future contact wires must be stripped of the insulating material 1 cm.

Each contact includes a pair of fixing lived. Stripped wire is inserted fully into the corresponding opening mechanism.

After switching electricity necessary to calculate the phase of the power supply. For this purpose use a screwdriver indicator. After checking the current supply should be stopped.

Check phase
Checking the presence or absence of phase contacts through special windows which are provided in the mechanism of the two-phase switch

Following the diagram on the back side of the working part of the switch, it is necessary to connect alternately colored veins, distributing them on the keyboard. Consider a detailed action plan with a concrete example.

Driving chandeliers connection
With the flat panel electric valve comes in a pair of power supply conductors: phase, labeled in red, and zero - blue. Also, beside them there can be yellow-green ground wire

In this example, the feed phase of the red is connected to red wire going to the common contact on-off switch. At the exit from it has already obtained two wires - maroon and yellow.

Wire burgundy sent to the junction box. There he is connected to the color identical to the touch and goes to the first group of light bulbs chandelier.

According to the scheme, the phase contact yellow, leaving the distributor must be connected to the same color wire going to the second group of lamps.

Zero is shown in the diagram in blue and also coming from a switch board flat, goes directly to the junction box, and then to the terminal board, where zero connects each group of lamps chandeliers. Similarly, the zero conductor is yellow-green, responsible for the ground.

Fixing lived
Be sure to check the reliability performance of the contact clip - you need to make a slight stretching of the cable. If there is a need for any amendments should press the button on the end of the desired contact

When installing and connecting the double switch its operating mechanism to hide Escutcheon fixing in position the screw fastening. Next, put the instrument keys and the trim.

Installing screw contacts

In this case, there is no indication of schematic. Visually necessary to designate the two bottom contact that is likely to represent the off phase, and a top - the feed phase.

Make sure you can methodical on and off contacts in the correct action: the power key, the circuit is closed in the off position - the circuit is opened.

marking switch
Depending on the manufacturer's designation of the terminals may vary. This marking is represented Chinese switch thus: L - total phase outgoing phases L1 and L2

The mechanism of this kind is equipped with three breaker screw contacts, which are connected by wires, and two screws actuating spacer foot.

Switch device with a screw connection
At the upper single contact sets power phase (1), two bottom - the off phase the lamp (2), the spacer screws are to the right and left side of the apparatus (3)

For screw-type contacts necessary to strip a 0.5 cm core. Fixation veins by using the plates, which is contained in screw motion.

Validation wiring

The primary task - to inspect how the switch has been connected properly. On one of the voltage detection lines in the open position, should show the presence of phase potential.

At the site where you plan to install the chandelier should go two cores, namely, the neutral and the phase wire from the switch.

Number of conductors from the device itself will be more, especially when connected mnogorozhkovy lamp. It is also possible to have the grounding conductors, if the house is operated by electric wiring to the grounding system TN-C-S.

Circuit breaker
If the test failed to detect the phase, this indicates an incorrect wiring, or a problem with securing lived in the operating mechanism of the circuit breaker

For proper distribution destination of each cable, check that they have stress. There are several special instruments: the indicator, voltmeter, digital multimeter, and others.

Work with the voltage indicator is simple: it is necessary to touch the tip of the insulation to the purified portion wiring.

Only one cable is not highlighting the device - zero, remaining in contact with the screwdriver will cause it glow - phase. Alternately switching the two switch keys help identify the wires belonging to the desired key.

Yellow-green wire
Apart from zero and the phase is further placed in new ground. Connect the yellow-green wire is carried over the same cable fixture

Such method of determining is used, and measuring a digital multimeter. It must be put in a "V" mode and set the scale - more than 220 V. Alternating the need to touch the probes to the pairs of wires.

Vapor phase will not lead to changes in the instrument dial. Combining probes possible phase and zero, one can observe on the display digit 220 V. If the wiring is the same color it is better to mark the markers.

Decoding of marking electrical wires

For ease of identification and to avoid confusion, core insulation of the cable in a different color. According to the standards, the earth wire is yellow with green shade band. Such a conductor is found in buildings where provided high levels of protection against electric shock.

the wires
In houses with old wiring cable destination decoding is difficult, t. K. A color before the same insulating material used. To start of electrical work required to make a dial cable using a multimeter

Marking neutral conductor insulating sheath made of blue or blue color, in which core is enclosed. For phase may apply any other shades variations except as indicated.

Embodiments of compounds

Connecting chandeliers and other lighting devices is performed by crimping, by soldering or terminal adapters.

A first embodiment provides a compound conductor lived through compression of the locking sleeve. The entire procedure is performed by a special tool - the press-pliers. This method complies with all regulations.

The second method is considered one of the most reliable, but it is difficult to reproduce. It is almost never used because of the inconvenience of working at height.

methods compound
Selecting one of the ways to contact the conductors must be remembered that aluminum is under constant load becomes plasticity. Compounds of this plan requires regular inspection. You also need to periodically tighten the fixing bolts

You can not twist with each other aluminum and copper wires - formed galvanic couple that even if a slight increase in the level of humidity in the apartment may play an electrochemical reaction in the form of oxidation.

This process breaks the contacts, and the docking place begins to warm. It is for this reason, and formed pockets of fire.

