The main causes and treatment of diarrhea in rabbits

Many rabbit breeders consider the appearance of diarrhea in animals to be a common occurrence, citing the fact that eared ears have eaten poor-quality food, but such a statement is erroneous. According to experts, diarrhea is considered a symptom of more complex diseases, so in our article we will describe the causes of diarrhea in rabbits and its treatment.


  • causes of diarrhea in rabbits and rabbits
    • diarrhea in young rabbits
    • causes of diarrhea in adult rabbits
  • What and how to treat diarrhea in the rabbit
    • use of antibiotics
    • Traditional methods of treatment
  • Special diet for sick rabbits
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causes of diarrheain rabbits and rabbits

In fact, there can be many causes of diarrhea in rabbits and adult rabbits. The main of them is the giving of poor-quality food, as well as the appearance in the cells of harmful microorganisms, pathogenic bacteria. The main causes are:

  • The appearance of worms in baby rabbits;
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  • Leftover moldy food in the manger, feeding sour or spoiled food;
  • Poisoning of an animal with harmful plants;
  • Non-compliance with health standards;
  • Coccidiosis;
  • Various intestinal infections and viruses.
At the first sign of diarrhea in domestic animals, consult your veterinarian. To diagnose the disease, send animal feces to the laboratory.

Diarrhea in young rabbits

According to experts, it is most often the diarrhea of ​​young individuals. One of the options for the emergence of the described disease is considered the early weaning of young from the mother. In such cases, the animal's digestive system does not adapt well to the natural food of adult animals. Diarrhea can also occur after adding a new baby to the diet.

The occurrence of the disease of young animals is most often observed up to 2 months of age, therefore, when purchasing eared ones, it is necessary to choose individuals whose age exceeds a specified period.

Mother's milk, consumed by small rabbits, allows babies to observe the necessary acidity in the intestines, which makes it possible to quickly switch to a new, complex food.

Another phenomenon that can lead to diarrhea in baby rabbits is coccidiosis. At occurrence of the described disease resort to treatment of an animal with antibiotics. If this is not done on time, then the eared fish will die from dehydration.

Adult rabbits in the pen

Causes of diarrhea in adult rabbits

Diarrhea does not occur only in small rabbits, adults often suffer from this disease.

Among the main reasons, there is a violation of the diet, and especially if ingredients with a high mass fraction of starch and protein are ingested. Some eared owners give their decorative pets products such as bread or sweet biscuits. In such cases, you should also prepare for the occurrence of diarrhea.

If we talk about starchy food, then such food often leads to diarrhea, and not only in decorative rabbits, but also in ordinary rabbits who have the best immunity. Among other reasons, you should pay attention to the stress of the animals or diseases of the teeth, which are accompanied by rapid breathing and frequent urination.

What and how to treat diarrhea in a rabbit

And now we learn what to do with diarrhea in rabbits. If your pet has diarrhea, the first step that a good host should do is to establish a diagnosis. The cage, which contains the animal, is thoroughly cleaned of feces and remnants of food, here you need to leave only clean water and good quality hay.

According to the recommendations of veterinarians, the rabbit breeder needs to wash the anus of the animal in order to free it from feces. If you do not do this, then the louse will begin to lick the anus and will become infected again.

In addition to these recommendations, the cell must be disinfected. After that, a clean cotton cloth or disposable napkins are laid on the floor, which change after the animal feces.

Use of antibiotics

What is the treatment of diarrhea in rabbits? From the means of official medicine for the treatment of diarrhea in rabbits such popular medicine as activated charcoal is used.¼ part of the tablet is dissolved in a small amount of boiled water and give the animal inside. After that, the animals solder chamomile extract.

For a severe form of the disease, more effective drugs are used. One such is considered Baytril, which is introduced to the animal through a needle in the area of ​​the withers. On a two-kilogram rabbit, 0.2 milliliter of the active substance, previously diluted with a physical solution in a volume of 1 milliliter, is sufficient. Note that this tool is administered three times a day.

Use of antibiotics to treat diarrhea in rabbits.

Do not relax if your pet went on the mend. After the illness, the organism of the animal will be weakened for a long time. To prevent the reappearance of diarrhea, the animal is given a drug against worms, Baycox. In this case, 1 teaspoon of the active substance is diluted in a liter of boiled water. This solution must be changed every two days.

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Another good treatment for diarrhea is Linex. Medication is given to pets twice a day in the morning and evening, 0.5 tablets at a time. The active substances( beneficial bacteria) contained in the tablets allow the intestinal microflora of the animal to return to normal.

Folk methods of treatment

Folk remedies for treating diarrhea in rabbits use Potentilla decoction. To prepare such a solution in a glass of boiling water, brew a teaspoon of the specified herb. When the liquid has cooled, it is filled into a syringe without a needle and poured into the animal's mouth. Approximate dose - a teaspoon of solution for an adult.

In the case of diarrhea, as well as bloating, animals are given a decoction based on pharmacy chamomile.

This grass is brewed in such a way that the color of the decoction is yellow. The course of treatment with the indicated remedy is 10 days, while the liquid is soldered to the rabbit three times a day in a teaspoon per reception.

Special diet for sick rabbits

After your pet has got diarrhea it is necessary to clean the cage and disinfect the feeders and drinkers. After that, the animal put on a special diet. During this period, rabbits are given high-quality hay, drinking bowls with clean boiled water are added, to which anthelminth preparations are added.

Concentrated food should be used enriched with vitamins and minerals feed, as well as oats.

Gray rabbit near the wall of the pen

Prevention of diarrhea

Treatment and post diarrhea prevention in rabbits is very important. When carrying out preventive actions to prevent diarrhea in domestic rabbits, you should consult with a veterinarian. Treat the disease described in the initial stages of development.

When taking care of pets, you need to carefully select the diet, carefully add new, unusual food in small doses. Particular attention should be paid to keeping the cell clean. The eared diet should have succulent feeds( vegetables and fruits) in the daily diet, but such ingredients should be introduced into the feed in the minimum amount.

Despite the fact that diarrhea in rabbits is considered to be a rather dangerous disease, every pet owner should take preventive measures to prevent this disease. In the event of illness, you should immediately contact a veterinarian, who will determine the symptoms and prescribe treatment.
Finally, we propose to watch a small video with subtitles on the topic of diarrhea in rabbits, to know that rabbit has diarrhea:

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