Wardrobe pump control: types, purpose, connection diagrams

Service autonomous supply system includes a pump control equipment and Communications serviceability, preservation of the network during a long absence, the rational automatic control.

Easily implemented automation, setting in the space cabinet controlling pumps - compact dispensing station operating in several modes. We will explain in detail how to properly perform its assembly and installation. Following our advice, you will be able to competently perform the connection of the equipment.

We have given a typical packaging of the control cabinet. Describe what additional functions can be installed and used. The proposed consideration of information complemented helpful illustrations and videos.

The content of the article:

  • Purpose and scope of Shun
    • Functional responsibilities of the control cabinet
    • BRIEF DESCRIPTION standard
    • Additional options and features
  • Samples of the electron-technical connection schemes
  • Features installation of monitoring stations
  • Technical support and service
  • An overview of popular models
    • Shun Grundfos Control MP204
    • Built on the brand GRANTOR
    • Cabinets Wilo SK
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Purpose and scope of Shun

Technical filling different models differs, as control points are individually functional orientation.

Manufacturers offer a ready-made standard schemes, but they do not always meet the specific requirements, so there is such a service as the production of the control unit to order. To begin, we try to consider the common ground uniting all models.

Functional responsibilities of the control cabinet

The main function of any distribution station is the organization of the work connected equipment, in this case - the pump. With one remote control (which is useful if a large distance between objects) performed effectively control motors drainage, surface, downhole pumps.

The number of connected units can be different. Minimum connection - one borehole or submersible pumpThat carries the flow of water and ensures the presence of all the water supply system (heating, sprinkler). In addition it is connected sump pump needed for pumping water for household and emergency situations.

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Photo of

Shun in the interior of a private house

The functional purpose of the pump control cabinets is to protect the pumping equipment and control performance by changing the frequency of the load

The characteristic technical equipment

Besides the standard automatic devices that protect electrical equipment from overload and preventing operation mode in unbalance cabinets fitted with sensors reacting to violation modes of pumps

Signal display mode disturbances

Among important for normal functioning of the sensors appear on devices that capture and signals a power failure, the water level drops below the limited boundaries maturing or the event of accidents

Management of water pumps

The most common group Shun manages all kinds of water supply pumps, providing water from a source, supplying it to the consumers, the pressure increase

Wardrobe circulation pump

Cabinet for control of circulation pumps, providing continuous motion of the coolant in the heating circuit or an increase in pressure in the water

sewage pump control station

Cabinet to control the operation and management of sewage pumping systems is required, if necessary, under pressure to move the sewage to the sewer standpipe

The control system of the drain pump

Wardrobe drenazhnikom management in the private sector is used only in the event that this type of pump is made of water from open water or wells

Variants and layout control station

Stations may be a standard arrangement comprising a frequency converter, a programmable controller, operator panels, etc. You can order it by assembling specific tasks

Shun in the interior of a private house

Shun in the interior of a private house

The characteristic technical equipment

The characteristic technical equipment

Signal display mode disturbances

Signal display mode disturbances

Management of water pumps

Management of water pumps

Wardrobe circulation pump

Wardrobe circulation pump

sewage pump control station

sewage pump control station

The control system of the drain pump

The control system of the drain pump

Variants and layout control station

Variants and layout control station

Automatic on / off pump motors makes life easier for the owners of private homes, allowing free time to spend with your family, not for manual changeover switch.

Just a few handy features that can "instruct" automation:

  • control line voltage required for the smooth operation of the equipment;
  • protection mechanisms against power interruptions and short circuits;
  • control of the water level in the well (or other vessel) and responding to its disadvantage;
  • fixing pressure surges and adjustment of optimum parameters (engine stop when reaching a critical level, running in the alignment indicators);
  • remote control of downhole pumps, direct access is not possible;
  • distribution of load across multiple units or emergency connection fallback.

As a result, the centralized automatic control operation of pump stations It becomes more productive, and the service life of electrical equipment increases markedly. Modern electronic systems allow programming mechanisms and to include them in an easy mode (for example, only during the day).

