Error 5Е, SE in a Samsung washing machine

If the Samsung washing machine issued the code 5E( on the display it looks like SE), then there was a problem with draining the water. For further work of the machine it is necessary to find out what the reasons are and how to eliminate them.

On washing machines without a scoreboard, this code is indicated by a combination: the 40 ° C indicator is on and the lights of all modes flash.

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  • 1 What does the error say and why does
  • 2 occur How to fix the problem yourself
  • 3 How to remove the clog in the drainage and sewer hose
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wizard What the error says and why

is generated Error 5E in Samsung machinesa common occurrence. In 50% of cases, solving the problem does not require the involvement of professional craftsmen. This is what the appearance of error 5E on the board means - there was a problem with water discharge.

If you have an old typewriter model, do not confuse the drain error with a problem in the heating element - E5.

The washing machine interrupts the washing and does not drain the water if:

  • The debris filter is clogged, causing the water to not pass through the drain hose;
  • The drain hose is clogged, or a lot of debris clogged up at the junction with a filter or siphon;
  • Bent drain hose;
  • Send drain pump contacts;
  • A failure has occurred in the electronic controller;
  • The pump responsible for draining has broken.

When the washing machine shows an error 5Е, you need to find out why the water cannot be drained - only then you can clear the error and resume the normal operation of the washing machine.

Carefully check the drain filter and hose - straighten it if it is bent.

How to fix the problem with your own hands

Here's what to do if the Samsung machine gives an error SE due to contamination of the drain filter:

  1. Disable the washing machine;
  2. Open the plastic cover under which the hose and the filter for draining in an emergency mode “hide”;
  3. Remove the plug from the drain hose and allow water to drain into a suitable container;
  4. Loosen the filter screw by turning it counterclockwise and remove it;
  5. Clean the filter from debris and dirt;
  6. Put the filter back, fasten the screw and plug the hose with a stopper;
  7. Close the lid.

After this, the washer should drain the water normally. But if this did not help, the error SE reappears, then it is necessary to check if there is any blockage in the sewage system, if the drain hose is not bent, or if there is any blockage in it.

Perhaps there was a "glitch" in the control unit, so you need to turn off the washer, and then turn it on again after 5-10 minutes.

"Reboot" typewriter helps to cope with random glitches of electronics.

How to remove the blockage in the drain and sewer hose

If a malfunction code 5E occurs, which is associated with a blockage in the drain hose, proceed as follows:

  • Remove the drain hose from the washing machine;
  • Flush it with a powerful jet of water;
  • Bend and unbend the hose during flushing to remove all dirt and reset the error.

If the SE error is on the display, this may be due to the large amount of dirt and debris in the sewer. This is indicated by the fact that water does not leave not only from the washing machine, but also through the sink. To solve this problem, proceed as follows:

  • Remove the siphon cap and rinse all its “insides”;
  • Pour the substance into the sewer pipe to eliminate blockages;
  • Clean the sewer with wire bent at the end.

When you need to call the

wizard. If 5E is displayed when the washer is working, sometimes the code indicates:

  • Problems in the drain pump. You will need to replace it;
  • Broken electronic controller. It is necessary to replace the burnt elements of the microcircuit or to solder the burnt contacts;
  • Damage to the wiring between the drain pump and the controller. The gap is being restored or the cable with wires is completely changed.

If the machine shows the code 5E on the display, you can fix the cause of the fault yourself. But in the event of a serious breakdown, it is impossible to do without the help of a professional.

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