Different types of terminals
If used to connect terminals with the wires you need to remove the insulating material in the 9-11 mm. For this purpose, the clamps have special tags that define the desired level of cleaning

Actual considered use of terminal blocks. At this point range of the connecting element is wide enough - the classical variant helical spring before the modification.

How to connect the chandelier?

If you pay attention to pyatirozhkovuyu chandelier in its arsenal a rather large number of wires, so inexperienced wizard avoid such lighting devices.

However, nothing complicated in the process of connection of veins running from the distributor to such a lamp is not.

Definition phase character wires
Since the definition phase character of the wires is carried out while the power supply, it must be ensured that the bare wire ends do not touch. If necessary, they must be gently spread apart, after turning off guard

The first step is to deal with the wiring on the ceiling, which is a standard situation, has three wires:

  1. The first phase of the switch. We denote this conductor L1.
  2. Phase two keys - L2.
  3. Zero - N.

If the wires are the same color, you can use is determined by membership of each voltage indicator, t. E. phase L1 and L2. Accordingly, the remaining core will be zero.

Further, the process can proceed to the formation of the contact assemblies. Consider the example pyatirozhkovoy chandelier, which has 10 conductors: phase conductor brown color - of 5, and the same amount of blue zero.

Wires pyatirozhkovaya chandelier
The majority of Chinese-made chandeliers are not equipped with the necessary connections, so initially need to determine how many groups will be divided into the bulb. Patron of each lamp has two conductors of different colors - black or blue and brown

This fixture has one distinct advantage - a combination of light bulbs can be made on your own. According to the below-described scheme, the first group includes two light bulbs, the second - the other three.

Wiring diagram pyatirozhkovoy chandeliers
Wiring diagram pyatirozhkovoy chandeliers. Explanation of code: L - phase total power switch, L1 and L2 - phase conductors bulbs series (red), neutral cable N - blue

Based on this scheme, the connection pyatirozhkovogo lighting device is produced in several stages. Initially vapor brown wires equipped in one node. It is desirable that the lamp belonging to one series were connected in parallel. This twist refer to as L1.

The next step will be similar to the twisting of three unused brown wire. It will be L2 series. Subsequently, the obtained assembly is inserted into two two-wire terminal clamps WAGO.

twisted wire
All contacts are better draw by ekspressklemmnikov WAGO two- or three-wire type. Use may be as a common clamping unit and an individual design

In the next step twisted blue veins and connected to terminal three-wire type. The order of connection does not matter. The combination may be 3 + 2 or 2 + 3. It will be a neutral node - N.

neutral node
The only negative terminals Vago - they are not treated quartz paste, protecting the contacts from oxidation. However, to solve this problem, you can purchase such a composition and independent syringing it into the clip

By total output connection node 3 is obtained: first phase and the second group of lamps - L1 and L2, a common neutral node - N. Considering labeling wires, they must be connected to the corresponding lines on the ceiling.

connected chandelier
Phase conductors emanating from the lamp, two turns, and the neutral conductor will be just one, and it is connected to the second contact holder

At the final step is to put all the wiring in the pad cup chandeliers and install it. Fixing is done one way: hung on a hook or fastened with screws. Further tightened decorative cap lamp.

The use of the ground wire

When constructing new buildings electrocommunications in accordance with conventional wiring standards is required to be present in ground wire.

In such areas for mounting the chandelier can be detected that are located out of the ceiling 4 wires: two phases of the circuit breaker, and the grounding zero.

ground wire
ground wire marking is done by a combination of yellow color with a green stripe. In a single-phase network, it will be the third living in a three-phase - fifth

Most chandelier models with two groups of lamps and metal parts provided in a complete terminal block, and through which the connection is earthed. During installation of the lighting device is necessary to pay attention to this and connect the wire.

Connecting the halogen lamp

Halogen type lamps with the lamps do not always operate from AC 220 V - a product can be designed for an alternating voltage of 6, 12 or 24 V. Therefore, in the second case, you will need a step-down transformer.

Sometimes the manufacturer for each model of the fixture, working with halogen lamps, embeds special transformers to reduce the voltage.

When this scheme is already assembled and it remains only to install. 2 remain unused cable, which is connected to the ceiling wiring, wherein the connection is made arbitrarily.

Connecting halogen lamps
The diagram shows the connection principle of chandeliers with electronic transformer. In this variation, the lamp has a controller unit. On the back side of his body shows the connection plan

Chandeliers, in packaging which includes a remote control, various modifications may be: halogen, incandescent or LED.

There are models and the combined type. Such a device is complicated by the presence of the radio unit. Essentially, the controller is a wireless device, which is controlled by a remote control or a standard key switch.

Connecting this instrument lighting is performed similar to the previous model, but there is added another wire, the most subtle of all. This antenna, which are reproduced by the remote controller and communicating steps. It remains unchanged in glass chandeliers.

Useful videos on the topic

The whole process of preparing the chandeliers to be connected directly to the power supply connection of the double switch is described in the video:

Inexperienced masters quite often make mistakes in the process of wiring, which and how to avoid them, see in the video:

If you play correctly all the stages of installation and follow a pattern, you can protect yourself from unpleasant consequences of the direct exploitation of the fixture. Furthermore, it will be able to create a unique light atmosphere in the room, adjusting it to fit your needs.

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