Driving Shun

Image housing and the control box circuit with start-protecting apparatus and automatic restart standby board load without specifying a particular modification (+)

All the faults are logged and during an emergency alarm is triggered. On the material side - energy savings and correspondingly lower fees for electricity.

Scheme with two pumps

EXAMPLE structural pumping station automation scheme with two connected pumps (380), which uses a frequency-controlled electric drive (+)


The presence of certain elements depends on the number and category of pumps, narrower or wider technical capacity, availability of additional functions.

Pressure Control Scheme

Pressure Pump Control 3.3: functional diagram of the device. Is automatically shutdown and emergency lock when overloaded, "dry running", change the water level in the tank (+)

Basic equipment for the majority of models for sale, as follows:

  • The rectangular metal housing disposed on the front side of the control panel. panel design may differ, but there are always present and indicators of the "Start" button or "Stop".
  • Switch (one or more) that allows you to turn on / off the pump in manual mode.
  • Fuses and protection elements.
  • the control part adjusting the voltage of three phases.
  • The frequency converter is required for the control of asynchronous motor.
  • Automatic adjustment unit that is responsible for routine and emergency shutdown equipment.
  • Includes sensors showing the pressure and temperature of the water.
  • Thermal relays.
  • A set of light bulbs - light alarm.

Basic functions incorporated in the control unit depends on several factors. For example, if two pumps, main and auxiliary (backup) set program allowing alternately comprise the two mechanisms.

Control Panel

two-pump control panel operating in the backup mode of use. The advantage of incorporating interval - even load distribution and increase in scheduled resource

The temperature sensor protects the equipment from overheating and work in dry run mode (probability of occurrence of such a situation occurs frequently in wells with low flow rate). Automation equipment stops, and upon the occurrence of safe conditions for the intake of water again includes a motor connected pump.

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equipment control station

pumping equipment control station will reduce energy consumption and ensure the extension of the working life

Appearance standard Shun

Control cabinet for one or more (up to 9-) submersible pump automatically starts them when taking water out of the system and lowering the pressure therein

A standard set of security systems

Shun submersible pump has a safety relay type to avoid impacts on equipment short circuits and maturing emergencies

The power supply for the control cabinet

Power control of pumps may be carried out by a centralized network or from an independent power generator

equipment control station

equipment control station

Appearance standard Shun

Appearance standard Shun

A standard set of security systems

A standard set of security systems

The power supply for the control cabinet

The power supply for the control cabinet

Instruments of protection from power surges, phase loss, incorrect connection protects mechanisms and do not allow them to operate in emergency mode. They adjust network settings, and only after aligning the indicators automatically connected equipment.

Approximately the same overload protection function. For example, there is a ban on the simultaneous activation of the two pumps, which leads to unnecessary costs and inefficient use of equipment.

Manual control

Almost all established systems have the ability to change from a fully automatic control to manual. This is necessary for the maintenance, repair, replacement of worn or burnt parts

Suppose, if the faulty one pump, it can be freely removed and sent in for repair, disabling automatic and manual control using.

Additional options and features

Various manufacturers include in the basic set of additional features that extend the management capabilities. For example, the company Alta Group provides a system AVR - inclusion of backup power automatically. The need for this function due to the fact that the work of the pumping station is part of the life support system at home, therefore, the network must operate continuously.

The operating principle of the ATS following: once, stops the main power supply is automatically entered backup network. It operates to reopening of the primary source.

When activated, the system checks intelligent optimal parameters, and only when a positive response once again connects the main network. If the test analysis is unsatisfactory, the system will continue to work from a backup source.

Low temperatures and high humidity - the enemies of electronic filling cabinet, so manufacturers offer service to additional warming. It is relevant for the northern regions and for all sectors, if the equipment is on the street.

Thermal insulation Shun

The so-called "hot pack" - a layer of insulation, padded on the inside. Insulated ShUNy operated at a sufficiently wide temperature range - from -40 to +55 ° C

Fairly widespread addition, to protect the engine pumps overload - softstarter. It is to trim gradually rising voltage supply mode, whereby the motor is prevented from sudden start is inputted to the work slowly and carefully.

Modern scheduling feature allows you to manage pumping stations on distance. remote warning systems are constantly connected to the GPRS, wireless modem or the Internet, so that in an emergency situation immediately activated locking system, and the signal is transmitted to the receiving device (telephone or laptop).

Convenient option that lets you specify a particular program, it is possible through the use of the controller. He is automatically able to independently affect the operation of the pumps, connect additional devices to optimize the functioning of the system as a whole.

Indication on the external panel

Display means located on the cover of the cabinet of the electronic display with a voltage and current readings and statistics: the number of starts, engine operating hours, the volume of water

Another successful option to get information about the system stop or emergency situation, - installation of lights and sirens. Upon the occurrence of force majeure beacon lights shining light and a special sound device gives a loud signal repeated.

Samples of the electron-technical connection schemes

equipment assembly occurs in the production environment, the same concepts are made pump control cabinet. The simplest is a single pump wiring diagram, although a set of additional devices can complicate installation.

As a sample take-Shun 0.18-15 (Frontier Company) designed for manual and automatic electric pump station control. The control circuit is as follows:

The control circuit

On the cover of the housing are buttons on / off switch in charge of selecting the operation mode, a set of indicators that signal about system health (+)

The manufacturer sells 19 basic versions, which differ in capacity of the electric pumping station - from 0.18 kW to 55-110 kW.

Within the metal body contains the following items:

  • automatic switch;
  • relay;
  • contactor;
  • backup power supply;
  • controller.

To connect the required cable cross-section 0,35-0,4 mm².

Connecting drain pump

Sample Shun-0.18-15 model connection (for drainage or fire pump) from the turn of the manufacturer with a single drive and controller regulating the operation of the equipment (+)

ShUNy GRANTOR intended for drainage works, run asynchronous motors and have two control options: manual and automatic. Manual adjustment is made on the front panel of the case, automatic functions of external signals the relay (or the float electrode).

Scheme float automatics

Ternary diagram depicting the operation of the cabinet 1, 2 and 3 of the pump with an automatic float. If there are two or more pumps offered load distribution between the working and standby equipment

The operating principle of Shun in the automatic mode: the critical lowering of the water level in the water wells and actuation of the float №1 stopped operation of all pumps. In the normal liquid level condition is triggered float №2 and runs one of the pumps. When triggered, the other floats are at higher levels, introduce other units.

Features installation of monitoring stations

Without exception, Shun performance are complex devices operating from the mains, which means that install, commission, maintain and repair the equipment must be in accordance with the instructions manufacturer. The rules contained in the instructions of different models, can differ, since design tools and technical characteristics are also different.

Scheme cabinet Aries

Driving electrical control cabinet compounds pumping equipment OWEN Shun 1. Through the use of proprietary frequency converters ARIES energy savings up to 35%

A few general important rules:

  • Installation is carried out in an area protected from the blasts.
  • Temperature and humidity in the room must meet the parameters indicated by the manufacturer (e.g., a temperature of 0 ° C to + 30 ° C).
  • The electrical connection must be carried out by a person having special authorization.
  • Shun parameters must match the settings of all connected equipment.
  • Installation is carried out in accordance with the circuit diagrams contained in the annex to the manual.
  • cable cross-section must correspond to the data specified in the instructions.

Household management station, located in the private sector, subject to the same requirements as production control stations. They must be installed in a dry and warm place that is convenient for maintenance. This may be a ground floor, a specially reserved room extension to the house or secure storage.

wall mount

In contrast to the large industrial cabinets, household models are compact and lightweight, so often they are available in wall-mounted

Connection should be carried out after full installed water system, Summed pressure conduit, cables are laid, assembled components, all carried out isolation of electrical elements. Connecting Shun, you should check out his work and in manual or automatic mode.

Technical support and service

Some of the production of control cabinets companies claim that maintenance is required. This is true, however, need regular inspection by the operator control unit. There is a periodicity set by the manufacturer, and for the proper operation of all the devices it is necessary to adhere to without fail.

Before inspecting or replacing any parts, disconnect the power and lock the equipment from reclosing. Independently, you can check for loose connections. The list of potential problems, as well as possible solutions, usually as indicated by the manufacturer.

Shun to order

Cupboard or downhole submersible pump control frequency converter for use in industrial boilers, utilities or private homes, made to order on individual TK

For example, a simple malfunction - not lit lights indicating the system is connected to an electrical cable. There are three reasons: there is no mains voltage broke circuit breaker or a blown bulb. Accordingly, the solution is to supply voltage, replacement of a switch or a lamp.

If there is a fault that is not correct yourself, please contact a specialist service center.

An overview of popular models

Although it is possible to manufacture Shun to order, many companies offer basic models. Their assembly is made, focusing on consumer demand. We offer a brief description of cabinets that can be purchased or ordered on the official website or from online stores.

Shun Grundfos Control MP204

Grundfos Control MP204 control cabinets are designed for automatic operation and protection of the pump.

Grundfos Control MP204

Options in the Grundfos Control MP204 can be configured in manual or automatic mode, and there are two thresholds: the first - a warning, the second - emergency shutdown. The trip log listing the reasons for response is stored in the memory


  • Voltage - 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Engine power connected equipment - from 1.1 to 110 kW
  • Temperature range - -30 ° C to +40 ° C.
  • Degree of protection: IP54

An advantage is the possibility CIU data transmission and adjusting the parameters using Grundfos GO.


control station pump units (SN) from the company NPO STOIK. Intended for automatic control of intake and drainage submersible pumps are able to serve from 1 to 8 connections.

pump control station with adjustable frequency

Sample performance 30 kW RLS in a metal casing plate with soft starter Aucom and frequency converter Delta


  • Voltage - 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Engine power connected equipment - from 0.75 to 220 kW
  • Temperature range - -10 ° C to +35 ° C.
  • Degree of protection: IP54

Among the basic functions - switch ventilation if the temperature inside the display cabinet rises above normal.

Built on the brand GRANTOR

Multifunctional cabinets GRANTOR brand intended for circulation and maintenance drainage systems.

Wardrobe pump control by GRANTOR

Possible operating modes: circulation and drainage of analog sensors or pressure switches. Two variants of the algorithm of the suggested joint or sequential start of pumps


  • Voltage - V or 1h220 3x380 V, 50 Hz
  • Engine power connected equipment - to 7.5 kW per engine
  • Temperature range - from 0 ° C to +40 ° C.
  • Degree of protection: IP65

In case of emergency and breakdown of the pump motor (due to short circuit, overload, overheating) is an automatic disconnection of the equipment and backup connection option.

Cabinets Wilo SK

Line SK-712, SK-FC, SK-FFS Wilo marks intended to control multiple pumps - from 1 to 6 pieces.

Wardrobe Wilo SK Management

Several automatic schemes at Wilo SK-712 cabinet greatly simplify the work of pumping stations


  • Voltage -380 V, 50 Hz
  • Motors power the connected equipment - from 0.37 to 450 kW
  • Temperature range - from + 1 ° C to +40 ° C.
  • Degree of protection: IP54

In the operation of all process parameters are displayed. In the event of an emergency error code displayed.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

To learn more about how to operate the pump control cabinets, you can of the following videos.

How to make a simple Shun own hands:

EXAMPLE Shun work model on the test bench:

The use of pump control cabinets allows you to effectively use the resources well or drainage equipment and save energy. Knowing the technical characteristics of its pumping station, you can buy the base model Shun or to order on an individual scheme.

Want to share your own experience, to tell you how collected, install and connect the pump equipment control cabinet? There are interesting facts or matters arising in the course of acquaintance with the information offered by us? Please write comments.

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